Bring “My Coffee Guy” back to Brighton QLD



The council needs to reverse their decision and let My Coffee Guy stay.

Christine Wright (Brisbane, 2022-05-27)


The foreshore is a space for everyone INCLUDING coffee lovers. Great sense of community and we should be supporting small business- not tearing it down.

Jessie Armstrong (Sandgate, 2022-05-27)


My Coffee Guy has become more than just a place to get great coffee (always with a smile)- it is a community hub. A place to meet other locals, and make new friends. It has also become an incentive to get out and exercise on our beautiful foreshore, and there is a lovely coffee to look forward to. Tom and Leanne have also become part of and an asset to our community and would be greatly missed!

Wendy Andrews (Brighton, Brisbane, 2022-05-27)


Great community spirit

Candice MEIERS (Brighton, 2022-05-27)


They're always happy to see you, and provide an amazing place for the community to come. I've met alot of other locals whom I would never have met otherwise. They've become part of the area. Great people, and awesome coffee 😁🥰

Heather MacMillan (Brighton , 2022-05-27)


We love Tom & his Coffee Cart & think he’s a great addition to the Brighton waterfront .
It’s a beautiful experience to sit at sunrise & sip on Toms great coffee .

Melissa Goodfellow (Brighton, 2022-05-27)


Sanity has to prevail. Tom “My Coffee Guy” needs to be returned to the Brighton waterfront. It’s exactly what Brighton needs. The whole concept of him being kicked out by 1 or 2 people to the detriment of all that appreciated his business is unAustralian.

Scott Goodfellow (Brighton, 2022-05-27)


People of Brighton love having him there with great coffee, brings community together!

Sheron Gaston (Brisbane , 2022-05-27)


I strongly believe that My Coffee Guy is an asset to the waterfront. In the comparatively short time they've been there, they have created a wonderful vibe & friendly community.
This facility was long overdue for this area & to allow the unfounded complaints of a small number of people to win over the enjoyment of many, is not right or fair.
Anne Whitehead

Anne Whitehead (Brighton , 2022-05-27)


Every body and every business deserves a fair chance. His coffee is great and he is very friendly. As a local neighbour he has not caused me any discomfort or disturbance in the morning and my kids have never had any problems scootering or cycling past.

Chris Gravestock (Brighton , 2022-05-27)


everyone deserves good coffee, and this friendly business is not hurting or endangering anyone

Lisa Finch (Upper Coomera, 2022-05-27)


I’m signing because I look forward to seeing Tom’s smiling face and ordering one of his awesome coffees on my weekly walks along the foreshore. So sad that his little business is being forced to move on.

Luella Dwyer (Brisbane, 2022-05-27)


It's good to have a coffee cart at this end of the waterfront.Its good for visitors, locals and the dog walkers and young mums!

Rospemary Gravestock (Brisnane, 2022-05-27)


I’m a local that uses our waterfront twice a day & it’s great that I can grab a coffee with a friend while out walking.

suzanne keefe (Brighton, 2022-05-27)


We all need to support small business and those working hard to make a living to provide for their families.

Tania Paterson (Keperra, 2022-05-27)


I believe in small business and good coffee being available in public spaces. We often walk along the foreshore and enjoy Toms coffee.

Janelle Christie (Brisbane , 2022-05-27)


Seriously we all support this guy trying to make a living.

Tracey Blackie (Brisbane, 2022-05-27)


I like the coffee guy

Chantelle Syme (Bridgeman Downs, 2022-05-27)


Tom’s coffee cart at Brighton brings the community together. People now use this area that was previously mostly empty council tables and shelter. He’s so friendly and caring to all the people who pass by as well as those who buy a coffee. He’s an asset to our community and should be able to stay as more people support this business than the few against it. Change can be difficult for some who are used to having this space by their houses empty, but for those who now use it, it’s bringing people together to connect which is what we all need after 2 rough years of covid isolation. I’ve never seen it noisy there as the gatherings are very small and it’s a council BBQ and seating area, so why can’t we buy a coffee there and sit and drink it? This space belongs to the community, not just the houses along the street behind it. Please listen to us as well.

Kaye Adams (Brighton, 2022-05-27)


I’m signing because they are great people and we need anything to bring us together and what better way than over a coffee

Linda Gordon (Mcdowall, 2022-05-27)


My coffee guy was so welcomed here in brighton. It was a hub for the locals and a great way to start your day.
We will miss the friendly face, lovely coffee and great banter!
Just because one couple has nothing else better to do other than complain. The whole community miss out. It doesn’t seem fair!

Tanya King (Brighton, 2022-05-27)


Good spot to stop and relax with a coffee.

Lisa Reeves (Brisbane , 2022-05-27)


Every small business deserves a chance there was nothing wrong with the coffee van being where it was and no reason to evict him
Give him a fair go!!!!

Em Heslehurst (Brisbane, 2022-05-27)


Tom was great, his coffee consistently amazing, and it was great for Brighton

Jo Smith (Brighton, 2022-05-27)


The Coffee Guy brings a feeling of togetherness for a community! After all we have been through over the past 2 years, this is what people need! A friendly face, familiarity, fun and an opportunity to form friendships! ☕️💙

Linda Edwards (Hendra, 2022-05-27)


My Coffee Guy was a huge asset to Brighton and brings a lovely community feel to the promenade. I can't believe the ridiculous decision to not allow it.

Michelle Lowe (Brighton, 2022-05-27)


Tom needs to stay at Brighton.
He helps people have someone to talk to each day who may have nobody. You can’t pay a price for that

Tracey Dows (Wavell Heights, 2022-05-27)


He is a man just trying to support his family and community. Some lonely people may only get to talk to one person a day.. and this coffee man could be it. No noise and no mess and it’s not all day.. doesn’t these people have better things to do instead of wasting the councils time

Joanne Evans (Albany Creek, 2022-05-27)


I believe My Coffee Guy brought the community together with coffee and friendship. He complied implicitly with the lease and I was under the impression that the council support small businesses like Tom’s. Was I wrong in thinking this?

Phillipa Tickle (Chermside , 2022-05-27)


I’m signing in support of these small business owners who no fault of their own have been denied the ability to continue offering a service to the local community.
Times are tough enough. It doesn’t seem a fair decision

Mary Micallef (Sandgate, 2022-05-27)


Great business, great coffee and good for the area

Aaron Fadelli (Brighton, 2022-05-27)


Support local, support a great business that adds to the feel of our waterfront

Courtney Fadelli (Brighton, 2022-05-27)


I’m signing because Tom has brought not only good coffee but warmth, and friendship into our community. The pettiness of a very small minority should not have had such power, to be able to manipulate the council complaint process to their own selfish ends which was to push him out. It is just not right nor fair to Tom and to the community who want him to stay.

Gail Reinhardt (Brighton, 2022-05-27)


He seems like a genuinely nice guy who can make one helluva coffee. I don't understand why people would complain about such a fantastic service.

Jacklyn Edgar (Deagon, 2022-05-27)


This coffee cart was doing everything by the book, and the constant complaining from one individual shouldn’t be allowed to take his income away

Nathan Clarke (Shorncliffe, 2022-05-27)


It’s a terrific small business for our local community

Adele Connal (Brisbane , 2022-05-27)


Bring Tom and his lovely persona back!!!!

Maddison Pateman (Bracken Ridge, 2022-05-27)


It’s vital to support small business in our community!

Tamara McNiven (Shorncliffe, 2022-05-27)


I love having this option to buy my coffee after a run.

Padgett Ange (Brisbane , 2022-05-27)


This Guy deserves to make a business for himself. I can't see how he is bothering anyone.

Weyers Rene (Boondall, 2022-05-27)


Don’t let one or two losers with a chip on their shoulder ruin something for everyone else. This is Toms bread & butter do you really think he would set up and position himself in a way that would jeapardise his business and his patrons? Come on? Where is the common sense? Get this lovely little business back on our foreshore pronto!

Keltie Richelds (Sandgate, 2022-05-27)


Please let him stay.

Siobhan Cowell (Sandgate, 2022-05-27)


I support local
I support small business
I don’t understand this business being shut down.

Sarah McGowan (Brighton, 2022-05-27)


It's great to have this good local business option while going for a walk on the waterfront. I don't think it is fair that one complaint can shut this down without wider consultation with the local community.

Joshua Nicholls (Sandgate, 2022-05-27)


The more coffee carts along the front at Brighton, the better!

Fiona Bramley (Brighton, 2022-05-27)


Unbelievable, great community spirit, great coffee, fantastic friendly vendor, and not forgetting the charity work my coffee guy contributes towards. Maybe the individuals complaining should consider how lucky they are rather than denying the general public of this excellent facility. BCC big mistake here and seriously hope you reconsider your decision based on what the public appreciate in a public space

Chris Ward (Brighton, 2022-05-27)


Having a coffee van at the foreshore adds to its amenity for all to enjoy.

Mike Kirwin (Brisbane, 2022-05-27)


I got to meet amazing Brighton people thanks to my coffee guy, and it’s the best coffee in the area by far!

Maria Lopez (Brighton , 2022-05-27)


I support this business who has acted within the conditions stipulated by the local council.

Clayton Greaney (Brighton , 2022-05-27)


There is no harm in My Coffee Guy not being there.

Joanne Morris-Hawes (Buderim, 2022-05-27)


My Family love having coffee from My coffee guy at Brighton. Let the man make coffee for the people !

Anthony Kelly (Brisbane , 2022-05-27)


I think the locals can go to far and there’s nothing wrong with a coffee van along the water

Bec Bennett (Bald hills , 2022-05-27)


I’m signing because I think Tom adds to our community. He is a good bloke, has great coffee and it’s a beautiful spot to catch up with friends

Colin Nelson (Brisbane , 2022-05-27)


Can not fault The best "coffee guy" you'll ever meet. Very friendly and professional service, great coffee and a great idea building community spirit and connection with a cuppa on our beautiful foreshore! My husband and I got coffee from Tom when walking along the Esplanade one fine sunny day and said we'd be back ....devastated and shocked to see this has happened, bring Tom back please!!! 😭🥰

Lynelle Keen (Brisbane, 2022-05-27)


Because it’s not right

Jo Erskine (Brighton , 2022-05-27)


I’m a regular, it’s a quiet place to relax and chat at the tables with friends and family over a nice coffee,
I’d like to understand the impact on the whinging neighbour as it’s not a loud venue

Gavin Kelly (Kedron, 2022-05-27)


We all love and enjoy getting a coffee on the foreshore of Brighton. Thisbis a small.lo al business and we shpukd be doing everything we can to support our local businesses.

Gill Moore (Brighton, 2022-05-27)


My Coffee Guy provides a much needed service to that area of the foreshore.

Angela Crago (Brighton, 2022-05-27)


Tom is the friendliest guy with the best coffee, I am shocked that he has been removed and looking forward to seeing him back on on the fore shore 😀

Nadine Wilson (Brighton, 2022-05-27)


It is not fair that the council has given I to the complaints of one person , and now coffee guy is out of a job

kathy bowden (Deagon, 2022-05-27)


Having the coffee van down this end allows residents and visitors to enjoy the whole esplanade and not just the Sandgate end which can get overly crowded. Whilst I empathise with the local neighbours who live on the foreshore, they don’t “own” the foreshore as well. It is for everybody to enjoy. It also encourages people to be active who wouldn’t normally be active. Some people need coffee as a place to walk to, to leave their house for fresh air and some exercise.

Abby Valentine (Brighton, 2022-05-27)


I support this style of initiative by SMB owners and I really like having a coffee at the beach. Shame on the miserable and curmudgeonly complainers!

Alison Twemlow (Bracken ridge, 2022-05-27)


He’s not doing anything wrong, just a bloke trying to make a living legally!

Callum Meaney (Strathpine, 2022-05-28)


I'm signing because having these coffee vans dotted along our foreshore brings our community together and us a welcome stop for visitors enjoying what we have to offer. A small number of complainants should not be able to impact the greater opportunity for our council to support our community.

Lauren Kelly (Brighton , 2022-05-28)


It’s the only decent coffee in that part!

Kim Liddell (Brisbane , 2022-05-28)


MY COFFEE GUY , through Tom Pikeaut, offers a fabulous consistent service which brings the community together in a joyous way. He is a champion entrepreneur and deserves to have his Brighton reinstated . Having My Coffee guy in Brighton has added a destination for so many locals and encourages people to get out in the outdoors as it adds to their daily routine.

Carla De Jesus-McGrath (Sandgate, 2022-05-28)


It is so unfair. How ridiculous that this is affecting the view of neighbours. Where is the sense of community.

Nadine Black (Brisbane, 2022-05-28)


This is disgraceful behaviour on behalf of the resident. Not only does the coffee van add a bit of cosmopolitan vibe to the foreshore it's a feel good meeting place with a lovely gentleman making great coffee.

Elaine Holme (Sandgate, 2022-05-28)


Want to support small business. Love a coffee
Truth in numbers
Do not like the sneaky and corrupt way the home owner has gone about attempting to derail this small family business.

Lynda Nalder (Deagon, 2022-05-28)


We desperately needed a coffee shop in our area to service the beachfront and long pathways. We finally have the lovely people from My Coffee Guys and now they’re potentially leaving because of someone’s anonymous complaints. They have excellent customer service and bring the community back to the beach-we need them to stay.

Brooke Anderson (Brighton, 2022-05-28)


I love coffee

Kerry Manton (Brighton, 2022-05-28)


Common sense - also no one “owns “ the view unlike one or 2 certain land onward nearby

Rob Witt (Brisbane , 2022-05-28)


Bring him back!

Mary Teague (Brisbane, 2022-05-28)


I’m signing this petition because they sold great coffee and seemed like lovely people. Small business deserves all the help they can get!!

Sue Gibson (Bracken Ridge, 2022-05-28)


This is a great small business that provides a vital service. I mean, without caffeine, people are grumpy and who wants that? Plus it adds to the atmosphere and appeal of the foreshore.

Marion Langford (Brisbane, 2022-05-28)


This business fosters community spirit and I believe the absence of this business will have a negative impact.

Sam Rapley (Deagon, 2022-05-28)


He is a wonderful man with a great business and there is no good reason to move him on from this spot. Good luck!

Amanda Scott (Brighton, 2022-05-28)


So lovely to have a coffee van when going fi a walk along the foreshore . Adds to the ambience of Brighton .

Susanne Pritchard (Bracken Ridge, 2022-05-28)


The coffee guys treatment by one nut case hater should not be tolerated. He should have the freedom to trade as was originally approved. BCC please allow him to stay.

Marc Watson (Brighton, 2022-05-28)