Repeal SAPA Emergency regulations



I oppose government over-reach and I am demanding a return to our CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC as deemed by the people. Full oath upholding or impeachment.

Kelly Bell (Cambridge , 2022-04-29)


Dangerous overreach of Government. They are the only "emergency".

Suzanne Giambra (Grand Island, 2022-05-03)


I believe in freedom to choose for my health and that of my family. I believe in the freedom to live my life according to God and not government.

Dawn Civello (Selden, 2022-05-03)


I’m signing this petition because these regulations and the language are unconstitutional. I attended that health planning committee in Albany New York and not one appointed person opposed these unlawful regulations. Their positions are appointed and governor Hochul illegally had this done without the say of the people who vote politicians in to protect from government overreach!

Lori Hurley (Ballston Lake, 2022-05-03)


I am an American and I’m pissed off!!!

Chris Raggi (Massapequa, 2022-05-04)


I’m signing because this is an overstep of government reach. You fail to realize this is a personal decision for us parents to teach our children sensitive issues. I’d rather see you fix the curriculum and make our schools great again! Teach ALL history so future generations can respect where we’ve come and where we’ve been!

Stacy McManus (Shoreham, 2022-05-04)


I’m sick and tired of the government overreach,they need to be reminded and reminded often they work for the people,we granted them their power and we are preparing to take it back .amn

Anthony Goudreau (Schenectady , 2022-05-04)


This is utterly a down right violation of our constitutional rights, period!!

Dan O’Hare (Wallkill, 2022-05-05)


What is being permitted to happen to THIS COUNTRY is CRIMINAL...and the administration and the minions thereof are all CRIMINALS THEMSELVES! AMERICA HAS BEEN DESTROYED AND IT'S ONLY GOING TO GET WORSE.

LouAnn Link (Bohemia , 2022-05-05)


I'm signing because I believe in the US Constitution, and I believe in the rights of LEGAL American CITIZENS protected by said Constitution. I believe the government is in grave error usurping the rights of millions of Americans by attempting to pass unconstitutional legislation in regard to Covid-19 shots. I also vehemently disagree with forcing this experimental shot on our most vulnerable citizens, the children of the US, here in NY and across the nation. These pieces of legislation unjustly trounce on our rights as LEGAL American CITIZENS and threaten our livelihoods and very likely, our lives should this overreaching government have its way! I urge ALL legislators to vote against these atrocities toward humanity!

Cheri O'Hare (Wallkill, 2022-05-05)


The Nuremberg Code and my Constitutional Rights have been violated by the Politicians holding office in my city, county and the State of New York, along with the NYSDOH, who have widely overstepped their boundaries by violating my Liberties and overreaching into my personal medical decision making by forcing Your lies, Your overreach, Your unlawful regulations onto me. The National Emergency Powers Act is legally required to be short term in duration, and shall not be enacted for instituialization. The Act is not a shield for you to hide and not face the repercussions resulting from your unlawful, unconstitutional violations of our Rights. Your tyranny led to me being terminated from my healthcare job of 31 years. You Politicians took away my livelihood, my healthcare, my savings, amongst other things. I cannot find a job with the same benefits, that pays close to the salary i was making when you terminated me; yet you refuse to pay out unemployment to me. You let me drown. NYS Politicians holding office and NYSDOH have caused me stress, distress and irreparable financial damage; I am drowning because of you, I'm in debt because of you. My credit score will drop because of you. I may lose my home and vehicle because of you. I worked for 19 months in a mask while majority of NYS residents sat home collecting exorbitant checks from the state and federal government. I never received a bonus or a raise as gratuity for working in Pandemic conditions. I worked 12 of the 19 months without a shot available in only a mask and washing my hands. My unit was made into a Pediatric Covid Unit for the Children's Hospital and for 6 months we had 0-4 kids on various days on a 20 bed unit. We were losing money so we had to open back up for our regular census. In September 2021, NYS Politicians and NYSDOH told me I was garbage after calling me a hero for 19 months; you thanked me for my service by terminating me from my job of 31 years for not getting an experimental gene therapy injection that was studied for 90 days. All 26 months of this Pandemic I still remain Covid Negative while my former Coworkers all triple vaxxed have caught covid, a few have caught covid twice while triple vaxxed. This forced experimental gene therapy injection is not a Vaccine by definition nor does it replicate the efficacy of our childhood vaccinations. I have all my childhood vaccinations and have never in my lifetime caught any disease I was vaccinated for or any symptoms of the diseases I am vaccinated for. Also, keep your hands off Children! You are trying to separate children from their parents by revoking parental rights to consent caring for their child and blocking parents from having any knowledge what is going on with their child. The bills you are trying to pass regarding blocking parental rights are unlawful. You are essentially trying to control children and the parents for your sick government tyrannical gains.

Theresa Bingaman (Rochester , 2022-05-12)


This is The United States of America, a free country and i will not be subjected to this tyrannical government

Carolyn Ejnes (Long Beach, 2022-06-07)


I’m signing this petition because my constitutional rights have been violated .

Christine Smith (Medford, 2022-06-07)

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