Tent town is getting bigger and nothing is done about it.

Ané Van Niekerk (Durbanville , 2022-07-14)


I am a resident in the area and has been negatively affected by this tented community.

Sonja Janse van Rensburg (Durbanville, 2022-07-14)


The tent town is a health hazard and a security risk to the nearby primary school and other nearby houses and businesses

Phillip Hechter (Durbanville, 2022-07-14)


This eye sore has to be taken care of and these people need better facilities.

Hoffie Hofmeyr (Durbanville, 2022-07-14)


I'm signing because it is a huge health hazard to have humans defecate and make fires in the centre of our town right opposite our primary school and next to our church
Crime in the area adjacent to the park has escalated dramatically in recent weeks

Rosie Frouws (Durbanville , 2022-07-14)


The growing informal settlement in the middle of a residential area where residents pay high rates and taxes is unacceptable.

There are no ablution facilities and children attending the neighbouring school have to frequently see grown adults changing, defecating etc in full view of the public.

Crime is on the rise.

Passers by frequently have items thrown at them and/or are intimidated.

Victoria Thompson (Valmary Park, 2022-07-14)


We need to help the people with safe accommodations and remove the tents

Venter Venter (Durbanville, 2022-07-14)


I live there and its dangerous, driving down property value and there has been a marked increase in crime since this started

Natalie M (Cape Town, 2022-07-14)


My property is my biggest investment. Having a squatter camp on the main road into my suburb, detracts from my property value. If the City Council is OK with my property losing value, then they must reduce the rates that I pay every month.

Kim Heptinstall (Durbanville , 2022-07-14)


This cannot be allowed to continue in our lovely Durbanville!

Chrismari Hoepfner (Durbanville, 2022-07-14)


This is ridiculous and must be stopped right away.

Neil Marsden (Cape Town, 2022-07-14)


We urgently need to address the homeless problems oir communities are facing.

Kevin Kiewitz (Durbanville, Bellville, 2022-07-14)


I live in Durbanville and drive past it everyday

Lélan de Jongh (Cape town, 2022-07-14)


I agree with the contents of the petitioni to expedite actions against the tent residents.

Johannes Bruwer (Durbanville, 2022-07-14)


This cannot be allowed!! Action is required to stop it!!

Caren van Staden (Durbanville , 2022-07-14)


I stay in Sonstraal, my kids go to Durbanville and I am fearing for their safety

Christoff Lottering (Cape Town, 2022-07-14)


As a resident of Durbanville being taxed to death, COCT is more concerned with a clean audit than implementing housing projects for the indigent. The city has numerous tracts of land which could be developed but its own departments block/delay the processes

Ann Thomas (Cape Town, 2022-07-14)


M vd Vyver

Marlize Van der Vyver (Durbanville, 2022-07-14)


Tent city is growing so rapidly I worry it will soon turn into a similar situation as Du Noon.

Desirè Van Rooyen (Cape Town, 2022-07-14)


Business owner is Durbanville

Paul Louw (Durbanville , 2022-07-14)


I live there and would love to enjoy the field with my son playing soccer

Nina Nosworthy (Durbanville , 2022-07-14)


This is unsafe, not what we want to expose our kids to.

Karin Cowdrey (Cape Town , 2022-07-14)


We cannot allow further deterioration of our urban space - which will reduce property values. As taxpayers we have every right to demand proper maintenance and control over urban spaces.

Arno Van Wyk (Cape Town, 2022-07-14)


I agree with the letter.

Linda Gouws (Cape Town, 2022-07-14)


The safety of our children and our health is threatened by this informal settlement. They have no water , sewerage or any of the basics. They must be moved for their sake and that of the community.

Therese Claassen (Cape Town , 2022-07-14)


I care for the health and safety of those camping next to the road. They should be moved so they can restart a normal life

Christopher Hartley (Durbanville , 2022-07-14)


I live in Valmary Park and my children attend the primary school. This temt town has a direct affect on us as residents walking our kids to school.

Veronique Rademan (DURBANVILLE, 2022-07-14)


This situation is out of control. It is a safety and hygienic hazzard for our area

Rika Janse van Rensburg (Durbanville , 2022-07-14)


This is just a no go. We need a solution but people can't stay in our street and open spaces

Charlotte Boonzaaier (Durbanville, 2022-07-14)


It's a big problem.... There's dirt everywhere, no toilets, no dustbins and illegal OPEN FIRES!!! We try to keep Durbanville clean. This not exceptable!!!

Nielene Coetzee (Durbanville, 2022-07-14)


This is a danger and a hazard to the community and the children.

Desslyn Pillay (Cape Town , 2022-07-14)


The tent residents need to be removed ASAP, as this is municipal ground and unacceptable being across a primary school.

Annelize Coetzee (Durbanville, 2022-07-14)


This has gone on too long without any action despite many, many complaints.
There are people living there that are renting out additional tents.
There are people that have houses that choose to stay there and rent out their houses.
They are refusing alternative accomodation..
This is a health and safety hazard!!!

Gary Kunnemann (Durbanville , 2022-07-14)


The tent town in Durbanville CBD is becoming a real problem as well as a safety issue

Katherin Toit (Cape Town, 2022-07-14)


I live close to the problem area and it is a health hazard and unsightly.

Tracy Van Heerden (Cape Town , 2022-07-14)


I have children in school across the road. I believe these people also deserve better. Than living in the middle of nowhere

Cecille Gent (Cape Town, 2022-07-14)


It is unsafe for our school children seeing this is across from the primary. It is also degrading our value of the area.

Melanie Smuts (Cape Town, 2022-07-14)


Tents on our doorstep is unacceptable!!!

Louise Dujard (Durbanville, 2022-07-14)


The squatter tented camp I becoming a big concer. The fith,stinge and unhygienic lifestyle wil be hazard for the town. Not to talk about the fact that they cannot raise children in those circumstances.

Stephanie Winterbach (Cape Town, 2022-07-14)


These informal settlers pose a major health and security risk to our primary school children. This is not a zoned settlement area and the so-called tents and dwellings are unsightly.

Nelmaré Laker (Durbanville, 2022-07-14)


I'm signing, because I have been victimised when I walked passed there. It is unsafe especially for the primary school children and parents.

Estelle van Rooyen (Durbanville, 2022-07-14)


Illigal housing miss use of public parks
Unsafe, un-higienic, high crime risk , open fires ext

Martin Grobler (Bellville, 2022-07-14)


We as tax paying residents of Durbanville find this situation unacceptable . When I vote for the DA I expect better from our councilors and the City of Cape Town. This situation cannot be allowed to continue. Please DA we need your help here.

Herman Gibson (Durbanville , 2022-07-14)


We have witnessed a man washing himself in a bucket one morning during school break, and the kids are playing right opposite the road. This should be dealt with hastely.

Esme Du Toit (Durbanville, 2022-07-14)


The situation is totally unacceptable, and must be taken care off, as soon as possible!

Johan Huisamen (Durbanville , 2022-07-14)


I'm signing this petition, because this is absolutely degrading to the area.
The city should make a plan to accommodate the people from the street and not allow informal overnighter to camp in out streets.

Sue-el Weyers (Cape Town, 2022-07-14)


Illegal occupants, tents and Vagrants should be removed. Poses a safety risk to the people of Durbanville

Karien Van Zyl (Durbanville, 2022-07-14)


The “Tent Town” as it is now being called, grows every day.
And if we don’t put a stop to it, the homeless will stream into our neighbourhood without control.
These people don’t want to be helped with work, they just want hand outs. And that is why they like Durbanville.
They should be moved out of Town, or to a shelter.
This is becoming a safety concern as our cameras show these people patrolling our streets in the late hours, jumping walls and putting our safety on the line.

Gert Swanepoel (Durbanville, 2022-07-14)


Although I feel for the homeless I do feel it’s infringing on the ratepayers of Durbanville and the safety of its residents. We pay a lot to live here and why do some who do not pay have the same rights as us?

Beth Keytel (Durbanville , 2022-07-14)


They do not belong there

Hans Van Rensburg (Aurora, 2022-07-14)


I'm a resident of the area and more than agree with all the statements made in the petition. It seems the homeless have more rights than the taxpayer nowadays!!

Kari K (Cape Town , 2022-07-14)


We need to do something about a squatercamp growing under right in our area.

Minnaar Pieters (Durbanville, 2022-07-14)


This affects the safety, value and health of my community.

Rentia Geldenhuys (Durbanville , 2022-07-14)


Apart from an increase in crime around the area, the fact that this is allowed right across a primary school is shocking. Young learners witness people urinating, defecation and getting dressed in public.

Stefan Buys (Durbanville, 2022-07-14)


I am signing because it is not right for any person to stay in tents on undeveloped land. Services need to be supplied in proper areas where houses can be built for all shack/tent dwellers in the future. Allocate them now to ground where they can start living while waiting for a house to be build.

Excelda Petrie (Durbanville , 2022-07-14)


Because of the health and safety issue for our children in the primary school accross from the tent town.

Elne Verster (Durbanville, 2022-07-14)


Im a concerned tax-paying citizen of Durbanville.

Deon Joubert (Durbanville, 2022-07-14)


This is now getting out of hand snd poses health and security problems.

Jane Schwerin (Cape Town, 2022-07-14)


It is absolutely unacceptable that individuals who work hard to pay for their rates, taxes and properties, have had to watch other individuals who are unemployed, homeless and non-residents of Durbanville, move into a public area where children used to play, that is NOT A CAMPING GROUND, the area in front of well kept ans expensive houses without paying to be there and in so doing, bringing down property values while moving the centre of Durbanville that was recently upgraded at great cost, (as it was starting to become a run down area with criminals roaming about), is bow once again developing into a ghetto-like free for all druggies and homeless people (as have been allowed to happen all over SA). This must stop NOW! This town is not to be ruined!

Adelai Van Heerden (Durbanville, 2022-07-14)


The current situation is untenable.

Gerhard Wiese (Durbanville, 2022-07-14)


This is unacceptable, no more!

Stephanie Jack (Cape Town, 2022-07-14)


Please remove these people asap

Ian Du Toit (Durbanville, 2022-07-14)