We have always tried to limit the through traffic, not increase it no!! New projects, Stop now!!

James Robertson (Roanoke , 2022-05-27)


I live on Carson Road.

Bobby Anderson (Roanoke County, 2022-05-27)


This is my home for a majority of my life, my grandfather and mother’s. This is our home place where I’m trying to now raise my family in this peaceful piece of “country”. This puts not only my family safety at risk but all of our families weather it be animals kids or even adults.

Shannon Bean (Roanoke, 2022-05-27)


The reasons mentioned previously and an overall lack of transparency and honesty on this project with those residents directly effected.

Todd Crown (Roanoke, 2022-05-27)


This is my family's home. My Grandmother and Grandfather lived on this land. I have grown up on it. To see people take over or destroy it would be just wrong/ painful. People need to respect others and wish such as my father /family/friends.

Layna Hale (Vinton , 2022-05-27)


Taking someone's land is wrong. That area is steeped in historical value and doing this is detrimental to the environment

Kasey Dockens (Big Spring, 2022-05-27)


I have lived here on Carson Road since 1978 this is my home my parents raised me here. I raised my children here. And my grandchildren deserve to be raised here. This project will do nothing but harm this area by making it more dangerous.

Robin Bean (Roanoke, 2022-05-27)


I live in this area for the quiet, residential area it has always been. We do not need anymore traffic especially trucks. We do not want the Greenway to take the place of farm land.

Ronald Robertson (Roanoke, 2022-05-27)


I agree with the concerns listed in this petition.

Sarah Fowler (Roanoke, 2022-05-27)


This is an overpriced project, that will take a lot of land from private home owners. This project will end up at least 40 to 60% over budget. Not a practical project.

Eric Thompson (Bedford, 2022-05-27)


I’m signing this because it is a terrible government overreach, it is theft! This farm has been in the family for many many years and it just plan wrong what the county is doing!

Joy Hale (Tullahoma , 2022-05-27)


I know people that will be negatively effected by such a thing.

Daniel Unruh (Hayden, 2022-05-27)


We need more farm owners not less.

Janet Blankenship (Whitesburg, 2022-05-27)


I am signing this petition because I am a former resident of Virginia for over 15 years and attended college in Blacksburg where Dr Robertson was a professor and I believe that civil war era property should be preserved

Joan Smithey (Jacksonville, 2022-05-27)


Destroying generational farms is wrong. Families should not lose their homes.

Lauren Fenty (Normandy, 2022-05-27)


I’m signing this petition because your trying to take my parents home away and we have enough walk ways that don’t even be taking care of so we don’t need this one

Jason Shank (Roanoke, 2022-05-27)


The farm on carson road brings happiness and hope to a lot of people in the area. It is a productive farm with cows, chickens, goats, horses, rabbits and ducks. It produces soaps, eggs, bacon, milk, and meat for others to consume and thrive off of. The land of the farm has a lot of history not just for the Hale family but also during the time of civil war

Logan Hale (Roanoke, 2022-05-27)


I live right where this road is proposed and I don’t want the traffic or accidents in my backyard where my child plays. There has to be a better more intelligent solution to the problem than what has been submitted so far.

Mary James (Roanoke, 2022-05-27)


This project will devalue and damage my property and way of life.

Kyle Thompson (Roanoke , 2022-05-27)


I don't feel this proposed plan is in the best interest of the residents living in this area. I believe it will become dangerous to our Children,Grandchildren,& seniors who walk in this entire area. I do not want 460 TRAFFIC DIVERTED INTO OUR NEIGHBORHOOD.

Katherine Firebaugh (Roanoke Va, 2022-05-28)


Efforts to properly notify Bonsack residents were minimal at best.

No studies provided on how construction/destruction would effect the water table .

The proposed plans appear to only benefit the more affluent neighborhoods located beyond the targeted areas that would fall victim to imminent domain.

None of the residents who are at risk of losing their home or significant property were surveyed.

No Government body should have the ability to forcibly take private property.

The proposed plans would drastically increase the flow of traffic and the rate of speed.

Disruption of a peaceful, private community.

Mike Henry (Bonsack, 2022-05-28)


This project is excessive and unnecessary.

Edward Donahue (Roanome, 2022-05-28)


I believe the entire 460 changes as well as the Carson road changes are not in the best interest of the residents on this side of town and the adjoining communities

Deborah Corey (Roanoke, 2022-05-28)


I do not think homes should be destroyed on Carson Rd due to development.

Christina Hill (Salem , 2022-05-28)


I believe the egregious expansion of the secondary roads specifically Carson Road, will adversely effect(destroy) a critical experiment farm dealing with sustainable livestock breeding currently operating on that land.

John Clinedinst (Bernardsville, 2022-05-28)


My niece and her family will be Totally affected negatively if this passes.

Regenia owens (Renick, 2022-05-28)


The shopping complex already has two major entrances, and at any given time I do not see a major traffic issue to enter or exit the facilities in this location. Those living or who have farmland on Carson road, especially those that have children catching buses on this road deserve to have their voices heard in this survey, instead of people living outside the Bonsack area. I think taxpayers money could be better spent in areas that need help.

Debra Stevens (Roanoke , 2022-05-28)


My grandchildren do not need to live near a drug infested park or have strangers near their home where they play.

Pamela Lane (Frankford, 2022-05-28)


These lovely families deserve to keep all there land an homes.

Nicole Walker (Roanoke, 2022-05-29)


I feel as if it puts to much high Speeding traffic in the area and puts my family at risk.

Amber Blankenship (Roanoke, 2022-05-29)


Negative and dangerous impact on my neighborhood.

Richard James (Roanoke VA, 2022-05-29)


I object to widening of Carson Road. It serves no purpose and would be detrimental for those affected

Sharon Pandolfini (Vinton, 2022-05-29)


We need to preserve local farms.

Ethan Koelsch (Roanoke , 2022-05-29)


It is the wrong thing to do to this man!
Taking his grandmother's farm house, plus the front side of his farm

Mike Pittman (Roanoke, 2022-05-29)


I believe in keeping property owners rights to protect their land!

Robert Bailey (Goodview, 2022-05-29)


It’s not right to take land from anyone when they depend on it and use it everyday

Westley Mcclain (Roanoke, 2022-05-30)


We do not want speeding traffic coming through our property in Bonsack that we’ve owned for 26 years.

Susan Adams (Bonsack , 2022-05-30)


I object to the taking of someone else's property for the benefit of big companies and Roanoke county

Edward Harris (Blue ridge, 2022-05-30)


I don't think it's right for Roanoke county to take somebody else's property they work hard for just because they want it to make a Greenway out of it.its the worst thing Roanoke county can do to someone.i have lost all respect for Roanoke county.

Bonnie Harris (Blue Ridge, 2022-05-30)


I don't what u take awhy the land

Andria Mathena (Liberty, 2022-05-30)


My friend live on. That road and on a farm don't want to see her and her husband loss part of there land

Roxsanne MATHENA (Roanoke, 2022-05-30)


I moved here to get away from the development in California. Please stop this

Boissevain Brenda (Roanoke , 2022-05-31)



Lynn Caldwell (Moneta, 2022-05-31)


Do not disturb the farm with your roads. Keep taking our farms, go to the grocery stores and you think our prices are high now just wait

Earl Post (Huddleston, 2022-05-31)


It's an amazing farm and should stay as is

Brian Bell (Glade hill, 2022-05-31)


The safety of children (higher traffic flow) and the possible erosion issues that may result from flooding.

Kate Griggs (Roanoke, 2022-05-31)


This level of eminent domain is wrong!

Poff Ryan (Salem, 2022-05-31)


This project is land theft and the property owners shouldn't have to surrender land that has been passed dow from generations to generation.

Stephanie Fralin (Goodview, 2022-05-31)


my friends’ home would be affected by this change

hannah goff (bedford , 2022-05-31)


This will destroy Carson Rd, and the whole area. I have an interest in the only farm on Carson rd, and I'd hate to see it and the area destroyed for an unneeded project.

David Fralin (Goodview , 2022-05-31)


The city shouldn't be able to steal someone land.

Ellis Paris (Bedford , 2022-05-31)


I use this road

Michael Johnson (Roanoke , 2022-05-31)


To stop the turn about and greenway on Carson

Kristi Hodges (Hardy, 2022-05-31)


This is not right that the state can do this without even offering market value price for the property.

Glen Blalock (Lynchburg, 2022-05-31)


He has the right to keep his land

Zack Unruh (Coeur d Alene , 2022-05-31)


I’m signing because this 4th generation farm is worth saving!

Skylar Bell (Rocky Mount, 2022-05-31)


I have a good friend that will loose his farm and grandmother’s home if this proposal goes through. Thank you for the consideration.

David Argabright (Vinton, 2022-05-31)


My friend will loose his property that has been in his family for generations. This farm is a viable farm and also is a working farm for many animals.

Sharon Argabright (Vinton , 2022-06-01)


I’m signing because I care about my neighbors and this neighborhood.

Ashley Price (Roanoke, 2022-06-01)


Because I don't my friends property taken

Kim VanOs (Avondale , 2022-06-01)


Farm rights

Jessica Hicks (Fort Pierce , 2022-06-02)


Residential property should remain intact and unharmed unless absolutely necessary and this is not a necessity. This is an over-reach of government and these plans should be abandoned.

Chelsea Shinneman (Roanoke, 2022-06-02)


Protect the residences and farm land. And country corner!!!

Karen Snyder (Roanoke, 2022-06-02)


This will destroy farm and homeowners land.

CATHY KIDD (ROANOKE, 2022-06-02)


I do not want to see farmland disrupted and homeowners properties destroyed.

Kristin musselman (Spotsylvania , 2022-06-02)

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