I.C.C.R. Trivandrum Office Must Stay!!!



The ICCR Office in Trivandrum is undoubtedly a safe haven for international students. It would be a shame if this Office would be shut down. I hope the authorities would reconsider this decision as soon as possible!!!!!!

Shad Gobinsingh (Port of Spain, 2022-06-01)


I’m signing because I believe that ICCR Trivandrum is a historical place where many students gained cultural elements as well as rich education through universities in Kerala. It’s a hub for students eco system where everyone shared there values together. I personally gained many life changing experience through ICCR Trivandrum. Therefore please stop this action and keep ICCR for betterment of future leaders around the world. Thanks

Kapila Rathnayake (Colombo , 2022-06-01)


Iccr Trivandrum office should remain open for the foreign students enquiries and assistance.

RUCAMIHIGO Mupenzi Issa (Kigali, 2022-06-01)


I would like ICCR Trivandrum Office to stay and not be moved to another state as it’s been of great help to all the international students in Kerala state.

Eunice Akera (Trivandrum , 2022-06-02)


I am signing this petition because ICCR is of great help to international students in making inquiries and getting assistance.

Betty Cherono (Nairobi, 2022-06-02)


I have been associated with ICCR for quite sometime now - it started off a few years back when we, Natana ( the art and cultural club of Technopark), collaborated with ICCR to conduct various cultural events. Organizations like ICCR and the exposure it offers is quite valuable and I could experience the same first-hand!

Sincerely hoping for the best with this petition.

Subin Peerumohamed (Trivandrum, 2022-06-02)


Iccr trivandrum office must stay here in Kerala as the state is large in size and there are thousands of students located here.

Mohamad Aliakabar (Kathmandu, 2022-06-02)



RUHOLLAH YOUSUFI (Trivandrum, 2022-06-02)


I strongly believe that the ICCR Trivandrum office closing down will be detrimental to the students.

Lisemelo Lethoba (Kazhakkoottam, 2022-06-02)


this is a relevent matter need to be reviwed by ICCR headquarters shifting of regional ICCR office of Travundrum to Bangalore is not in favor of anyone neither the students not the regional concerned ICCR staff

Adoum Idriss Adoum (Kottayam, 2022-06-02)


I am a Professor & Head of Dept of Management Studies at Kannur University. We have three foreign students and all are well taken care by this centre. The centre being from Kerala used to have frequent interaction with the supervising Teachers who most of the cases are able to share their problems in the regional language Malayalam. We can visit the centre also quite frequently being in Kerala...Kerala Government has taken many good initiative to invite foreign students to this beautiful region of the country too. So in the coming years, we are expecting an exponential growth in foreign students entry to Kerala State.
Our Chief Minister and the Tourism Ministers are very dynamic these days.

Faisal Uzhunnan (Kannur, 2022-06-02)


Requeating Iccr office in trivandrum remain open

EXAUD KITOMARY (Arusha, 2022-06-02)


As an Alumni from Kerala University, given an account of past experiences i am a testimony to all the key points clarified in the form regarding the importance of ICCR Office in Trivandrum.

Thabo Gladstone Noosi (Maseru, 2022-06-02)


I am signing this petition to reconsider the closure of ICCR Trivandrum from Kerala state . Please accept our petition.

PENINA NDUTA (Trivandrum , 2022-06-02)


I think it is good and easy for students, if ICCR be in kerala state.

Mohammad fahim Karimi (Kabul, 2022-06-02)


I'm signing this in support of my fellow iccr scholars who understand the importance of having a physical office in kerala and the implications of the alternative

Timothy Mweteri (kochi, 2022-06-02)


Because ICCR brings in lot foreign students; which in directly increases cultural exchange among students, benefiting both the parties.

Cyril Peter (Vadodara, 2022-06-02)


India is well known as an education hub attracting international students from all over the world. India’s robust education system, in the backdrop of its rich diversity and vibrant culture &history, affords a broad range of options for students

Soumya Sukumaran (Trivandrum , 2022-06-02)


The contents above are based on true said and is not far from fact

Sajad Ahmad Zhuanday (Calicut, Kerala, 2022-06-02)


Ph.D Researchar

Abdultamim Ahadi (kerala, 2022-06-02)


I am signing because it will so much challenging for students of Kerala to contact with iccr from here to banglore..
And with all problems that mentioned for foreigners in Kerala,it will be added to the other challenges..
We are all going through lot's of difficulties and we hope that you respected sir/madam consider this situation and give a second thought..

roqia ibrahimi (Calicut, 2022-06-02)


ICCR Office in Trivandrum should be open and continue it's services there. I am against of shifting and merging the office.

Abdul Rahim Mohammadi (Thiruvananthapuram, 2022-06-02)


I am signing because ICCR is important for me without the kerala office my situation will completely change. My studies may be affected too.

Hamadi Ould Mohamed Saloum (Kottayam , 2022-06-02)


Thiruvananthapuram ICCR is a must for foreign students. It helps a lot to make a friendly atmosphere for foreign students.

Ravikrishnan H M (Thiruvananthapuram , 2022-06-02)


My eldest brother is an international student and he is greatly affected by the decision to shut down the office where he resides .

Alisa Gobinsingh (San Fernando , 2022-06-02)


There is a dire need for this institution to remain open, in order to assist the students in Kerala. The reasons given show the paramount importance to the student why it should remain open, and all those reason are extremely valid.

Lisa Gobinsingh (San Fernando, 2022-06-02)


I am signing this petition to support the ICCR SCHOLARS KERALA

Ananthakrishnan K (Trivandrum , 2022-06-02)


My friend is in this programme and he worked so hard and scarified Everything to be in India so please reconsider!

Myles Fynn-Aggrey (Toronto , 2022-06-02)


I am signing this because there's a future ahead of us that we got young people that need to keep it going everybody sign it make everybody working for

Sandra Spalletta (Bloomfield, 2022-06-02)


We need to protect the right to learn for all.

Angel King (Valley Center, 2022-06-02)


I support the cause and I believe that the petition is putting forward a valid request

Kavya B (Trivandrum, 2022-06-02)


A friend of a friend is being affected

Karen Wright (Huntsville, 2022-06-02)


I do not want the Trivanathapuram ICCR office to be merged with Bangalore or any other because it will be difficult to access help

Daniel Jacca (Kochi, 2022-06-03)


I believe in the importance of the regional ICCR support to international students

Aditi Nayar (Kochi, 2022-06-03)


I would like ICCR Trivandrum Office to stay and not be moved to another state as it’s been of great help to all the international students in Kerala state.

Nafas Gul Saadat (Cochin, 2022-06-03)


with all due respect the reasons cited above we want the office of Trivandrum to remain. If its a must for shifting let it shift Cochin city not to another state.

Naomy Simiyu (COCHIN, 2022-06-03)


I want the office to stay

Abdoul-enziz Imamou (Cochin , 2022-06-03)


Not close ICCR

DrGayathri TG (Trivandrum , 2022-06-03)


I feel its a bad decision by the system..

Akhil R L (Trivandrum , 2022-06-03)


Because doing what is right is important

Rea Anne Alexander-Thompson (Maraval, 2022-06-03)


Because a junior student who is from South Africa is studying in our department. So he needs this ICCR institution for his needs.

Anakha C Panicker (Trivandrum , 2022-06-07)

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