For Suffolk County Council to develop an in-house bid for Suffolk Highways maintenance



The current management of highways maintenance issues is patchy, if not poor. I believe that regular benchmarking should be conducted to ensure value for money and to maintain a competitive "edge".

Jonathan Ralph (Aldham, Ipswich, 2022-07-23)


Experience with Kier contractors has shown them too be costly and inefficient

Michael Bamford (Ipswich, 2022-07-23)


We need to cut costs.

Cather Spicer (Ipswich , 2022-07-24)


The current arrangement does not seem fit for purpose or offer value for money for the residents of Suffolk

Chris Taylor (Ipswich, 2022-07-27)


Something as important as Highway management, repair etc should not be outsourced. SCC should be responsible and become proud of providing a service second to none. Out sourcing is expensive and unnecessary. SCC should be held to account and spend ratepayers money wisely and effectively.

Susan Harvey (Ipswich, 2022-07-27)


I agree

Liz Brierley (Stowmarket, 2022-07-27)


I know this company from past history and I would rather see it back in house.

David Norman (Stowmarket, 2022-07-28)


Reducing expenditure in any way is a benefit for all other areas supported by the Council

MICHAEL CLARKE (Beccles, 2022-07-29)


I'd like to see better value for Suffolk taxpayers.

Angela Chapman (Ipswich, 2022-07-30)


I am signing because of what appear to be vastly inflated costs for all works undertaken by Kier and feel that the County Council should be making an in-house bid to take back control of highways works.

Jane Bellward (Lavenham, 2022-07-30)


I'm signing because the cost of our roads from contractors has been rising astronomically

Gregory Potter (Brettenham, 2022-08-01)


The current contractors are charging exorbitant rates and the money saved is needed for other purposes.

Victoria Jane Angela (Buxhall, 2022-08-01)


Suffolk County Council are wasting money
by outsourcing highway maintenance work.
This lacks common sense and stops income going to local workers who live here.



I do not think a profit making organisation should be repairing our roads

Christina Dray (Ipswich, 2022-08-02)


Public money spent on shareholders is money lost to the public, especially to the local economy, and if the costs aren't inflated then the terms and conditions of the private company workers are thinned down to a point of bad workmanship - or both! Keep public works in-house and help boost the local economy.

Andrew Sterling (Ipswich, 2022-08-02)


Ratepayers deserve stable and affordable prices.

Richard Thomson (Ipswich, 2022-08-02)


The waste is too much to tolerate such a poor service. A new process needs to be in place that is transparent to ensure proper contracts are rewarded with standards in place.

Benjamin Belcher (Ipswich , 2022-08-03)


Outsourcing should not be the automatic choice for local government, especially in this case. Even if the quote is cheap, that is likely to mean poor pay and condtions for the employees.

David Taylor (Sudbury, 2022-08-03)


For years I have been outraged by the mindblowing prices charged by Kier.

Trevor Rix (Alpheton, Suffolk, 2022-08-05)


I'm signing because the state of the roads in this county is appalling, road repairs take too long to complete, verge maintenance is reliant on people reporting a need on the website. It proves that outsourcing services is a completely false economy.

Theresa Munson (Sudbury, Suffolk, 2022-08-05)


I don't like waste.

Elizabeth Thornton (Bury St Edmunds, 2022-08-09)


I’m feel that Keir’s provide a poor standard for an overpriced services

Steve Mowles (Kirton , 2022-08-10)


I fully support this petition for the reasons given.

Madeline Gray (Sudbury, 2022-08-12)


It is better for the people of Suffolk to have their highway maintenance controlled by the council rather than private companies with an eye on profit.



I believe that it is in the best interest for the Council and for local tax payers that this service is managed in-house. It is important that the Parties involved can bring this to debate at the Council.

Robert Allinson (Holbrook, 2022-08-16)


Out sourcing isn't always the most efficient method of managing resources.

Antonia Lancaster (Brantham, 2022-09-08)


I do not believe that we are currently getting value for money from the Kier contract and the highways maintenance is disgracefully insufficient at the moment.

Anna Cliffen (Beccles, 2022-09-16)


I’m signing because I strongly object to Suffolk County Council not managing the money they receive from council tax payers properly. They have an absolute duty to deal fairly and efficiently with our money.

Clare Ludwig (Beccles, 2022-09-17)


The complete waste of money for jobs that cost less than half If it was another company.

Gary Trimmer (Beccles, 2022-09-18)


I would like value for money. Kerr are known to be overpriced and I have witnessed myself the very low standard of work which should never had been paid for

Clive Balaam (Stowmarket, 2022-09-20)


The costs to the PEOPLE of this County need to be sensible, and brought under control as quickly as possible!

Charles Detheridge (Barnby, Beccles, 2022-09-21)


We need to end this privatised rip off from Kier and get real value from local government

Philip Whittaker (Ipswich, 2022-09-26)


Highways improvements for residents of Woodbridge have become unaffordable under the current regime. It's still a monopoly, but it appears a private company is taking all the tax-payers' money and producing little if any improvement.

David Adelson (Woodbridge, 2022-09-27)


I believe as a minimum the in-house option should be assessed

Richard Winch (Bury St Edmunds, 2022-10-11)


The external contract prices stated are ridiculously high. Our tax payers money needs to be treated with respect and not wasted on external contracting. I support in-house arrangements for highway maintenance

Sue Lawrence (Stowmarket, 2022-10-11)


We are living in awful times when many households are struggling. It is clearly unacceptable for a council to waste public money on private contractors who cannot provide a realistic pricing policy . The council have competent and dedicated workers who want to provide services to their public . Let them do it .

Mary Littlefield (Beccles, 2022-10-12)


The Council actually does things better - and cheaper!

Brenda Bennett (Beccles,, 2022-10-12)


SCC should cost out a plan. How can you either know whether what you are buying is value for money, or bid.

Helen Hepburn (Diss, 2022-10-12)


WE have to stop these open ended contracts that allow the public purse to being exploited

Peter Jackson (Bungay, 2022-10-12)


Because my experience of in-house highways staff was of hard-working men and women who always wanted to do a good job

Ian Taylor (Bury St Edmunds, 2022-10-12)


I'm sick of Kier ripping us off for inadequate service.

Graham Ward (Aldeburgh, 2022-10-12)


All public works should be carried out by the county council workforce.

John Dawson (Reydon , 2022-10-12)


Our local servants have an obligation to seek value for money. A failure to do so should bring about fraud charges.

Piers Corke (Heathfield, 2022-10-12)


Sick an tired of East Suffolk Council FAILING to do what they are elected to do(Other than provide themselves with BIG PLUSH OFFICES. ) SERVE Local population

Bev Lawton (Beccles, 2022-10-12)


Suffolk workers would have a greater commitment to doing a good job than contractors from miles away, and the costs would be significantly less. This is not a good use of our money

Jen Overett (Needham Market, 2022-10-13)


Big business is taking money from Councils by grabbing contracts then increasing prices to scary levels

Sarah Plummer (Beccles, 2022-10-13)


The roads throughout stowmarket have taken a shocking turn for the worse these past few years. The pot holes not only cause damage to cars, they are hazardous to pedestrians too. Leaving them this way just allows more damage to be done over time. I cannot possibly fathom continuing on contracts that allow for the abysmal state of our surroundings because the work is priced extortionately. New builds are cropping up everywhere throughout town yet the basic infrastructure is a crumbling, weed filled mess. Hardly a welcoming encouragement to newcomers and visitors alike. Please take it back to in-house so we can have some pride in our town once more

Skye Thorpe (Stowmarket, 2022-10-13)


Direct service organisations have transparency when it comes to costs and can and should work more efficiently for local people who pay for those services. Value for money is key and continuel improvement should be the end game.

John Law (Bury St Edmunds, 2022-10-14)


At a time when we hear yet more cuts are to be visited on already struggling services such as health and social care, education and the criminal justice system it is criminal itself for a council to waste valuable money on over inflated prices which increase profits for a private firm and by implication reduce the amounts available for much needed public services, including mental health and social care.

Deborah Padfield (London, 2022-10-16)


Sick to death with the amount of waste by local councils.

As for bidding, it's very easy for depts to pretend they've done due diligence. While still giving work to a "prefered" company.

My company has lost out many times now but proving it is hard work, without breaking confidence!

Chris Hutchinson (Stowmarket, 2022-10-17)


our roads are dreadful and need doing straight away, not when we've saved up!!

Mary Vincent (Bungay, 2022-10-17)


The type of repairs highways require would be far better carried out by a locally based contractor. Preferably the council as the staff could also be responsible for signage , be that cleaning or replacing.

John Handley (Woodbridge , 2022-10-17)


I disagree with private companies misusing public money

Kirk Brown (Woodbridge, 2022-10-17)


Having worked in a big institution that insisted in paying ridiculous prices to 'approved' suppliers and contractors, wasting resources that were needed elsewhere, I fully support this petition, and urge Suffolk County Council to re-consider. Also, as one of the many carers in the community, who are desperate for more resources and support, I urge Suffolk County Council not to waste its money by over paying for out-sourced services.

Pippa Evans (Halesworth, 2022-10-18)


I want highways repair costs to be reasonable and cost effective

Ellen Ellen (Wenhaston , 2022-10-29)


It's scandalous

Colin Lay (Stowmarket , 2022-11-03)


The scale of mismanaged public money by councils is astounding, not to mention poor planning of work. Councils consistently complain of under funding, but do not ensure that services paid for are providing the best value for money.

Joanne Copping (Stowmarket, 2022-11-03)


Outsourced contracts for core services like highways mtce are not properly managed, put residents at risk & are poor value when looked at in the round.

Diane MacRae (Great Bricett, 2022-11-03)


Profits need to be invested in our services not sent to tax havens abroad.

Max Phillips (Ipswich, 2022-11-03)


I'm signing because as a council taxpayer I demand the council use my money fairly and wisely. I am completely disgusted by the laissez faire attitude of this council who spend my hard earned money in such a cavalier way.

Sheila Lucas (STOWMARKET, 2022-11-03)


I’m signing because I believe that SCC is ill-served by the previous arrangement which does not represent best use of Council tax payers’ money.

Richard Brice (Great Finborough , 2022-11-03)


I believe localism is able to provide a more tailored service and reduce costs

Richard Bergson (Wyverstone , 2022-11-03)


Privatisation is & always has been a total rip off

Geoff Shipp (Haverhill , 2022-11-03)


There have been a lot of problems over the last few years because of this contract. I think it is now clear that the outsourcing "experiment" has failed. I support the request for SCC to prepare a fully-costed in-house bid for this work. Bringing Highways work back "in house" would enable more effective / better management and implementation of the work by SCC. Importantly too, the profits that Kier and external sub-contractors make, would no longer "leak" out of the system. All the money we pay for Highways as taxpayers would stay in Suffolk to benefit Suffolk residents.

S Hall (ipswich, 2022-11-03)


It’s a logical and sensible proposal

Carl Houslop (Stowmarket, 2022-11-03)


Stop wasting money.

Sheila Lakkides (Ipswich, 2022-11-03)


I wish Suffolk council to cost and prepare there own tender for works

Kevin Read (Creeting St Mary. Ipswich, 2022-11-03)


I would like to see Suffolk's roads properly maintained

RAYMOND ELWELL (Stowmarket, 2022-11-03)


Fed up with this council wasting my money on contractors who provide a rubbish service

Mike McNally (Stowmarket, 2022-11-03)

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