Declare the WEF and all Associates an International Terrorist Organization



Just membership of the WEF should be an executional offence.

Peter Raine (Fareham, 2022-09-12)


Totally in agreeance that the World Economic Forum is a terrorist organisation which is absolutely being used to reign terror over much of humanity and continues to do so!

P Birrell (Edinburgh , 2022-09-13)


I am a retired UK police officer having served 30 years fighting crime and bringing criminals to justice and I'm not about to stop now. I'm signing this because I am clever enough to know that I am witnessing the intentional systematic destruction of the economy and the obvious risk to life and property by a bunch in criminals that need to be stopped and held accountable!

Michael Cole (Annestown, 2022-09-13)


It's scandalous

Fiona Hunt (Taunton , 2022-09-13)


I love my children

jeannie chipperfield (Romford, 2022-09-13)


Enough, is enough!! It's time to end this!

Stephen Rampton (Barrow-in-Furness, 2022-09-13)


This is pure evil on a massive scale.

Elaine Edwards (Birmingham , 2022-09-13)


I am signing this because I believe in the power of correctly applied law. The WEF is made up of unelected individuals with dubias/no-existent qualifications to fulfill the roles appointed to them. Also it was put together as an advisory panel, not dictatorial remit.

Nathan Howland (London, 2022-09-13)


It is very clear that theSatan GATES/SCHWAB/WEF/WHO/UN Cult have an evil agenda and have puppets in nearly every country doing the evil work for them!

Roy McIntosh (EDINBURGH, 2022-09-13)


I do not wish to live in a technocratic, medical dictatorship and surveillance state.

Jennifer Ronsberg (Stonehaven , 2022-09-13)


I'm sick of Canada government being allowed to push the wef agenda on Canadian citizens the rcmp are just as corrupt and pathetic so are all.poluce across the country

Justin Moyou (Surrey, 2022-09-13)


We have to stop these genocidal psychopaths!

Antonio Nolasco (Brighton, 2022-09-14)


I believe in Freedom not tyranny!

Julie Read (Warwickshire , 2022-09-14)


Total infiltration by the World Economic Forum and founder Klaus Schwab is far out reaching, turning the global governments and powerful organisations (WHO, UN, NATO to name a few) into a personal global cabal, that they run and own. A world that's only inclusive for the wealthiest 1% who will own everything whilst we, will own nothing!. They're influencing and manipulating all global industry -weapons, pharmasutical, food, energy, water, money and banking. ALL global industry's worldwide are simultaneously being assaulted and corrupted to be brought in line with their demands. This, in my mind, has mainly been enabled by the young global leaders program that the WEF founder has ran for several decades. Positions of great power and full gomernment cabinets, globally, have been infiltrated by this un-elected organisation of nothing more than sociopath and psychopath with a god complex to carry out a carefully scripted agenda. They're placed into positions of power to completely crush and crash civilisation as we all know it. This nefarious organisations agenda for humanity and world domination serves to imprison and reduce the global populous. The end result - to use humans as slaves / guinea pigs as they see fit. The WEF are truly machivellian with only self empowerments and global domination as the goal. I and many others like me, don't stand with this despot organisation who want to digitalise and imprison humanity, whilst stripping us of god given freedoms, human rights and bodily integrity - the physical body and emphasises the importance of personal autonomy, self-ownership, and self-determination of human beings over their own bodies. (The latter has/is being challenged most recently with the covid agenda). The Covid agenda has been used as a 'window of opportunity' {many of the key WEF member are on tape saying just that} to usher in this agenda.. Whoever is found to be complicit and part of the WEF should be held accountable for all crimes committed against humanity and country. Individual countries and the laws that apply to them should seek to imprison all that are affiliated to the WEF. The stripping of any and all position of power and wealth should be implemented with immediate effect.

Joanne Nuttall (Lincoln , 2022-09-14)


The WEF is a Terrorist organization and as such should be proscribed

Antonio Lalonga (LONDON, 2022-09-15)


I do not want our living standards to be decimated

Peter Andrews (Penicuik , 2022-09-15)


This the TRUTH they need to reframe from the UK and what happens!

Tracy Groves (Stock, 2022-09-16)


I'm fully agree with this petition

Xolisa Mvume (Cape town, 2022-09-20)


I support major change in our system

Starr Baskin (San Diego, 2022-09-21)


I am an American and these are not american values and are beaurocrats with communist ideology

Marina Shea (Fox Island, 2022-09-21)


Schwab is a Nazi

Appie Happie (Paris, 2022-09-22)


Ich möchte nicht das solche Kreaturen wie Klaus Schwab und andere uns Deutsche kontrollieren.

Chantal Duval (Berlin, 2022-09-27)


canadians dont want china in canada period !

shawn halverson (calgary, 2022-09-30)


I fear the future WEF is forcing.

Larry Robertson (Minnetonka , 2022-09-30)


I do believe they are terrorist!

Karen Ethier (Ottawa, 2022-09-30)


The WEF is a Terrorist organization. They are trying to depopulate the world. They are sending illegal alien criminals to countries. They want to cancel God and Christian religions. They real havoc all over the world. They have an evil agenda that the citizens are absolutely against. They want total control over everything and everyone. No one elected them. They are all evil people.

Sharon Wilson (Killen, 2022-10-03)


The deliberate and systematic collapse of the economy, societies and say of life back to a new feudal system, courtesy of The WEF who are sabotaging this accordingly. They have admitted usurping governed officials and have not been democratically elected but are using elected officials for this purpose of doing their bidding

Marcus Furman (Cardiff, 2022-10-13)


Dean Pullen

Dean Pullen (Kirkintilloch Glasgow, 2022-10-18)


WEF is a terrorist (communist) organisation created to serve the humanity threatening interests of freemason satanists and make the world a criminal underworld place BY MEANS OF THEIR POLICIES! These ENSURE people have NO HUMAN RIGHTS AND THEIR COUNTRIES & EXISTENCE IS UNDER CONSTANT THREAT! NO TO ALL OF YOU! NOBODY HAS EVER VOTED FOR YOU IN THE FIRST PLACE! GO TO HELL!

Kaloyan Ivanov (Rousse, 2022-10-19)


The WEF has far too much influence on global governance for an unelected private body. If their actions are totally innocent why is their organisation not completely transparent and even bans new outlets that are not sympathetic to their agenda?

James Clarke (Wolverhampton, 2022-10-23)


Humanity is at extremely high risk. This will cause suffering on an unprecedented scale, and freedom will be gone. These nefarious people are criminals. They have nothing but evil intentions for us all. They are on a par with war criminals.

Derek Porter (Edinburgh , 2022-10-27)


People should be free, governments should be accountable to the people, not to corrupt cabales that buy or bribe them.

Malcolm Wild (Spilsby, 2022-10-29)


I will never consent-
I will never comply-
Was born free - will die free!

Allan Jones (McColl, SC, 2022-10-29)


Who the***** do these WEF lackies think they are ? Bring back hanging ! & start with these globalist traitors 🤬

Jason Carroll (Stoke on Trent , 2022-10-30)


I believe the Sovereignty of the United States is absolute. I believe the WEF has created mass hysteria with fake news to manipulate people and to advance their agenda. In particular global warming and Covid-19 nonsense

JAMES LYON (Missoula, 2022-10-30)


WEF is not a healthy environment for democratic societies of the world

Helen Emmerson (Comox, 2022-11-01)


They really are bad

Tonya Sieler (Vancouver, 2022-11-02)


I’m signing this because this organization is EVIL INCARNATE.

Gary Kellar (Sarasota, 2022-11-03)


This is what I believe

Cheryl Grisswell (Warwickshire , 2022-11-16)


I believe from what I have seen out of the unelected WEF that they are a terrorist organization

Lisa Waddell (Salem, 2022-11-19)


No one has the right to control another human being. These people are very disturbed and dangerous

Connie DeMerchant (Fredericton NB, 2022-12-04)


Klaus Schwab is a SECOND delusional German unelected LUNATIC who has ZERO authority or rights to ANYONE's Lives ANYWHERE on God's EARTH with Adolf Hitler being the FIRST.Brave & Selfless Warriors went to WAR and sacrificed their LIVES to stop the latter yet in 2021/2022, not so much as ONE Country Leader is STANDING UP to Schwab who has insane"Delusions of Grandeur", merely because he is insanely RICH.I REFUSE for my first and only baby grandaughter to live her life under these Elite Globalist's TERMS and will do everything in my POWER to bring their ILL-INTENT to a short sharp END if it's the LAST thing i DO during MY time on this Earth.Schwab, Gates, Blackrock, Bloomberg & the remainder of the New Global Order-I have NO idea how you can LIVE in your own disgusting SKIN, or sleep at night, but know THIS...If you make so much as ONE of my Loved Ones, miserable and opressed, then TRUST and believe that i will find a way to MAKE SURE that YOUR LOVED ones will get to experience the EXACT SAME.Your MONEY & Connections cannot keep you safe from 99% of the Global Population because not sure whether you're aware, but your dark shameless souls are only in the 1% of the Global Population so GOOD luck finding enough bodyguards to protect you from everyone OUTSIDE your TINY selective circle when you put things into perspective !!!

Heidi Smyth (CARDIFF, 2022-12-05)


I believe that the WEF and all of its members are terrorists and need to be removed from governments worldwide to hold them accountable for the tyranny of forced compliance of the people. We the people hereby charge these individuals with crimes against humanity and terrorism

Terence Snyder (Peterborough , 2022-12-07)


I am allergic to soy and don't want to eat bugs. The WEF has been helping the gates foundation destroy real food.

Sam Colby (Pepperel, 2023-01-11)


I and people I know have been terrorised over the past three years. Who by? The WEF captured government. The WEF is therefore a terrorist organisation.

Shirley Bell (Yorkshire, 2023-01-16)


The WEF are not my elected representatives. They make decisions that impact my life without consilting me

Mary Golding (Johannesburg , 2023-01-17)


Democracy is being eroded more and more each day. Nobody voted for the unelected WEF members and they have NO authority over any population anywhere to shape or decide policies for anybody. They are a private organisation with NO power.

G Hoffmann (Dumfries, 2023-01-22)


These people are criminals and need brought to justice

Derek Mckay (Perth, 2023-01-22)


This is the most evil organisation I have ever witnessed in my life time. As they want to be like a sci fi villan and take over the whole world, its soylent green coming to pass ,so many are blind to their agendas if all I can do is put my name to this then its something

Lorraine Hunt (Birmingham, 2023-01-22)


For my grandchildren future

Ian Nohar (Glasgow , 2023-01-23)


‘Penetrating ze cabinets around ze world’

Dr Horner (Perth, 2023-01-23)


Wef is a supranational organisation aimed at maintaining fear

Ferdy Meurs (Hayle, 2023-01-23)


I can see their evil ways

Tricia Hayes (Livingston, 2023-01-24)


They are killing people and ruining our world with evil deeds to depopulate and put people in prison for non compliance. They are all devils.

Debbie Dean (Kountze, 2023-01-24)


The agenda of the wef (i will not put this organisation in caps) does not coincide with my sovereign rights as an English citizen.
They promote poverty and hardship, famine and medical tyranny, they are trying to normalise pedophilia among a huge number of things that go against decency and fair play.
These people are demons and worship dark forces and they should all be judged before the people

Stephen Hill (LONDON, 2023-01-24)


All members of this /these organisations should be arrested and charged with treason

graham sework (northants, 2023-01-24)


This evil must be stopped

Lucia Bruno (Eastbourne, 2023-01-26)


The unelected organisation is corrupting the world. They must be stopped. This is organised crime in plain sight.

Andrew Juan (Bury st Edmunds, 2023-01-26)


These billionaires should not be allowed to dictate how the rest of us should live our lives. We use less resources then they do and we don't believe we are better than other people just because of how much money is in our bank.

Lisa Griffiths (Brighton , 2023-01-26)


You should read Revelation 6 and Psalm 2. The revived Roman Empire stated by Daniel 2 will rule over the nations. The 10 toes are ten kingdoms, probable the world divided into ten regions and these kingdoms are given power to take power for 7 years. It will be the shortest empire ever to exist on earth but the most brutal of all history.
Repent and give your life to Jesus Christ. We are seeing end of days prophecy being fulfilled right before our eyes.

David Cordukes (Bristol, 2023-02-05)


These people are a rich, elite, bunch of narcissistic, unelected sociopaths and psychopaths who view humans as cattle to be controlled and culled at will. They spread their fascist propaganda which masquerades under the guise of kindness, caring and understanding which plays right into the minds of the progressive left who love to hide behind the same eggshell thin veneer of care abd ehom, are so adept at lying that they lie to themselves because, admitting who they really are, at heart, would be unbearable to them. The WEF want you packed solitarly tightly into little boxes (not homes) - that they own -stacked higher and higher into the sky, droned out on propagandist media, out of your cars, no families or anything that can present as a cohesive threat to them, eating bugs and not entitled to your own thoughts, opinions or voices. Assisting them in this are those same equally narcissistic (so much so that they can't see how naive they are because they're too hung up on believing how virtuous they are - easiest morons to control: just clap with a fixed smile on your face telling them how lovely they are and you can get them to do anything) 'progressive', far left fascists who believe themselves to be morally and intellectually superior but are, in reality, no more than naive, useful idiots who are expendable to their masters at any time.

Steven Taylor (London, 2023-02-12)


world economic forum is run by terrorists that want to destroy civilization.

Jack S (somewhere, 2023-02-23)


World Economic Forum are an evil organisation, unelected by anybody and accountable to nobody. Klaus Schwab's parents were Nazis and, i understand, so is he. They work in collaboration with UN, WHO and EU.....all for the same evil agenda.

Anne Lyons (Dublin, 2023-03-02)


They need to pay for what they have done.

Heather Peck (Ottawa , 2023-04-05)


Because WEF is bad for Canada

Renald Saindon (Winnipeg , 2023-04-06)


The wef are responsible for an horrific agenda particularly their ridiculous climate stance and trashing farming. They need stopping NOW

Michael OLDFIELD (Buxton, 2023-05-21)


The evil of the WEA

Stan Jacobs (London , 2023-05-26)


To stop the genocide.

Hania Ellington (Houston , 2023-06-02)

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