Developing Nations Stand Against Sodomy!



Our children are being corrupted and social activities are polluted.

Ruth Cave (Southport, 2022-11-30)


I cannot stand all the clamour against Qatar's old-fashioned but correct view of sodomy.

Dennis Whiting (Herne Bay, 2022-11-30)


I am fed up with hearing about it and having it all being shoved my face as if it is normal

Martin Stanford (Cambs, 2022-11-30)


To keep sodomy our of games in overseas countries

Adina Curtis (Northampton, 2022-11-30)


I am signing this petition because from the beginning God Created Man and Woman, Male and Female, Boy and Girl. This is the Law of God and therefore the Law of Nature. Sodomy is direct rebellion against the Creator and so it should be never be promoted anywhere.

Rev Peter Kaunda (Lusaka , 2022-11-30)


This is completely out of place and is an abomination against our God (Leviticus 18:22). Please do not impose your sinful way of life over Christians all over the world. Do not take away the rights of other countries within the Commonwealth. This action will create more hate and resentment. Your sexuality is your private life, stop this demonic agenda. John 8:32: "And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free."

Rufus Ola (Hertfordshire, 2022-11-30)


The gaystapo have been gifted too much power by various governments. I fear for my grandchildren.

Rory Mackay (Ossett , 2022-11-30)


I'm signing because I do not believe white nations should pompously lecture non-white nations on what laws they should have.

Howard Cole (Wallington, 2022-11-30)


I believe this is against all that is true and natural between man and woman, created by God!
Anything else is vile and when studied through will be found spoken of in Scripture in Judges 9 and as the noisome pestilence in Psalm 91!!!

James Cross (Belfast , 2022-11-30)


Christian values are to important not to 🙏🏻

sarah francey (BT43GA , 2022-11-30)


I am against the brash use of sport for the Woke agenda of equality Sport has become a medium for extreme views It’s a game only

Joy Butcher (Truro, 2022-11-30)


Tom Daley is not the arbiter over sexual orientation, I cant believe I'm even reading this. The audacity of the man. One thing though he calls it the correct name 'sodomy' rather than the seemingly, innocuous, euphemism of 'gay'

Clare Talon (Liverpool, 2022-11-30)


I stand against sodomy

Sue Jones (Cwmbran, 2022-11-30)


I am a christian and wish to honour God not man



I'm signing because I think it is extremely arrogant of Tom Daley or anyone else to demand that other countries should remove laws based on biblical values. It infers that white-majority countries are 'better' than others.

Gail Halley (Norwich, 2022-11-30)


On country should not try to force another country to adopt any religious, moral or lifestyle issue against its wish.

Richard Camp (Telford, 2022-11-30)


We are being criminalised for not accepting what is unnatural and unbiblical.

Calum Smith (Isle of Skye, 2022-11-30)


I can't accept any support for sodomy, however it is carried out. It is just plain wrong/sinful/immoral/perverse and unacceptable!!!

peter jackson (blackpool, 2022-11-30)


Practices such LGBT are immoral and has no place in decent and sensible society

Samuel Ojo (Kingswinford, 2022-11-30)


I’m signing because as a Christian I’m obeying God by standing for truth.

Sophia Murphy (Hove, 2022-12-01)


Firstly as a Christian, I find it obnoxious that we try to force our immorality on other nations.

But also we should not be using sport to promote our politics or to punish others.

It is discriminatory... really culturally imperialistic to push our morals on either nation.

Andrew Drapper (Dorchester, 2022-12-01)



stephen Burgess (White British, 2022-12-01)



anita brandon (surrey, 2022-12-01)


I believe we should stand for God's laws not man's.

Denise Jones (London, 2022-12-01)


II am fed up of. the Gays having so much power

David m MacRae (Inverness , 2022-12-01)


I don’t agree that the non-white commonwealth nations should be pressured into changing their laws using the threat of removing privileges such as hosting the Games.

Caz Jones (Birmingham, 2022-12-01)


The claims made by activists are falsely based and should not be given any credibility whatsoever.

Alan Williams (1 , 2022-12-01)


I reject this campaign, which has zero to do with sport, impose their brand of immorality on the developing world.

Kevin McKenna (Palmersron North, 2022-12-01)


Because I love Jesus my Lord and Savior and I know from the bible that repentance from sin is necessary for salvation, to be saved from hell, the shame of judgement and eternal punishment in the lake of fire. And that Almighty God in holiness has said that homosexuality is an abomination, sin, vile affection. Christians are to love others in truth.

stan earle (ockendon, 2022-12-01)


I live by Judeo Christian principals which have been fair and just.

Evelyn Guddat (Tewkesbury, 2022-12-01)


I do not agree with the teachings of the LGBT and its involvement in sport

Christopher Day (Romford , 2022-12-01)


Western nations should not try to impose their policies on Third World countries

David Phillips (Alnwick, 2022-12-01)


God's law should NEVER be replaced by man's law

Lyndsey P (London, 2022-12-02)


I share the aims of this petition

Barrie Stocks (Dundee, 2022-12-02)


I am appalled by the hijacking of sports events by pro-perversion activists trying to normalise wickedly sinful behaviour.

Keith McAllister (Durham, 2022-12-02)


I'm signing this petition because, in Africa and parts of Asia, Sodomy is alien to the culture and religion of the people. It is morally wrong to impose other cultural norms on a group of nations and people who do not agree with those norms.

Chris A Adegoke (Gorseinon Swansea, 2022-12-02)


I agree with the statement:
Don’t spread LGBT+ to developing countries by any routes.

Francis Falodun (Manchester , 2022-12-02)


Cherlin Simon

Cherlin Simon (Spring Valley, 2022-12-02)


I oppose enforced sodomisation on any country, including my own

Tony Woodcock (BOURNEMOUTH, 2022-12-02)


This immoral issue should be kept out of sport.

Tim Hills (Christchurch, 2022-12-02)


This is an unnatural belief that homosexuality is natural or that peoples or nations should embrace or be forced to accept and I hope other nations reject and push back and stamp down the degenerate Liberalism that is destroying not only the West but also the natural order of life.

Steven Fowler (Birmingham, 2022-12-02)


I emigrated from Nigeria. Whilst there in a Christian school run by British Missionaries I was taught the word of the Lord. I believe in Leviticus chapter 18 vs 22 unequivocally. Thanks.

Owoicho Okpe (Manchester, 2022-12-02)


If people want to be gay that's their choice. But I don't want it forced on me. I think the campaigning side of the movement act as if to say "We will not tolerate you being intolerant" this is illogical. Most of the everyday gay people just want to get on with their lives.

Maurice Ward (Stockton-on-Tees , 2022-12-02)


I don't support the ideology of LGBTQI + and don't want it taught in schools and colleges. The Games are not a place for this propaganda either.

Ian Douglas Stott (Redditch, 2022-12-03)


I want to show my support and solidarity to Christian Voice and other like minded org, in this spiritual battle.

Mannix Bassish (Croydon, 2022-12-03)


I’m signing this petition to take a stand against those who seek to overthrow God’s gracious laws and principles.

Christopher Clemence (Rochester , 2022-12-03)


If homosexuality was natural, was harmless, was a strengthener for family life it would not be an issue now, it would be a norm but it isn't, it is so opposed to nature that it never can get a hold in societies unless there is a deluge of exposure backed by bullying or corruption of youth as is happening now!

Gail Mills (BATH, 2022-12-03)


This is further undermining of God's law and authority.

John Witcomb (Gillingham, Dorset, 2022-12-03)


I believe everyone should be free to express what they believe without being discriminated against.

Otoyo Ita (Derby, 2022-12-03)


politics should be left out of sport

Richard Walker (WOLVERHAMPTON, 2022-12-03)

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