Hervey Bay - Swimming Lagoon or Safe swimming enclosure



I think this is a great idea

Kim Chante (Burrum Heads, 2022-04-23)


A lagoon by the beach at Hervey Bay would be a tremendous tourist spot along with our wonderful beaches, Piers, shops and great restaurant. It would give each and everyone of us a safe place to swim and not have to worry about the sharks that are noticed regularly. It would also be a wonderful place for any wheel chair bound people and others with disabilities to enjoy a safe swimming area.

Lesley Clarke (Point Vernon Qld, 2022-04-23)


This would be great for the community

Colleen Spasojevic (Hervey Bay , 2022-04-23)


I’m signing because as fantastic as our beaches are they aren’t usable for hours each day due to the large tides. It’s also a great tourist draw card

Rogers Garth (Hervey Bay , 2022-04-23)


Being a tourist destination this should be an option years ago especially with our warmth up here. Something like Redcliffe with bbqs, lighting for night swims, family outings. Be amazing

Lisa Cheyne (Burrum heads , 2022-04-23)


We pay more than enough to live in the Beautiful Hervey Bay and would like council to listen to the residents wants and needs. A man made lagoon like this would benefit our community and the tourists.

Tina Bounds (Hervey Bay, 2022-04-23)


we need safe swimming.

Karen Hagger-Peen (Urangan, 2022-04-23)


this would be a great tourism attraction

Connor Salmon (Hervey Bay, 2022-04-23)


This would be a great boost for tourism and especially for locals. I often want to swim at the beach and most of the time it's to shallow, so a permanent pool would be great

Monika Birch (Hervey Bay , 2022-04-23)


A lagoon would be great as there is very limited things to do with children

Shelly Hendriks (Burrum heads, 2022-04-23)


Great initiative for those that are scared of the ocean and with disabilities. Safe salt water swim area.

Shane Meloncelli (Dundowran , 2022-04-23)


We definitely need some fun and somewhere safe all year round

Kmala Zerner (Hervey Bay , 2022-04-23)


I live in HB avoid swimming in sea due to sharks.

Julie Chalmers (Pialba, 2022-04-23)


I lived at Redcliffe & they have a lagoon, it was always well used. The Bay needs one as well.

Les Allen (Kawungan, 2022-04-23)


I have a 21 year old son with high care disability needs and this would allow him to participate and enjoy the things that others in the community take for granted with access. It would also be a massive drawcard for Hervey Bay tourism. Has my full support although I am a 50 min drive away we visit Hervey Bay regularly.

Deborah Waller (Redridge, 2022-04-23)


I think this would be a great addition to the town and people

Dale Mackay (Hervey bay , 2022-04-23)


After visiting other places with these facilities I feel it would benefit Hervey Bay economically and would be a great addition to the splash park.

Luanne Claxton (Scarness , 2022-04-23)


We need a swimming lagoon in Torquay like Cairns and the new one at Yeppoon. Well overdue in our are

Tracy Tetlow (Hervey Bay , 2022-04-23)


I think this is great idea for family’s and tourists in the area .

Renee Saini-cook (Hervey Bay, 2022-04-23)


This would be fantastic for the area. Somewhere kids would love

Diane Bayne (Torquay, 2022-04-23)


It's a good idea

Kasandra Avery (Hervey bay, 2022-04-23)


Would be great idea for regulars and tourists

Kathryn Holland (Hervey Bay, 2022-04-23)


Great idea that everyone can access!

Peter Martain (Hervey Bay, 2022-04-23)


It would be amazing addition to the bay. Waterpark is great but cant swim.

Belinda Cornish (Hervey bay, 2022-04-23)


A safe environment for accessing the water would open up opportunity for many that can't currently get in the water....

Debra Glazewski (Urraween, 2022-04-23)


I think this would be great for the area.

Jasmin Sullivan (Victoria , 2022-04-23)


It would be a good asset for people with young kids and also people who are not always looking to swim in the ocean

Jade Sullivan (Hervey Bay, 2022-04-23)


Because it’s needed for the town would be a great family getaway as I have a small family myself and sometimes the beach is too much

Jesse Gotz (Pialba, 2022-04-23)


I think it is a great idea and very much needed in Hervey Bay.have been to the Redcliffe one on several occasions and love it

Carmen Casey (Urangan, 2022-04-23)


As a long time resident I believe this would be a wonderful addition to Hervey Bay and accessible to everyone no matter their age and whether able bodied or not. It wouldn't detract from the wonderful beaches we have but compliment them. Giving everyone another choose. As grandparents I would be happier using this for our grandchildren than the ocean. I can imagine many would head their for the day sharing a barbecue.

Debbie Fluerty (Hervey Bay, 2022-04-23)


Hervey Bay needs this!

Valerie Macgraw (Hervey Bay, 2022-04-23)


We need one

Cheryl Truscott (Hervey Bay, 2022-04-23)


I think its a wonderful idea.

Melanie Sten (Maryborough Qld, 2022-04-23)


I have a disability and would benefit from a pool enclosure type of thing - like that at south bank- Brisbane. Having a disability I am unsteady when walking on sand so therefore would benefit from having something more accessible

Cassandra Hawes (Burrum Heads, 2022-04-23)


It’s What we need and want

Joy Burchall (Eli Waters, 2022-04-23)


Its needed in such a great place

Jason Thorpe (Newcastle , 2022-04-23)


When I travel north most of the beach side towns have the gorgeous swimming lagoons along the foreshore and have often wondered why Hervey Bay hasn't done this already.

Jenni Hopping (Howard , 2022-04-23)


I love to see a shark free enclosure for swimming on the beach or a seawater swimming lagoon on the foreshore for people to swim safely , after seeing sharks in close to the shore I won’t swim in the beach anymore.

Cathy Hart (Urraween , 2022-04-23)


Who is going to fund this? How much will it cost to maintain and service the lagoon?
As a rate payer I do NOT want a lagoon paid for by my rates.

Kevin Rates (Hervey Bay, 2022-04-23)


It would be a great addition to the area

Pete Thawley (Wondunna , 2022-04-23)


Id live this for my children the water park is always so busy this would be great for the older people too

Carissa Hall (Hervey bay, 2022-04-23)


My kids enjoyed the water park when they were young but I always wished there was somewhere I could just paddle in the water.. now my kids are teens the water park doesn't interest them at all

Melissa Walsh (Hervey Bay, 2022-04-23)


Hervey Bay needs this entertainment for families. Safer alternative to beaches.

Karen Chard (Coral Cove, 2022-04-23)


A Lagoon would provide pool and beach swimming access to people of all abilities

Chellby Ikin (Scarness, 2022-04-23)


I am signing this petition because I think this would be a great addition to the expansion of Hervey Bay and would provide a water park more accomodating for families.

Jordan Vines (Craignish, 2022-04-23)


This is a fantastic development idea and will be of great use to the wider community.

Brett Fulcher (Hervey Bay, 2022-04-23)


Tracey finucane

Tracey Finucane (Wondunna, 2022-04-23)


Beaches aren’t safe, also for those with thalassaphobia who are terrified of the ocean but love to swim.

Reneé Brouard (Hervey Bay , 2022-04-23)


This would be great for resident's and touristsThe lagoon at Redcliffe is so beautiful and very popular.

Lola Johnston (Hervey Bay, 2022-04-23)


I would love this for our town and to take our children to so they can safely swim and play we would all absolutely love it and I think it's a great idea!

Emma McMaster (Point Vernon, 2022-04-23)


Hell YES but spacious for everyone, because it will b packed in the seasons

Michelle Foster (Aldershot, 2022-04-23)


This would be a fantastic idea if also made suitable for those
with a disability or accessibility restraints.

Rundle Diana (Hervey Bay , 2022-04-23)


We have recently moved to the area & have 2x young girls 3 & nearly 5 who love to swim & the beach but us all as a family would much prefer to be safe.

Mia Nolan (Takura, 2022-04-23)


It would be great to have a safe and clean area for swimming and recreation. Also would attract tourists.

Catherine Alabisi (Hervey bay, 2022-04-23)


I’d love an area to be able to safely take my grandchildren when they visit. I’d also love somewhere for hubby and. Me to cool off too.

Sue Jones (Toogoom, 2022-04-23)


its pretty swag

Baileigh Wilby curnow (burrum heads , 2022-04-23)


Hervey Bay needs this. Tourists will love it

Julie Murray (Urraween, 2022-04-23)


Hervey Bay would benefit having a lagoon. Although we have a beach, the beach isn't always a safe place.
Having a lagoon has do much potential and another thing to bring in tourists to the area.

Hannah Krueger (Hervey Bay, 2022-04-23)


This would be awesome

Corey Matchan (Dundowran Beach, 2022-04-23)


An enclosed safe swimming lagoon would draw in all abilities including those that love the beach but afraid to go in due to not knowing what could be lurking in the waters.

Sharon Hay (Sunshine Acres, 2022-04-23)


I live in HB and we need a safe swimming spot on the esplanade. It’s a must for our locals as well as our transient community.

Lisa Bessell (Urangan, 2022-04-23)


Because I think the Esplanade is a waited space due to the location of the caravan parks. it should be developed as an open space with such things as a peoples pool and general recreation.

Ross Cotton (Scarness, 2022-04-23)


Great idea to support local small business as it would attract many more tourists to the Bay !

Kate Parfrement (Point Vernon, 2022-04-23)


Having swum in many at other cities I think it would be a great addition to Hervey Bay.

Amanda Jones (Scarness, 2022-04-23)


Totally agree for people with accessibility difficulties and would add to your already beautiful bay

Jill Mcfelin (Dunedin, 2022-04-23)


Great for our town and bring more tourist attraction

Thanyaphorn Hilton (Pialba, 2022-04-23)


I would regularly use a lagoon for swimming. I regularly visit Yeppoon and swim every day in their lagoon.

Helen Schmidt (Point Vernon, 2022-04-23)


it's about time council started doing things the community wants, instead of pushing their own plans and agendas

Clyde Marais (Hervey Bay , 2022-04-23)


Love the lagoon in Yeppoon,
It's fantastic,we need one here

Adamo Adamski (Pialba, 2022-04-23)

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