University Schools Library Book Petition



These books are beyond inappropriate for kids and even as an adult it made me uncomfortable. They are not educational, it’s just filth and trash. Anyone who thinks this is ok should not be allowed to make any further decisions for schools and these kiddos.

Megan Welsh (Evans, )


These books are extremely inappropriate and do not belong on school shelves. They must be removed now!

Darla Steel (Greeley, )


I’m a concerned parent of a future University Schools parent

Derrick Gibson (Greeley, )


I’m signing because I am aunt to a child who goes to university

Chelsea Kittredge (Evans , )


I’m signing because I am a grandpa to a child who goes to university

Stephen Kittredge (Fort Lupton, )


Mom of a future student (2022-2023 school year)

Amy Gibson (Greeley, )


These books are pornography. It is unacceptable for our children to be exposed to this in school.

Brittany Kammerzell (Eaton , )


I’m signing as a concerned citizen

Laura Davis (Greeley, )


The proof is in the letter. This is disgusting and lacks honor in trust. Things like this should be brought to our attention, brought to the board attention , then be discussed and voted upon. You lose trust in the parents of the children you are teaching by going behind their backs. University is losing credibility in the community.

Dane Wetterer (Greeley, )


As a concerned citizen I believe that some of the books you have in your Library are inappropriate for school kids and that they should be removed immediately.

Jeremy Davis (Greeley, )


I am signing this petition because this material is completely inappropriate for children. These books do not belong in a school library, and should be removed immediately.

Diana Wetterer (Greeley, )


I’m signing this because I have nephews that go to University. Children do not need to be exposed to pornographic material while under the responsibility of the school, no matter their sexuality! Parents trust you to keep their kids safe while educating them and you have violated the trust of parents and family members. I have shared this situation with parents of kids in other school districts and they all say the same thing… “This is disgusting and inappropriate.” University should feel ashamed of themselves.

Christina Southward (Commerce City, )


I am signing this because this is an expanding issue of trust lost when children attend public schools, including charter schools. As a parent, it is completely disheartening to hear that these types of publications are available to children, who are there to be educated, not indoctrinated. Minds are not fully developed until the age of 25. This type of material is completely inappropriate to introduce at such a young age. It truly is beyond appalling to know this is even requiring a petition to get these books removed. Take the books off the shelves! And please bring back common sense and age appropriate teaching. Children can only be children for a short while; you are robbing them from their innocence and ability to be a child.

Angie Bedolla (Thornton, )


I believe that the contents contained in the books listed above are harmful to children K-12 and should not be in any school library.

Meghan McEwan (Greeley , )


My children attend this school

Kassidee Overholt (Greeley , )


These books are pornography and should NOT be made available to our children!

Sarah Stone (Greeley, )


Sexual intercourse and sexual actions are illegal.

Cayla Craig (Greeley, )


This is beyond words. The fact that we are even having to petition to get these books and conversation out of schools for our kids is…beyond words disgraceful. I can’t even imagine the person who would write these and then furthermore push to get kids and adults alike to read such corruption. No morals. No ethics. So beyond anything pure or how great life can really be. Get these books out now.

Anna Anderle (Eaton, )


I’m signing because my nephews go to this school and it is not right. The books should be removed from the school immediately.

Johannah Carroll (Severance, )


We are better than this. Our kids deserve better than this.

TaraLee Jackson (Greeley, )


As a student who goes to UH seeing what this book is about disgust me in many ways UH is a great school where everyone is welcome and our library is great but the book is more than inappropriate for children who use the library daily, especially the elementary students.

Trinity Williams (Greeley, )


These books should Not be in our schools!

Shantell Sellmer (Eaton, )


This is coming from an unbiased outlook and just being realistic. I will never understand this type of material/lifestyle but those that choose to live that lifestyle is their business. So just because I am heterosexual doesn’t mean I will expect others to be… and I will not condone pornographic material of any nature in the school that I once grew up in and that I have family members growing up in. Let’s be realistic… children, teens or anybody can access inappropriate material… but we need to prevent that and not condone it in our schools.

Dustin Belohlavy (Platteville , )


I don't see the educational or developmental value of the pornographic aspects of these materials.

Crystal Gregory (Evans, )


I want to protect my grandchildren who attend University schools.

Janet Edwards (Greeley, )


My grandchildren attend University. I believe the library should hold much higher standards. They are simply pornographic books that do not belong in a school library.

Debbi Eastwood (Greeley, )


These books are WRONG! I’m a parent and will teach my children about sex, NOT you! They are worse than porn and it’s absolutely disgusting

Katy Williams (Greeley , )


If you don’t have guide lines Porn should not brought into schools. If god and pledged not allowed or the Bible 🚫 then Porn books are not allowed. Kids need guidance regulations. Just like guns alcohol tobacco drugs there age limits for a reason a child and young adults need guidance. Not one opinion does not fit all this is wrong. Let kids be kids and have professional counseling when they have questions. The library is not a place for porn books.

Penny Martinez (Greeley , )


This is incredibly inappropriate content for children and needs to be removed immediately. I would also like the person(s) who authorized this type of content in our children's schools be removed even faster.

Patrick Jennings (Greeley, )


These books are not appropriate learning tools for our children! With the way the world is pushing sexuality down young peoples throats, this is wrong! This is disappointing as a parent of young children that attend university! Please remove these books immediately!

Bevin Gentry (Greeley , )


There is no reason to be providing this kind of material to kids in a school library.

Heather Ingersoll (LaSalle, )


We don’t need to push government agenda on our children. Let them make their own decisions. School is for Math, science, language arts etc…. Not pornography.

Chad Taylor (Greeley, )


Pornography should not be tolerated at University.

Jessica Harms (Greeley, )


Allowing this type of material in a school library is alarming and should be removed immediately.

Bethel Jiricek (Greeley, )


I'm mostly VERY concerned about the graphic novel. The pictures are pornographic and not okay for teenagers and younger. It bothers me that this book is available in a library that is shared with elementary students.

Kathryn Bonnell (Greeley, )


This is not appropriate content for any school to have.

Wendy Wakefield (Greeley, )


Children attend University Schools.

Niki Avery (Greeley, )


I love University and the students there. With all of the rich literature out there, these books are far from necessary to provide representation of the diversity in our student body. The content is inappropriate at best and pornographic, grooming and detrimental to healthy development at worst. We can do better!!!

Kayla Daggett (Greeley, )


Parents should get to choose when and how they educate their kids about sex and other issues. These books should not be in a public school library!!

Holli Pletcher (Greeley, )


This is to graphic of a book for school library

Thomas Herrera (Greeley, )


It is our obligation to protect ALL of the children who attend University schools as they are all precious, impressionable and vulnerable. Adults providing porn to children is detrimental and illegal. As the adults in these kids lives we have to fight for them. I was shocked to find out that there are adults working in my kids school who are providing this horrific material to children! The effects of porn on young minds is so damaging and leads to issues with self worth and suicide. Therefore just as I would fight to protect children from self esteem issues and suicide, I will also fight to protect them from pornography.

Krista McDowell (Greeley, )


Having books that are pornographic in a school library are not appropriate or necessary. They do not belong in the schools and should not be available to our children.

Diane Marion (Greeley , )


I feel strongly about keeping pornography out of schools.

Jenny Williams (Greeley , )


Our standards as a school should be the same across the board. We hold very stringent digital expectations for our students online in the images and websites they are allowed to look up and view, why would we not do the same in the literature we provide for them? Anyone has access to view and peruse those books, K-12, regardless of the age limit set to check them out. Hold true to the values University and our district stands for.

Michelle Pope (Greeley, )


As a CO tax payer with friends whose kids attend this school, I believe these books have no place in a school library.

Michelle Croy (Ault , )


My grandson goes to this school!
University well respected school at one timek’
This is appalling to see and disgusting! Nothing right about this and that director should be fired!!!!!!!
Children are so messed us from twisted adults thinking this is ok!!!!!

Jennifer Valencia (Greeley, )


My grandson goes to school there, and this is disgusting and inappropriate!!!
Wake up!!!! It’s filthy and against the Bible!!

Tj Valencia (Greeley, )


My children are students there I am appalled at the excerpts from the books recommended/provided by the school.

Amie Simmons (Greeley, )


My child attended and graduated from University; I am appalled and concerned that this disgusting material made its way into our school.

Myer Ramey (Greeley, )


I can not believe these publications are in a publication … let alone in a SCHOOL!

Hope Kern (Greeley, )


This is very disturbing

Tabitha VonFeldt (Greeley , )


Daniel Lee

Daniel Lee (Greeley, )


I'm signing this because it's not appropriate material for school aged children. If parents want their children to read these books or the children does they can buy it online. Doesn't need to be in a safe place such as school.

Erin Reynolds (Evans, )


There is a movement trying to normalize pedophilia and sex in this world. It is absolutely embarrassing and vile that University would allow this in their school. This will not stop unless parents and responsible adults step in and protect the children.

Ashley Combs (Greeley, )


Three of my grandchildren attend this school and this content is not appropriate for children.

Roberta Turner (Victoria , )


My three grandkids attend your school.

Stephen Turner (Victoria,TX, )


I find it inexcusable that the leadership employed by University Schools are not taking swift and decisive action to protect our children from this inappropriate content. I have much higher expectations for this organization and and completely disappointed by the lack of response and not taking this issue and parental concerns more seriously .

Christine Nation (Greeley, )


This is vulgar, and there is no need for adolescents to have access to this.

Cameron Ruppe (Vernal , )


This book is extremely inappropriate for children and teenagers. This book should not be allowed in any schools library.

Lindsey Southworth (Greeley, )


I am signing this because, these materials are available at public libraries. And should be available for younger children. All weld county child are able to get a library card.This kind of material is also read by other students as a means to gain information on experiences for unnecessary commentary, judgement and bullying.

Kristi Mix (Greeley, )


After review, these are not books designed to help individuals adjust to confusion or conflicting thoughts. These are not books to aid in dealing with how to deal with gender confusion or in any way counseling literature. This is pornography and smut. In addition to the pornographic illustrations these books specifically detail how to have anal intercourse. This is a shared library with elementary students and is absolutely disturbing and unacceptable. University should be ashamed this is what has to happen to address juvenile decency. I have heard this is compared to Shakespeare and if that is the case our educators need to go back to school or are in the wrong line of work. If this can't be read at a board meeting due to its graphic nature it should not be in our school and especially available to elementary students.

Brett Stone (Greeley, )


This is pornography

Matthew VonFeldt (Greeley , )


This is NOT acceptable in our schools!!!

John Miller (Greeley, )


Unacceptable books for kids. Let us parents teach them about Sexuality. You worry about teaching them history, science, math, english and focus on the bad history so we dont repeat it.

Fernando Miramontes (Greeley , )


I have 2 children that attend school here. It would be devastating to them if they came across this. I cannot unsee the content that is in the books currently in the library. Unbelievable.

Thomas Forsyth (Greeley, )


I don’t want explicit literature exposed to minors including children in grade schools.

Carrie Ruppe (Farmington, )


My son attends University and I am appalled that we have these types of books in our library. The content is not appropriate.

Jamie Gallegos (Windsor, )


I have lost trust in University Schools to make basic decisions for my child.

Traci Pendleton (Greeley, )


I believe that these books are morally offensive and do not belong on the shelves of a public school library!

Brenda Forsyth (Franklin, )


The sexual exploitation within these books is absolutely inappropriate to have in the school. I feel like it is our job as parents to have conversations with our child, not the job of the school to educate our children about some of the very inappropriately explicit content in these novels. One would not allow porn in the school at that is exactly what one of these books is!

Jillian Klug (Greeley, )


I’m not ok with my children reading this type of inappropriate material and very concerned that it was placed in a school library to begin with.

Jessica Jimenez (Greeley, )


I am really shocked and disappointed that this content is available in the school library. Schools should be a safe place not a place for pornography.

Lisa Rothe (Greeley, )


My grandchild attends U.H.. This material violates general community standards of decency and is age-inappropriate for children to have unrestricted access to. It should immediately be removed from circulation. Whoever is responsible for the decision to purchase and make such prurient material available to children should be held accountable and at a minimum be subject to reprimand or disciplinary proceedings.

Richard Vannoy (Greeley, )


I do not agree the content in referenced books is appropriate for a school library.

Marcie Mostek (Greeley, )


This is absolutely horrific and disgusting for any young child to ever look at!

Kaylee Hernandez (Johnstown, )


I’m signing because it shouldn’t be allowed and persuading children to think a certain way that shouldn’t be taught

Ashley Bunting (Greeley, )


There are so many more books that are about diversity and acceptance of others if that’s why these books were chosen to be on the shelves of the school. Why do we need sexually graphic books to teach our kids acceptance/diversity? This pornographic filth has no place in our school library.

Marcia Abeyta (Greeley, )


This goes against my religious /spiritual and parental beliefs. This also a direct attack on our children. I demand this stop now.

Dustin Chartier (Greeley, )


This is inappropriate material, best left outside of the public educational system. It distracts and interferes with the basic educational needs of our children.

Gary Overholt (Greeley, )


Pornographic material with graphic photos, whether heterosexual or homosexual, does not belong in a school library.

Shawna Disparti (Greeley, )


These books are absolutely horrific, inappropriate and need to be removed from school libraries!!! Absolutely unacceptable and disturbing!!! Anyone who supports these are condoning pedophilia!

Corey Thorp (Greeley, )


My child goes to university schools and this is extremely disgusting.

aspen Goodwin (Greeley , )


The information in these books is inappropriate to be taught in school. If you can't fathom listening to the reading of these books then why do you feel it is appropriate to teach future generations this filth. This is a complete mental health disaster in the makings!

Nikki Beal (Loveland, )


Seems obvious. These books have no business in a library accessible to children. Whoever knowingly added these books should be fired and the books should be immediately removed. If they are not, I will pull my kids from this school.

Don Yarbrough (Greeley, )


I’m signing because these books are absolutely inappropriate. The school may teach my child about his body, and how it works (at the appropriate age), but the school does not need to have graphic books showing sexual content (actual acts) that can influence him. As far as I’m concerned, this is pornography material, and whoever okay’d these books to be in the library should be subject to severe disciplinary action.

James Klug (Greeley, )


I am signing because children should not be exposed to this filth in school. You are not in a position of teaching children to further your political agenda.

Jane Ramseier (Greeley, )


This is just wrong. Kids should not be learning about this when they are 6-12 years old . This is just sick. Take this out of school. Brainwashing children that don’t deserve that.

Georgia Fleck (Greeley, )

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