Hello everyone! Let us support MR.GURPREET DHINDSA for the position of ASFI's core Committee member. ..



Gurpreet is the right choice for the position

Rajkamal Nayak (Bangalore, 2022-06-09)


He is best

Saurabh Gupta (Dharamshala, 2022-06-09)


I have been his student and believe that he is a fair and just man who can take Indian paragliding to international level.

Huzefa Vadnagarwala (Kolkata, 2022-06-09)


I have known Gurpreet Sir for 12 years as I first went to him then to learn Paragliding. He has proven to be a fierce follower of the rules and safety regulations of the Sport in addition to being a great teacher. His participation in the governing body of the sport, will make the sport prosper in the correct way. I wish him the best and request all to support him in keeping our sport safe and blooming.

Raghavendra Chandra (Noida, 2022-06-09)


Mr Gurpreet Dhindsa truely deserves to be part of core committee in the wake of having safe, rational and bright future for Aero-sports in our country.

Yashaswi Agarwal (Meerut, 2022-06-09)


Mr Gurpreet Dhindsa has all the qualifying requirements.

Ashutosh Chopra (Noida, 2022-06-09)


Gurpreet is an amazing personality. Very passionate about his sport and very professional in his approach. No one better fits the role!

Rajeev Kohli (Gurugram, 2022-06-09)


I have known Gurpreet for three decades now. And knowing him, I fully support his candidates for ASFI.

Ajay Sud (Chandigarh , 2022-06-09)


I support the cause

Suyash Gupta (Agra, 2022-06-09)



Shourya Rathore (Delhi, 2022-06-09)


I am confident that Gurpreet Dhindsa will be suitable for this position and he is one of the most informed pilots of our country. He has taught the sports to several stude ts including me and most importantly is one of the few people in our country with such depth of information about paragliding and PPG.

Siddharth Menon (Mumbai, 2022-06-09)


He is a deserving candidate and will do justice to the job.

Amit Kapoor (Delhi , 2022-06-09)


I believe in Mr. Dhindsa, he is the most suitable person for this.

Ashish Rathi (Faridabad , 2022-06-09)


He deserves it every bit

Vikram singh Katoch (Pune, 2022-06-09)


There is no person more qualified and better suited for this position than Gurpreet Dhindsa.

Sohail Lalani (Bir, Himachal Pradesh, 2022-06-09)


technically sounds reliable & is a great help for pilots rather not keeping them grounded.

Akshat Sharma (Himachal, 2022-06-09)


I have trained with him and liked the way he teaches flying. He is is an excellent human being and instructor.

Arvind Chauhan (Noida, 2022-06-10)


Because he would be the absolute best person for the job. Experienced and professionally knowledgeable

Pavane Mann (Manali, 2022-06-10)


I have known Gurpreet for now 25 years, he helped us set up paragliding operations at Sangla and Chail. His training sills, commitment to adventure sports and the ethics that he brings to fore has helped set up paragliding as a vertical in India. He is the right person to have the oversight of this new policy implementation.

Rajesh Ojha (New Delhii, 2022-06-10)


I know Gurpreet for many years and he is got the knowledge and experience for this role. He is pro paragliding.

Gokul Krishnan (Mumbai, 2022-06-10)


I'm signing because I am of the view that Gurpreet Dhindsa is most deserving.

Surinder Talwar (Panchkula , 2022-06-10)


I know this individual personally.

Vibin Dev (New delhi, 2022-06-10)


I am signing because I personally know Gurpreet and I know the high standards of ethics and professionalism he brings to adventure sports. He should be considered for the core committee membership of ASFI.

Pallavi Singh (Bangalore, 2022-06-10)


I believe in GDs technical qualification and accomplishments.

Krishan Kant Bhagra (BANGALORE , 2022-06-11)


He’s right for the job !

Harshika Khanna (Delhi, 2022-06-12)


He is the most qualified paraglider in India and is well recognised by International paragliding community. His expertise & passion makes him perfect fit for this role.

Deepti Shukla (Bangalore, 2022-06-12)


Gurpreet sir is the best in the field of paragliding and his leadership will help at this important junction of better policy and standards for the sport.

Tima Chaudhary (Bangalore, 2022-06-12)


He is really a master at the sport and has great knowledge on aviation.
Also, the honestly and dedication he brings to the table is amazing.

Jagjeet Singh (Jaipur , 2022-06-12)


I can relate the petition

Amit Bansal (Jaipur, 2022-06-12)


Gurpreet sir is the right candidate for this post

Prajyot Kamat (Goa, 2022-06-12)


There is no one more qualified who can essay this role.

Vineet S (Bangalore, 2022-06-12)


Gurpreet deserves this more than anybody else

Shabareesh G (Siruguppa, 2022-06-12)


Considering his experience and expertise he is the perfect pick for this role

Shalandra Shukla (New Delhi, 2022-06-12)


It’s important

Kaivalya Chauhan (Bharuch, 2022-06-12)


SuperGuru Mr. Gurpreet Dhindsa deserves this.

Raj Sharma (Delhi, 2022-06-12)


He's the best teacher anda great human with values

Aleti Santosh (Ambala, 2022-06-12)


I have seen Mr Gurpreet Dhindsa closely as a teacher, advisor and mentor. I belive in his passion for the sport and his competence above all to take it to new heights.

Akshay Jain (Delhi, 2022-06-12)


I'm signing this petition because I believe Mr. Gurpreet Dhindsa is an amazing coach and a fabulous pilot. He is a benchmark in the fraternity of Indian paragliding. I have been trained by him and he has been an amazing trainer. His teachings both theoretical and practical are in complete harmony with the best internationally acclaimed flying schools. i cannot stress enough on the importance having MR. GURPREET DHINDSA being considered for the core committee member of ASFI.

Viral Misra (Shimla, 2022-06-12)


I think Mr Gurpreet Dhindsa is the right person for this

Akhilesh Sharma (Mumbai, 2022-06-12)


I strongly feel so

Girish Bhardwaj (Kaliningrad , 2022-06-12)


Friend suggested me

Dhruti Mehta (Bharuch, 2022-06-12)


I think Mr Gurpreet is well suited for the post. His dedication to field of flying sport is unparalleled.

Sarella Prashanth (Delhi, 2022-06-12)


He is a deserving candidate for the post.

Sushil Kumar (MAHENDRAGARH, 2022-06-12)


He has a long experience with airspace sports and events. I think we can bring speclialized perspective to the committee.

Abhinav Verma (Varanasi, 2022-06-12)


This petition is being signed because Mr. Gurpreet Dhindsa is very well known professional paragliding instructor of international fame and has represented India Internationally in many events successfully. He has been instrumental in introducing this sports in Birbilling, Himachal while training many pilots in the area and beyond.

Sanjay Singh (Gurugram, 2022-06-12)


As an Aero sports/ paragliding enthusiast and an amateur with an unbiased view towards the sports, as well as an international journalist, I attempt to speak from a leveled point of view, in my opinion Mr Gurpreet Dhindsa should be the top nominee for the post of core committee member for ASFI.

He has all the expertise and skills required to be a core committee member of Air Sports Federation of India with unbeatable record of national and international championship as a pioneer in the field of paragliding. He has been an instructor for over two decades heading his own school with highest safety standards, responsible flying and best ethical practice.

If, as announced according to the notification circulated by the PIB (Press Information Bureau of India. G.OI.) in a circular published on 2nd January 2022 claims what it does, to achieve by 2030 as copied below: "Ministry of Civil Aviation releases draft ‘National Air Sports Policy’ for public feedback … - …
"Vision is to make India one of the top air sports nations by 2030"
"Policy seeks to leverage India’s huge potential for air sports"
"Policy places strong focus on ensuring international best practices in safety"

I do not simply write this in the capacity of individual for public feedback as asked by PIB circular, Ministry of Civil Aviation Jan 2022, but also as a trained unbiased international / foreign correspondent / journalist who has an amateur level understanding of the sport. I have also trained under Mr Dhindsa and his instructors.

Mr Dhindsa is the key point person to help formulate and bring this close to any of its goals.

I would like to point out, it is imperative the committee formation is studied carefully - for safety standards prior to anything else. That first and foremost India has a very high risk and low safety standards in this unregulated field of aero sports compared to most European and other nations. The regulations if at all are far from monitored and arbitrary. Which causes a serious threat to life and this sport.

If at all as the PIB circular by Ministry of Civil Aviation - GOI - aims to achieve this objective, there is no better point person with the skill, knowledge, know-how and standard of ethics all comprised into one single person Mr Gurpreet Dhindsa. The reason for being so isn't simply him being a licensed paragliding instructor which he qualified in 2001 in UK under reputed banner of BHPA or on his expertise, skill knowledge about Aero sports, or over 63 international competitions and awards he has won, or him training the staff from Indian Air Force, Army or Navy. But in the fact he is a man of principles and has dedicated over three decades of his life to the sport and the teaching of it without aiming to en-cash his premium, his skills, for a purely commercial purpose. He has done this for the love of the sport and for teaching the sport in best possible standards.

Otherwise I have noticed in my short exposure in this field as a hobbyist and as an analytical, independent, observant journalist, it is a norm, a trend, to simply follow the cash and milk the cow dry. Mr Dhindsa is an exception to this norm.

A spate of serious accidents in paragliding constantly occurs every year, simply due to negligence of operators and pilots , who bear undue pressure of monetary competition. They attempt to lure unsuspecting high demanding low paying tourists into a death trap, risking the lives of tourists and their own lives which they feel is cheap in any case. This primarily is the cause and effect which becomes a vicious cycle. Less regulation, less trained pilots, no licensing and monitoring bodies, carelessness, money pressure , pilots and travel agencies flouting regulations, high demands during the tourist season and so on, eventually leads to disasters and gives the sport a bad name.

In my opinion Mr Dhindsa is someone who has seen all this unfold over and again and he knows the problems and pit falls of each situation, he is not involved in any personal monetary commercial aspect of the sport except imparting training to make better and safer pilots. So, he is also someone who has no personal monetary vested interest in the sport apart from the betterment of it. He has been vocal in raising red flags and alarms for fair, just and safe flying and this can be cross checked with locals in his town who would vouch for him, however there are many against his honesty and ethics as it disrupts their quick cash plans at the risk of lives of others as well as black listing Aero adventure sports in India. Especially in Bir- Billing a well sought after area amongst paragliders internationally, where Mr Dhindsa has spent more than half his life.

So in my humble opinion Ministry of Civil Aviation needs an Indian , a trained experienced award winning pilot who understands the Aero sports, and is ethical, an Indian who clearly knows how to manoeuvre the administrative terrain locally and local governance with immense international exposure and experience to take it to the international heights, by 2030 as proposed by Ministry of Civil Aviation.

Mr Gurpreet Dhindsa should not only be a member of the Core Committee of ASFI but also be a founding member and guide who the government of India appoints to achieve its goals for Aero Sports in India by 2030.

Thank you,


Abhishek Madhukar
Freelance International multi-media Journalist.
Former correspondent for BBC/ Reuters / India Today

Abhishek Madhukar (Dharamshala, 2022-06-13)


I am signing because I have worked closely with Mr Gurpreet Dhindsa and I believe that he will add immense value to the AFSI

Somendra Singh (Jaipur , 2022-06-14)


I believe Gurpreet is the best person suited to role.

Deepika Mahajan (New Delhi , 2022-06-20)


I'm signing this petition because I am certain about Gurpreet Sir and his Passion and Life. He's a Great Mentor.

Samarth Verma (Jaipur, 2022-06-20)


I've been his student. I've seen him I've learned under him and so i know that he deserves this.

Hardik Bhatt (Ahmedabad, 2022-06-21)


Gurpreet Dhindsa is an amazing teacher and an accomplished pilot. I trust his judgement about promoting aero sports in India

Asim Waqif (Delhi, 2022-06-21)


Im signing this petition because i believe Mr Gurpreet can perform outstandingly well in this respective field as well.

Lovish Gupta (LUDHIANA, 2022-06-22)


I know sir, and he is a legend, have trained under him. He is the best.

vinit doshi (Visakhapatnam, 2022-10-06)

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