Tell Dollar General You Support Local Businesses



I am signing because I do not want dollar "anyone" in our neighborhood.
You are not needed!!

Gary Zigan (Rogers, 2022-06-28)


It will hurt the small busineses & bring in traffic concerns for this small area. I just can't imagine why anyone would want to build in this small area & interfere with the beauty & peacefulness of the community!

Jane Gosselin (Danbury, 2022-06-28)


Would take away from ambiance of our small north woods town

Steve Tanski (Webster, 2022-06-28)


Larry Cashman

Larry Cashman (Danbury , 2022-06-28)


A childhood memory, great staff and owner. Never been disappointed. And local gas which is needed!

Sam Klande (Luck, Wisconsin , 2022-06-28)


I don't like the idea of that store being in our north woods town. We want to support local business

Kim Bakken (Webster, 2022-06-29)


Stay away, we love our locals

Deborah Lawrence (Frederic, 2022-06-29)


I’m signing because I agree with everything said in the petition.

Patricia Sullivan (Danbury, wi, 2022-06-29)


I agree with petition

Dan Sullivan (Danbury, wi, 2022-06-29)


I support local businesses

Martha Ohno (Danbury, 2022-06-29)


I support local businesses

Sheldon Hohbein (Danbury, 2022-06-29)


A Dollar Store does not belong in that area and would take away from other businesses. I think a Dollar Store would be a negative addition to this area

Nancy Cotten (Minnetonka , 2022-06-29)


A big box store does NOT fit our area.

Kenneth Busby (Webster, 2022-06-29)


There is no need for a Dollar General in this area.

William Schroeder (Spooner, 2022-06-29)


My cabin is by there and that would draw too much traffic and city looks. We love our Tanskis store, that enough.

Brenda Bakke (White Bear Lake, 2022-06-29)


No Dollar General here, this is a great community, we do not need it.

Paula Swenson (Danbury, 2022-06-29)


There is no need for this store. Stay in the city

Bilot Daniel (Lake Elmo, 2022-06-29)


The whole area would lose it’s small town charm! It’s a small Walmart that doesn’t pay well or treat its employees well. Places now can’t find help and they pay/ treat people way better! Please do not do this!!!!! I moved here 15 years ago for the charm because I grew up coming here every summer. There a store in Danbury if I feel the need to go.. by the way 1 time since it’s been there and they didn’t have what I wanted! Leave the charm of this amazing area!!

Debbie Polzin (Webster , 2022-06-29)


I want to support the local A&H store!

Abby James (Denver, 2022-06-29)


The last thing we need in this area is another Dollar store! We are already surrounded by several! I pledge my support to the established locally owned businesses and never go in these type of stores!

Rick Kittelson (Danbury, WI, 2022-06-29)


I think it is wise to support local businesses. We already have Dollar General Stores in Webester and Spooner. That is enough!

Pamela Miller (Danbury, 2022-06-29)


I feel the same exact way!

Mary Heenan (Danbury, Wi , 2022-06-29)


I am against big box businesses putting local businesses out of business.

Mary Mulally (Spooner , 2022-06-29)


I’m signing this petition against a Dollar General on the corner of A & H to protect the livelihood of our small local businesses and our rural way of life.

Roxanne Thomas (Danbury , 2022-06-29)


If someone can’t live without Dollar General then go to Danbury, Spooner, or Siren. Those locations are under 20 miles from A & H.

Randy Lindstrom (Danbury, 2022-06-29)


Yes to a dollar general.

Robyn Wampler (Barronett, 2022-06-29)


That is the dumbest place for that! We have a nice country store there that serves the VERY rural community there. There are Dollar oriented stores in Danbury & Webster that are already built exactly like a big city store. We want to stay rural. Don’t want or need you!

Thomas & Elaine Ferron (Danbury, 2022-06-29)


I support and frequent the locally owned businesses in Scott township and believe a Dollar General does not belong in our Northwoods community m.

Jean Winter (Spooner , 2022-06-29)


I want to preserve the quiet area that we call home.

Annette Wermerskirchen (Danbury, WI, 2022-06-29)


I’ve spent my entire life here. I’ve grown and am raising my children in this community that I love so much and opening the doors to this type of monopolized business will do nothing but hurt our rural local community.

Catherine Janey (Danbury, 2022-06-29)


People need to make a living! where would we get gas, fishing supplies and bait near us too?

Todd Roth (Spooner, 2022-06-29)


This business does not suit the lake life atmosphere residents and visitors desire in this rural area and threatens the unique business atmosphere currently in place.

Nancy Campbell (Danbury, 2022-06-29)


We really do not need this store. If we do agree to this, I would hope that the township would implement architectural guidelines disallowing them to put up an ugly yellow metal building.

Tom Cooper (Danbury, 2022-06-29)


I’m signing because I support locally owned small businesses!

Roger Schultz (Hudson, 2022-06-29)


I’m signing because I want to stay local, shop local and keep the integrity of the rural landscape of the area.

Kristina Jenny (Spooner, 2022-06-30)


My cabin is in Scott, I'm a seasonal resident and I do not want a dollar general store down the road. I want to be up north, away from all that garbage I find in the city.

LEAH KUYPERS (Minneapolis, 2022-06-30)


This location is in the middle of nowhere. Please keep this intersection quiet and homey. This store would be more successful somewhere else!

Jean Shively (Oakdale , 2022-06-30)


I totally agree with what Laurie says. We need to stop buying from corporate America.

Susan Vander Linden (Danbury, 2022-06-30)


Shop and support local!

Jill Wyant (Spooner, 2022-06-30)


This would ruin the small business already struggling. If people can’t drive 12 miles to get a floaty…then they should go without.

Kelly Schmeltzer (New Hope, 2022-06-30)


A Dollar General store does not belong in our rural area.

Carlynn Lubinsky (Danbury, 2022-06-30)


I agree with everything said in this petition.
There is not enough people in this resort/ retirement area in the winter to support a business such as a Dollar General. We have two within 20 miles we don't need anymore.

Jane Borg (Webster, 2022-06-30)


I don’t want this store here

Deni Olson (Spooner, 2022-06-30)


I support the local stores that have been there for years. The last thing we need is another Dollar General coming into the neighborhood of our cabin. There is already one in Danbury and one in Webster.

Susan Schmid (St Paul, 2022-06-30)


I'm signing because we own a local shop and this franchise from Tennesee has the possibility to effect our small business. Not only do we run our business here but this community is also our full time home. We feel that a franchise ruins the sweet rural feel we have in our area. There are several Dollar Generals that are easily within driving distance and this additional one is just not necessary. Our community has a shallow work pool and this would pull even more potential employees from those local small businesses that are already looking for workers.

Michelle Lovelien (Webster, 2022-06-30)


I agree with everything noted in the petition.

Kimberly Yolitz (Spooner, 2022-06-30)


I am signing because I support local business that has served our community for many years

Gary Strehlo (Rochester, 2022-06-30)


This is a small quiet area. We have no interest in having a big store here.

Erik McBeath (Spooner , 2022-06-30)


This has been a landmark for generations. We don't need a two-bit Dollar General running out our community members. There is a DG in Siren and Spooner.

scott barton (Danbury WI 54830, 2022-06-30)


I'm a resident of Webb Lake and we go here all the time. We want to keep the small town atmosphere up here and support our local business owners.

Michelle Mechelke (Danbury, 2022-06-30)


I do not want to see our well established local convince/grocery store taken out by a cooperate store. How is a small local business expected to compete with a multi-million dollar cooperation?? I have been in the area since 1970 and fully understand that we live here because we do not need a big box type of store planted in our beautiful rural area. If I want a dollar store for convenience I would move into one of the nearby towns.

Carolyn Beitel (Spooner, 2022-07-01)


I don't want dollar general in my community. I believe it promotes poverty and drives local businesses out of business. Let's not allow another 'Walmart' in our community.

ERIC CARLSON (Webster, 2022-07-01)


I don’t want this store in my neighborhood. I wish Burnett County to not approve

Roberta Rudiger (Danbury, 2022-07-01)


I support locally owned and operated businesses. We do not need Dollar General here.

Judy Anderson (Danbury, 2022-07-01)


I’m signing because I do not think this is an appropriate area for a dollar general store. In my opinion this would completely take from our “up north cabin feel” and sorely hurt the small hometown businesses in the area. We got our cabin up here to get away from the city feel! This feels like the start of a corporation trying to move in and ruin our rural area we’ve worked so hard to preserve. I say NO to Dollar General!! Please reconsider and find a different location that better suits you and the community

Amy Smith (Webb Lake, 2022-07-01)


I support small local business we do not want our small business to go out of business

Christine Roth (Spooner, 2022-07-01)


I support local businesses. This would destroy long term family businesses. Not a fit for our peaceful northwoods community!

Kamee Cole (Webb Lake, 2022-07-02)


We don’t need or want big corporate stores like Dollar General at the corner of A&H. This area is already served well by the hardworking owners of the small businesses. No Dollar General!

Jan Dawson (Danbury, 2022-07-02)


I do not want a dollar general in our small community! We have 2 dollar stores 15 minutes away and we dont need one here!

Sharlene Rochford (Danbury, 2022-07-03)


I dont truly think this project should happen

Nick Strohbeem (Webb Lake, 2022-07-03)


We dont need this store in this area. 9 months out of the year this is a quiet rural area and we like it like that. This store won’t bring anything to the area that we aren’t already sourcing. A building like this is a poor fit for this community. I wouldn’t purchase anything there should it be built,

Tom Ferron (Danbury , 2022-07-03)


Because I have seen what the dollar general has done to our small town in Danbury

Lynda Young (Danbury, 2022-07-03)


I feel a Dollar General in this area will not survive as this area has few year-round permanent residents. These lake areas are summer vacation area's only.

Kathryn Young (Spooner, Wisconsin, 2022-07-03)


I don’t want and the area does not NEED another Dollar General, Family Dollar or any other outside corporate scale business in our area. Period!!! I want to see our locally owned small businesses survive and prosper.

Pete Brask (Danbury, 2022-07-04)


Would hurt small local businesses in the area and is a bad location for a dollar store

David Rosendahl (Danbury, 2022-07-04)


Absolutely do not need Dollar store

TROY NESSER (Webster, 2022-07-05)


There is no need for this in this area. It would kill the small businesses here that have supported the community through services and charitable donations for many years. I have been part of Webb Lake for community for my 45years of life and never once have I thought we need this.

Jason Atter (Webb Lake, 2022-07-06)


I do not want a box store in my nice, small town rural area for the exact reasons that are spelled out in the petition. We have several of these type of stores within a short drive. This store is not needed or wanted in Scott Township.

Kathy Duffy (Danbury, 2022-07-06)


I’m signing because my family has had a mom and pop store 6 miles from you that we have worked since 1956 serving the community during good times and bad. We don’t need a box store coming to our community.

Brooke Johnson Johnson (Danbury, 2022-07-06)


I support local businesses!

Zach Pierce (Milwaukee, 2022-07-06)


We support local family businesses not corporate, generic box stores that bring no value to our communities.

JESSICA ESTRIDGE (Danbury, 2022-07-06)


I support my local businesses. Many of them are family owned and work very hard and long hours.

Mike Bjerke (Danbury, WI, 2022-07-07)


They ruin economy’s and the North Woods doesn’t need one

Dylan James (River Falls, 2022-07-07)


There are already 4 "dollar" stores within a 15 mile radius... what possible benefit would there be to add another one? I will always support the local businesses.

Mary Cable (Danbury, 2022-07-07)


We support local business not chain stores. Stop this nonsense now!

Madsen Shawn (Danbury, 2022-07-07)


There are numerous Dollar General stores nearby. Leave the local businesses alone. This is a small town that doesn't need Dollar General stores every 5 miles.

Sheryl Sweeny DeBruzzi (Scott Township, 2022-07-07)


There are enough "dollar" stores around now. Leave this rural area alone.

Norma Buck (Webster, 2022-07-08)


I think that is such a mom and pop area it would take away from them to have this chain store put here...there are plenty in the area

jackie hoff (Danbury, 2022-07-08)


I vacation in Scott regularly as my parents bought property off of Shoal Lake about 15 years ago. My family (wife and three children) absolutely loves getting away from the large city to Scott as it has the small town feeling and is filled with family owned businesses. A box store like Dollar General world take away that feeling as well as decimate small businesses in the area.

Daniel Pierce (Milwaukee, WI, 2022-07-08)


I now live in Voyager Village

Pam Martin (Woodbury, 2022-07-08)


To say NO Dollar General in A&H!

Tammy Carlson (Webster, 2022-07-08)


I have a lake cabin nearby (Big McKenzie Lake). We do NOT need a DG.

Steve Harty (Spooner, 2022-07-09)


I support local business

Dan Morrow (Stillwater , 2022-07-09)


I’m signing because we do not need a Dollar Store here in the tranquil area of Scott Township. I go to Spooner and Webster enough times. If I need the Dollar Store I can go there. Please, please no Dollar Store in my back yard. I live year around in Scott.

Lucy Basler (Webster, 2022-07-09)


My parents own a cabin near A & H

Tim Morrow (Eagan, 2022-07-09)


There is easy access to dollar type stores. I moved out here for the rural, small town feel and the local businesses provide all I would need in a pinch. Doesn't fit our area.

Lisa Busby (Webster, 2022-07-11)


Bringing in big corporate business will only cause congestion & unwanted trouble. The people in this community value local businesses & support them. Dollar General & any large business will never be welcome in this area! It’s a big “NO” for me!

Patricia von Loesch (Webster, 2022-07-13)


One spring day 35 years ago found me traveling south on Highway 35 passing through the Webster area. My wife and I looked at each other and both said, “This is where we need to build our home.” I’ve never regretted that decision and consider myself very blessed to live where I do, far from the hustle and bustle, pressures and lifestyle of the big city. This truly is God’s country, and while it takes a little extra effort to live in a rural area, it is well worth it. When I heard about corporate America encroaching into our little slice of heaven, it saddened me a great deal. The cost to our community, our local businesses, and our very way of life are threatened. Every year that goes by there is less and less small-town America surviving the trend toward urbanization. If we allow the change to keep happening. What will be left for our children and grandchildren? That is why I sign this petition.

Don Christensen (Webster, 2022-07-14)


This is not a place for a Dollar General Store,
You can hardly get to Webb Lake without going by one already, this will take away from the local merchants and up North feel of this area...

Kurt Paddock (Webb Lake, 2022-07-18)


I support local business and not dollar general

Lucas Koenig (Webster , 2022-07-19)


Already have best family owned A n H Convenience store

Troy Nesser (Webster, 2022-07-19)


I was raised in this area on the weekends, it’s always been all about small local businesses, and I’ve already seen enough change and growth in this area, we do not need corporations infesting our paradise in the middle of the woods.

Owen Wagaman (Webb lake, 2022-07-20)


We don’t need it

Colleen Youngquist (Hastings, 2022-07-20)


There are so many of these stores already we don't need another one. You pass these so frequently it's an eyesore amongst the lakes and trees.

Tracy DeBruzzi (Maplewood/ Scott Township , 2022-07-22)


I live here and do not want to see our small town get turned into ugly, there are dollar general stores all around us, we do not need one where they want to put it

Jennifer Mencel (Danbury, 2022-07-23)

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