Developing Nations Stand Against Sodomy!



I detest homosexuality and lesbianism. So also does the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob

Jane Stewart (Belfast, 2022-12-03)


This is the latest instance of imperialism; the 'enlightened' West trying to impose its trendy philosophy on nations who don't want it.

Paul N (Leamington Spa , 2022-12-03)


I am signing because it is an abomination

Chidi Okefi (Lagos , 2022-12-03)


This will not help anyone inherit the Kingdom of heaven

Debbie Catton (Woking, 2022-12-03)


The Bible clearly and explicitly condemns homosexuality as an immoral and unnatural sin (Leviticus 18:22; 20:13; Romans 1:26-27; 1 Corinthians 6:9-10) and in Deuteronomy 22:25-27). Or do you not know that the unrighteous (wrongdoers) will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived: neither the sexually immoral, nor idolators, nor adulterers, nor men who practice homosexuality...'. We must return to moral Biblical principles and family values, as stated in the Bible, Genesis 2:21-24; Matthew 19:4-6

Liz Brown (Derby, 2022-12-03)


It's disgraceful that people should pressurd to promote this abomination.

Frank Savidge (London, 2022-12-03)


I'm signing because I stand on the righteousness of God's infallible Word - the Bible.

Michael Obierika (Asaba , 2022-12-03)


As a Christian I believe what The Holy Bible, God's word teaches; the only union decreed for humanity is one man to one woman, that He made us make and female.

Barry Miller (LEEDS, 2022-12-04)


Sodomy is against God's law and an abuse of nature. Any nation or group of nations that favours sodomy is destined to fail, absolutely.

Hamish Robertson (Coupar Angus, 2022-12-04)


LGBT has too much influence and shouldn't be allowed to interfere in other countries polotics. They have too much power in this country especially regarding the education curriculum.

Graham and May Sweet (Blaenau Gwent, 2022-12-05)


This is a clear sign of racism, if ionly the white nationals are able to host the games. Its time for us to stand up to what the bible says otherwise we are creating another sodom and gomorrah.

Violet Johnson (Milton Keynes, 2022-12-05)


How many more actions and dealings against God's Will ?

Verena Petzold (Nelson, 2022-12-05)


Don't use sport to promote own ideology.

Tony T (Greenford, 2022-12-05)


Because sport should not be used to promote Lgbt

suzanne SMITH (Peacehaven, 2022-12-05)


Deviant lifestyles cannot be imposed on normal people so as to suggest gender, marriage & sexuality are an evolved thing we are free to endlessly continue to evolve as we see fit until their is no such thing left as we have been given by a loving & perfect Creator, as if we arrogantly imagine we can better His the beginning God created male & female & joined them in marriage & declared them not just good but very good!

Grahame Wray (Leeds, 2022-12-05)


I’m signing because I believe sodomy is against the word of God Almighty.

Benjamin Kusi (Accra, 2022-12-08)


They are perverts.

Leonard Jones (Mablethorpe, 2022-12-08)


I believed in human rights and fairness, using the commonwealth games to promote personal agenda is unfair and unprofessional.

Mary Olajide-Ukpong (Liverpool, 2022-12-08)


Am signing because am against homosexually in Malawi

John Chirwa (Lilongwe, Malawi , 2022-12-10)


I don't like homosexual in our regional

Mporananayo Gerard (KIGALI, 2022-12-10)


I love to be United in One accord and to have the office here in Nakuru Kenya

Silas Opole (Nakuru , 2022-12-10)


I believe in living God and his commitments

Peter Owiti (Wote, 2022-12-10)


I. Believe theBibleis the only truth

David MacRae (Inverness , 2022-12-10)


I am here to stand in the Gap to advocate for the truth of the children of God here in Kenya and in the whole world.We must stop Homosexuality in all means spiritual and physically in any where in the world mostly Kenya I say No, with the help of God's power in Jesus mighty name I have forwarded this to all our Christian and to all the servants of God,we say with one voice No to
Homosexuals will be aloud anywhere in Jesus mighty name.Power in prayer.
Yours faithfully,Pastor Peter Odhiambo Makawa



I'm signing to join you to fight against immorality , aburtion and homosexuels.

Adrien Koiba (N'zérékoré , 2022-12-12)


I stand against sodomy

Abbah Martina (Abuja , 2022-12-12)


I'm signing because LGBT is evil which cannot be permitted in developing nations in Jesus Name. Amen

Goodness Adeyemo (Ado, 2022-12-12)


l,m signing in because I don't believe in search habit I believe in the true nature of God

Buyinza James (Jinja , 2022-12-12)


The Kingdom of My Father in Heaven Come down on Earth and His Will be done here On Earth and It’s Done in Heaven.

Martin Rogers Nsimbe (Kampala, 2022-12-12)


I fear God more than I fear man. There is but ONE race...the HUMAN race, created by our loving heavenly Father.

I. Smith (Bury St Edmunds, 2022-12-14)


This petition is racist, immoral and arrogant

Denise Trowsdale (Barton upon Humber, 2022-12-16)


I don't think that the secular humanists should force their opinions and lifestyle on others.

Thomas Pritty (Birmingham, 2022-12-17)


Margaret Ogden

Margaret Ogden (Glasgow glasgpw, 2022-12-19)


I am a Daughter of God and I believe in His Word Jesus Christ who is Life-giving

Mary(Pstr Maria) Lusambo (Lusaka, 2022-12-20)


A minority tries to dominate the majority, with demands, akin to grooming done by paedophiles.
This denies the unfettered growing up of children to find first themselves, before sexual relationships are becoming important.

Nati Cana (Newcastle upon Tyne, 2023-01-12)


I strongly oppose this campaign that unfairly overlooks each country's sovereign position.

Livingston Gilchrist (London, 2023-01-19)


Because I am born again Indian Christian.

Sam Mathews (Visakhapatnam, 2023-02-03)


immorality has on-going and increasing effects - as we are witnessing in the UK

Tim Briault (Rochester, 2023-02-11)


Every country and individual has the right to freedom of religion which is being ignored and forgotten about in the face of the ‘woke’ movement. As long as there is no harm to those of colourful identities visiting the country to participate in the games who are respectful of local and indigenous religious values there is no issue that needs addressing. It is one thing promoting your personal values in your country and another thing entirely to force your values upon nations who fundamentally disagree with them! Especially considering they are democracies.

Zakwan Hassan (Blackburn, 2023-03-21)

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