Live Music Caves House Hotel Yallingup



Caves house live music is iconic and a huge asset to the yallingup and surrounding community. It is what makes the place so special and fun. They are always very respectful of noise and thinking of their neighbours. Love you guys!

Emma Lane (Busselton, )


I’m signing to keep supporting the talented musicians of the local music industry who need venues to play.

Peter Knott (Perth, )



Elle Jennings (Dunsborough , )


Love caves house its support of live music

Gary Brown (Dunsborough , )


Caves house is my “local” hotel for over 20 years. Live music has always been part of the scene.

John Myles (Yallingup, )


I want to keep the tradition of live music going at Caves House

Susan Myles (Hillarys , )


I believe in supporting live music and love going to Caves House for this reason.

Kate Fysh (Quedjinup, )


This is such an Iconic WA venue and live music not only promotes local talent but is consistent with having a ball and fun time with your mates at your local watering hole. This is consistent with most pubs around the world! Cheers!

Ben Laughton (West Busselton, )


I'm signing because live music is a limited comodity. Its great for the community, it's interesting, brings culture to an area and is being more and more restrictioned. Buyer beware if you buy a property in an area near a music venue. It's your issue not the venues

Annie mussell (Dunsborough , )


Music at Caves is essential and enjoyable. Current restrictions are adhered to and sensible. For special occasions any resident concerns have been actioned prior to the event proceeding

Charlie Bolt (Yallingup , )


I'm signing because I'm a musician who has been supported incredibly by Caves House Hotel ❤️

Maya Spilsbury-Slee (Victoria Park, )


I’m signing because caves house is a great establishment and the live music adds to its greatness

Nicholas Haslam (Carlisle, )


I believe that it is important especially at the moment to support small business and peoples employment opportunities. The hospitality and entertainment industries have been hit hard and people need to work. Also it is what the patrons want. Punishing a large number to satisfy a few is just not on.

Alison Carroll (MOUNT LAWLEY, )


I believe Caves House is a great entertainment venue, and has been there for longer than the surroundings residences. It also provides an oulet for local artists.

Joe McMinigal (Busselton , )


It's caves it has to have music.

Kaz Dean (Perth, )


Because I support Caves House.

Denise Pendal (perth , )


I support this and think it will be beneficial to artists, locals and tourists and will help to keep Caves House going for another 100 years.

Jenny Fletcher (Dunsborough, )


Live music is an important part of the hotel scene and Australian way of life

Daneille Inman (Yallingup , )


Caves house is iconic for live music and good times. If a hotel and land owners decide to buy and reside there they should have considered this before purchase. Not now complain re music noise.

Tania Jolliffe (Wilyabrup , )


We are locals and Caves house is iconic 👍

Bec Edmonds (Dunsborough, )


Seeing live music at Caves whenever we are in dunsborough is always a must for our holidays.

Amanda Forrest (Perth, )


There has always been live entertainment at Caves House Hotel and always should be. This local community enjoys it very much and is a highly regarded meeting/ socialising venue for the tourists and locals because of the live music. The hotel would not be competitive with other venues in the area at all without live music.
I believe measures being offered/ implemented by the owners to be very fair.

Jo Felton (Dunsborough, )


𝘒𝘦𝘦𝘱 𝘓𝘪𝘷𝘦 𝘔𝘶𝘴𝘪𝘤 𝘈𝘭𝘪𝘷𝘦

𝘒𝘺𝘭𝘪𝘦 𝘚𝘵𝘰𝘳𝘮 (𝘗𝘦𝘳𝘵𝘩, )


I’m signing because supporting local bands and events helps everyone. Cave House has a rich history of live music

Tracey Kerry (Abbey, )


Music is a part of the caves experience, every year when my family and friends go for our annual holiday to yallingup we love enjoying our meal and listening to some local artists play their music, music gives caves house atmosphere and an amazing opportunity for local aspiring artists to be heard and as a musician who’s part of a band myself I can understand how important music is.

Trenn Timms (Perth, )


I absolutely love Caves House venue and my most enjoyable times have been when local, live music has been involved.

Brendan Sing (Perth, )


I have been going to Caves Hotel for over 50 years, family has a home their for +30 years. Live music is part of Caves DNA.

Craig Nelmes (Perth, )


Caves house has been a long long standing venue for live music and entertainment. The hotel was there long before residential or hotel. I am a resident of the area and have no grievances about the noise and feel the hotel has always managed extremely well.

Jodie Smith (Perth, )


I have enjoyed live performances at Caves House for many years. It draws visitors and locals alike to enjoy the ambiance of the legendary hotel. Would not like to see it change.

Bron Cullen (Yallingup, )


I love live music at Caves

Brooke Steer (Australind, )


I am a professional musician and have played at Caves House for past 8 years.
Caves House is a true supporter of LIve Music and musicians like myself are indebted to their support and willingness to keep music 'Live' and 'Local'.

PETER MATTHEWS (Margaret River, )


Caves house is the fabric of the hill. It existed when Yallingup was a farm that my husband’s family purchased, before the houses, before the tourists. Buy somewhere else if music and people having fun isn’t your cup of tea.

Holly Hammond (Yallingup, )


Caves House has always had live music outside. It's an institution!

John Stringer (Dunsborough, )


We enjoy attending Caves House when there is live music being offered.

Kered Ausden (Yallingup, )


I frequently go to Caves House Hotel to watch and enjoy life music. There is no other venue in this area. The music has never been too loud. I have been able to have conversations with friends seated right at the front of the stage with the music playing.

Marie Mcsweeney (Yallingup, )


I’m a local

Sebastien Gradisen (Dunsborough , )


Caves is renowned for its entertainment.

Spouse Steve (Bunbury , )


Live music at Caves House is an institution! It’s always fun & inclusive & adds so much to the experience of enjoying a beer or meal there for everyone!

Kelly Bowring (Fremantle, )


I am one of the musicians who regularly plays here. It is an amazing venue, the crowd are always so appreciative, and the vibe of Caves House is always so nice. Caves House is a unique venue, that offers live music because that's what their customers love to see... they respect the neighbouring community. I hope they are able to keep live music alive!

Bethwyn Carlessi (Margaret River , )


I love live music at caves and I’m a close resident.

Annabelle Muir (Yallingup, )


I have a strong passion for the establishment and what it provides for the region. Music is a key pillar to what it provides in this day and age. Removal of music outdoors will significantly hinder the opportunities that Caves House can provide to others. I was also lucky to have worked there for a few years as have many others, both locals and people from afar. It’s an important cultural icon and provides great opportunities for locals and travellers from near and far.

Jarrad Sherborne (Dunsborough, )


Live music at caves is part of why we stay in yallungup

Rebecca Cant (Safety Bay, )


I love Caves House and the gardens, to have a meal and drink with friends with music in the background is just the best. Don't loose this atmosphere please

Rob Delaeter (Bicton, )


I'm signing because the pub has been established for many years and planners have allowed development around it. People buying property around the pub must have been aware that it was a pub and might have music and loud conversation going on at any time.

Mike Calneggia (SOUTH PERTH, )


I’m signing because I support to continue offering live music at Caves House

Robyn Paulin (Dunsborough, )


Caves House wouldn’t be the same without it’s live music. I have been listening to music there for over 30 years. It is an iconic venue.

Sara Boranga (North Fremantle, )


Because Caves house was there first and has the right to continue it’s business as it always has

John Fountain (Dunsborough , )


Caves House Hotel is a wonderful Hotel and a fantastic Venue having a variety of entertaining musicians performing there.

Phil Firkin (Perth, )


I really enjoy live music at Caves when we are visiting our family in Dunsborough and don’t want to lose the chance to see and hear great artists at one of our favourite venues.

Lara Mitchell (Perth, )


Love to attend caves and enjoy the music pizza and beers. It’s the best.

Leanne Hough (Dunsborough, )


Caves House is a signature part of Yallingup...taking away the music would take away much of its soul...

Ian Brotherton (Landsdale, )


I live here and I regularly attend caves for the live music

Ruth Bolton (Yalligup Siding, )


I enjoy watching live music

Mark Armstrong (Dunsborough, )


I’ve been supporting and enjoying the music of local artists since 1996 at Caves House and hope by signing this petition, the gigs will continue .

Pieter Oosthuizen (Perth, )


I have both worked at and frequented Cave’s House, and it is the best place for live music and catching up with friends and locals!

Tone Hovde (Nøtterøy, )


Caves was a big part of the many years I spent in Dunsborough and it would be a shame for others to miss out on this experience

Claire Alder (Muirend, )


I love visiting Caves House and enjoy the music there.

Ann Rodd (Dunsborough , )


The curtains twitching nimby’s must not prevail!

Ian Olson (Wilyabrup, )


Caves house is iconic in the area, so is been able to go have a beer or dinner and listen to live music. We have holidayed in Yallingup since I was a baby (now 36)... everything about caves house feels like home!

Tarryn Robertson (Wellard, )


Caves House are very supportive of local musicians, providing regular opportunities to perform.

Hanna Simon (Quindalup, )


Because caves hotel had live music even before the seashell apartments was built! It’s a community gathering place!

Diane Brice (Dunsborough, )


I agree with the petition.

Kyle Lyons (Perth, )


We love the music at caves house, it’s part of the environment there. Show casing locals and others. We want music 🎶:)

Naomi Loraine (Iluka, )


Caves house wouldn’t be the same without live music 🎶🎤🎸🥁🎺🎻

Donna Green (Dunsborough, )


I think music is an integral part of keep patrons at a venue

Samantha Garforth (Broome, )


Supporting Live Music outside at Caves House 7 days a week. Local Artists need this more than ever. Caves House is the South West’s Heart Beat. A sense of Place and many Generations of Treasured Memories.

Pamela Brittain (Dunsborough , )


Live music is important as it creates human connection

Shaun Murphy (Margaret River, )


I’m signing because we love being able to spend time at Caves House listening to live music.

Marg McFarlane (Yallingup, )


I support live music.

Joel Page (Margaret river, )


The venue was hosting music long before nearby residents moved in. It comes with the territory.

P Bandurski (Kudardup, )


Caves House has provided excellent entertainment and great hospitality for the locals and tourist alike for decades . They take great care in being extremely accommodating to their neighbours and one lone voice of dissent should not be able to change the way a valued and iconic family friendly venue is operated .

Graeme Dickinson (Margaret River, )


Caves has been a music venue for decades, providing local musicians opportunities to perform and local residents free live music. This must continue.

Stuart Schonell (Quedjinup, )


I love caves house live music

Jacob Kessell (Yallingup , )


Who ever this so called neighbour is should probably move town

Klayton Fenchel (Perth, )


It’s important to maintain a live music venue to support local and visiting musicians

Patricia Flower (Dunsborough, )


Live music needs to continue at Caves, a long-standing establishment KNOWN for its live music.

Therese Colman (Dunsborough , )


I absolutely LOVE Caves and couldn’t imagine it not part of my southwest experience. My family and I stay at either Busselton or Yallingup 5-10 times/year and easily come to hear the music and have a meal once a trip.

Amy Rudland (Perth, )

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