Repeal SAPA Emergency regulations



COVID is just a season cold/ flu. NO need for this to be extended or made permanent. Masks cause more harm than good. Testing is faulty. Vaccines are EUA and do not stop the spread or transmission of the virus

Dina Chavarria (East Northport, 2022-04-02)


It goes against the constitution of America and freedom

Laura Longo (Albany, 2022-04-02)


i am signing here because I believe we, the People, should have the freedom to determine what we put in our bodies, and it is NOT the business of government to tell us what medication we need to take. I want to live in a DEMOCRACY adn NOT a totalitarian government.
maureen Quigley

Maureen Quigley (Phelps, 2022-04-02)


I'm signing this because of all the reasons stated in the petition. Every single liberty we as New York citizens and American citizens has been violated for over two years and it needs to stop and end now.

Debra Dion (Keeseville, 2022-04-02)


I believe in FREEDOM and the constitution. NO mandates

Patricia Trask-Huggins (Roscoe, 2022-04-02)


I'm signing this petition because acting NON-ELECTED Governor Kathy Hochul is an unethical corrupt politician who needs to be immediately removed from office and criminally charged for her repeated illegal abuse of power.

Kevin Greenlee (Newark, NY, 2022-04-02)


At what point will freedom be a myth?
Have we passed that point?

Deb Wagner (Elma, 2022-04-02)


I am signing because I live in NY state and am totally against this overreach of government

Sherry Jacobson (Frewsburg, 2022-04-02)


I am signing this petition because all of these proposed regulations go against our constitutional rights and our freedoms as citizens living in New York State.

Heidi Kisselbrack-Haner (Ghent, 2022-04-02)



April Bueg (Newark , 2022-04-02)


It's not right at all.

Keven Smith (Syracuse, 2022-04-03)


This is a overreach of the governor. Friends of lost jobs because of us.

Alathia Yuhnke (Lancaster, 2022-04-03)


I am signing because New York government has gone too far. They are ignoring the law and people’s constitutional rights. Enough is enough.

Angela Ackerly (huntington station, 2022-04-03)


I’m signing because I respect the Constitution and I expect the state of NY to do the same. This is a clear violation.

Barbara Davis (East Aurora , 2022-04-03)


It's a blatant infringement on our god given freedom

Rich Johnson (Huntington, 2022-04-03)


i am tired of local, state and federal overreach into my private life.

angelo cangello (whitesboro, 2022-04-03)


The Constitution of the United States assures life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. We the People have these rights without government overreach relating to our health. We demand bodily autonomy! Hands OFF our children!!. Stop the medical apartheid!!!!

Wendy Wilson (West Henrietta, 2022-04-03)


This should be obvious

Karen Coneys (Huntington, 2022-04-03)


I believe in my rights as stated in the United States Constitution of the Republic and the bill of rights Of the United States of America.

Lori Smith (Chester , 2022-04-03)


It’s time to remove emergency powers. There is & was no emergency. Corona virus is a flu like virus. It was manipulated PR to shut down our society. A very small population of people die from viruses. Masks & vaccines do not stop the spread of viruses & colds. However masks (constantly breathing back in co2 that we just exhaled & limited flow of fresh oxygen damages the brain) & vaccines (destroy natural immunity & anything else they can when it introduces something to rewrite dna) both damage the human body beyond repair. Shutting down businesses, firing people for not complying, these are first steps towards a dictatorship. This has nothing to do with preserving human life, yet the building stones to destroy. CRT creates racial tension, hatred & more crimes. And this catch & release program of all criminals, especially violent ones & allowing non vetted criminals into our country is anarchy. Our governor & government are supposed to be voices of the people, not dictators. Enough is enough.

Jo-Ann Casoria (Ronkonkoma , 2022-04-03)


These emergency regulations are unnecessary and an over reach of power by the politicians. They are crippling our economy and causing more harm than good. Mental health issues and families being torn apart because of these ridiculous emergency regulations.

David Rodriguez (Brentwood , 2022-04-03)


The overreach of the government is disgusting. This is a country of the people for the people and by the people. The government and especially Hochel need to get their paws off of what is naturally ours, endowed by God to the individual, our rights. If this is not resolved, then the hangman's rope needs to make a come back and the tyrannical government officials should dangle from them.

Molly Huber (Batavia, 2022-04-03)


I do not agree with any of these regulations.

Julie Wertman (Churchville, 2022-04-03)


I’m signing because the ones who govern us have done enough destroying to our people. Our rights, our laws and even down to what our children are learning is being perverted.

Caleb Campbell (Rochester, 2022-04-03)


It is clear that the Democrats in NY do not WANT democracy and have been abusing their power.

Clair Cervoni (Syosset, 2022-04-04)


NYDOH and the unelected Governess are stopping on our Constitutional rights. These endless emergency powers are overreacting their authority and I feel as though this is absolute abuse of this government and a violation not only of the Constitution but of our human rights. The DOH are unelected officials and their administration has are not listed in the Constitution. They have become abusive throughout the pandemic and have misinformed the public, creating themselves irrelevant. They should be abolished and as for governor Hochul, she has violated her oath to uphold the constitution and she should resign or be arrested for treason.

Christina Velez-Uebelhoer (Elma, 2022-04-04)


Our constitutional rights and protections have been out on hold.
This never should have been allowed and needs to be corrected NOW

Daniela Elefteriadis (Farmingdale, 2022-04-04)


I hate communism.

Karen Arcara (West Valley, 2022-04-04)


I’m completely against having my Constitutional rights trampled on. Our elected officials are there to serve the people not rule over us.

Debra Bienas (Lockport , 2022-04-04)


Our state government continues to use the pandemic (now endemic) as an excuse to extend its' power thereby undermining our democracy.

Erwin Allmann (Penfield, 2022-04-04)


Enough is enough!

Shannon Snyder (Cortland, 2022-04-04)


The Governor, should not be able to by pass the legislature to make laws through health codes that New York State citizens don't want and go against our US constitution and our NYState Constitution.

Anne Miller (LOCKPORT, 2022-04-04)


I want to end the abuse of power by our government officials. I want our constitutional rights upheld.

Rebecca Terborg (Rochester NY, 2022-04-05)


This is a clear overreach of our government and a clear violation of our rights. All they want is power over us and we need to stop complying or else we will have no rights left!

Sheena Gravell (Constable, 2022-04-05)


We agree whole heartedly, especially after the reviews on the document dump from Pfizer that show some very serious concerns for anyone serious about the science.

Tim and Jenni Stoltman (Conesus, 2022-04-05)


It’s wrong! It’s goes against everything America stands for.

Christine Dam (Whitesboro, 2022-04-05)


I am a healthcare worker and i lost my right to choose what happens to me, my right and my body.

Lisa Flynn (Spencerport, 2022-04-06)


New York is becoming a Socialist/Neo Nazi State. If the governor wants to detain people without legal proceedings then we will take our tax dollars to Florida!!! New York = Dictatorship!

Michael Siemiatkowski (saratoga Springs , 2022-04-06)


New York is becoming a Socialist/Neo Nazi State. If the governor wants to detain people without legal proceedings then we will take our tax dollars to Florida!!! New York = Dictatorship!

Gina Siemiatkowski (Saratoga Springs , 2022-04-06)


I believe that these regulations are unconstitutional and gives power to the governor that circumvents being approval from the legislature

Holly Shamansky (Cobleskill, 2022-04-07)


Because these regulations represent a disgusting overstep in power.

Andrew Snyder (Rochester, 2022-04-07)


I’m signing this because I feel it is important for government officials to follow the checks and balances that were put in place from the beginning.

Laura Potts (Accord, 2022-04-08)


Our leaders need to follow the United States Constitution!

Marla Parsons (Churchville , 2022-04-08)


Any state trying to enforce these mandates, this obvious overreach of power, is in violation of International law, specifically The Nuremberg Codes. This is an experimental drug meant to cause severe side effects and kill people, and has already been proven in multiple countries. This is genocide. You will be charged with Crimes Against Humanity should you persist in this in this endeavor. There is no plausible deniability for any of you.

Diane Tamberelli (Tonawanda, 2022-04-08)


Lori Dobbins

Lori Dobbins (Scottsville, 2022-04-08)


These regulations violate our federal and state constitutional rights.

John Cushin (Colonie, 2022-04-08)


Our elected officials work for the people!! We the people are standing to uphold the constitution of the United States and our freedoms and liberties.

Jeanne Vinette (North Syracuse, 2022-04-08)


I feel the government’s over reach has put my constitutional rights and freedoms in jeopardy and this can not stand!

Kenneth Fern (Afton, 2022-04-12)



Frame-job against President Elect Trump confirmed in court filing~!

Andrew Zebrun (Hamburg NY, 2022-04-25)


Freedom of mandates

Kimberly Rogers (Macedon , 2022-04-25)


I’m am signing because it is against the Constitution

Anna Erik (Chestertown, 2022-04-26)


I am signing because I have enough of the lies and hidden agendas.

Patricia Metzger (Mohawk, 2022-04-26)


They will decline my health

Lenore Baccarella (Bellmore, 2022-04-26)


I am fed up with politicians shredding the constitution.

Michael Taber (Sackets Harbor, 2022-04-26)


I'm signing because the government has had too much power for long enough and hear by rengeg such power as a citizen of the United States and a resident of New York

Bruce DeFio (Mattituck , 2022-04-26)


I object to communism

Denise Baylor (Canandaigua, 2022-04-26)


I’m signing because I feel the government of New York has no right to tell us what to do and put into our bodies! They need to follow the constitution Or get out the government! You’re not doing your job! We have a constitution and you need to follow it and if you don’t get out

Tracy Hill (Yaphank, 2022-04-26)


It’s past time for the emergency measures to end. It’s a vial over reach of gov. . It’s against our rights and must end now.

Julie Lopez (Wolcott , 2022-04-26)


I agree with the grievance against the action the state is trying to take. It’s overstepping

Carolyn Collins (Valatie, 2022-04-27)


As a legal person living in NYS, firmly believe in life liberty & pursuit of happiness given to me by God. Government has no authority to append these rights since government is by the people for the people & not for a select few. These bills will subjugate my rights by God.

Debbie Blencowe (Corning , 2022-04-27)


Stop government overreach.... FREEDOM

Wendy Dominski (Youngstown, 2022-04-27)


I’m signing this because these government officials are servants of We The People and we have had enough of their tyranny.

Crall Holly (Delmar, 2022-04-27)



Burt Menninger (Bridgeport , 2022-04-28)


The mandate is no necessary, let we the people decide what is best for ourselves!

Lisa Hughes (Pittsford, 2022-04-28)


I am signing this because our constitutional rights And our civil rights are being violated if this passed through the sapa process!! We have checks and balances for a reason

Dawn Cluff (Bayville, 2022-04-28)


I am sign as a concerned citizen

Patricia Pollard (Fort Plain, 2022-04-28)

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