Stand with Safoora! Support her MPhil completion!



Safoora stand for genuine cause.

Venkateswarlu Manam (Visakhapatnam, 2022-08-27)


This is Injustice being meted to student

Taha Mudasir (Srinagar , 2022-08-27)


I stand for her cause

Amitabha Chakrabarti (Kolkata , 2022-08-27)


I am signing because I strongly feel that injustice is being done to her

Nazre Imam Ahmad (Singapore, 2022-08-27)


JMI administration should not beome a tool in the hands of RSS-BJP rulers.

Shamsul Islam (NCR, 2022-08-27)


I am signing because this is wrong, the government has been consistent in making her life miserable and they have painted a target on her back.

eedi zargar (Faridabad , 2022-08-27)


Yes I am signing this petition

Md Tauqeer Manzar (Araria, 2022-08-27)


It's injustice not to allow her complete mphil

Unless proven guilty.

Nayab rahil (Kolkata, 2022-08-27)


Safoora zargar should get justice

Mohammed Abdul Nasir TV (Malappuram, 2022-08-27)


This act of the university is deplorable and totally undemocratic. Violates her right to educate.

Indranil Bhattacherjee (Siliguri, 2022-08-27)


This is India sir and it's high tym for these discriminatory things to cone to an end.And no kind of punishment can be given for raising her voice for the good reason.We are free to express,read the constitution once if u doubt.

Shaiqua Shafaque (Araria , 2022-08-27)


Safoora Zargar needs support to complete her higher education. Her struggle against CAA-NRC was a democratic campaign, and punishing her for exercising her fundamental rights is condemnable.

Mukhtar X (Bangalore, 2022-08-27)


I stand with her...✊

Ram Gramci (Allahabad , 2022-08-27)


There is impartiality because of cast, religion,

Mujtaba Shaikh (Jubail , 2022-08-27)


I support safoora zaragar.. What's happening to her is clearly a injustice

Rehan Khan (Mumbai, 2022-08-27)


I support safoora

Jacky Bansal (Patiala, 2022-08-27)


I’m signing because I support the cause.. the Right to education

Saif Farooqui (Bhiwandi, 2022-08-27)


I am supporting

Khalid khan (Chandauli, 2022-08-27)


Because in my point of view no one will deserve such humiliation

Mohammad Kaish Ansari (Pratapgarh , 2022-08-27)


I am signing this petition because I believe Safoora deserves a fair chance to complete her assertation. A student shouldn't be made to suffer for freedom of expression .

Muntaha Gulzar (Srinagar , 2022-08-27)


It's her right

Vaasad Kabir (Poonch, 2022-08-27)


Let her finish Mphil

Mohammed Abdul Rahman (Jeddah, 2022-08-27)


Human rights and equality.

Jalaluddin Hyder Mohammed (Crawley, 2022-08-27)


Everyone should be treated equally. Safoora must get the justice.

Tanveer Sid (Bareilly, 2022-08-27)


This injustice is being done only because Safoora Zargar is a courageous, secular and Indian Muslim. And that's her mistake.

And one more thing "the indifference of the justice system and the administration continues to rub salt on the wounds of Indian Muslims."

Kaunain Kaunain (Araria , 2022-08-27)


Good girl this I stand with safoora

MUSAB Rashid (Kuwait , 2022-08-27)


This is her right and Sher didn’t do anything against Indian democratic law. So please allow her to complete MPHIL.

Hameed Naina (Riyadh, 2022-08-27)


Safoora zargar ke Sath Zulm Ho Raha hai kyunki unhone #CAA #NRC #NPR ke Ek Khilaf Protest me bahut Aham Kirdaar Nibhaye thi Modi Sarkar Bharat ke Musalmano par Zulm Karna Band karo! 🙏

Mohammad Asif (Abu Dhabi, 2022-08-27)


Beti bachao. Beti padhao

Sufiyan Patel (Lunawada, 2022-08-27)


It’s the clear case of discrimination.

Fawad Ali (Riyadh , 2022-08-27)


I'm signing because everyone has the right to education.

Fazal Baig (Mumbai, 2022-08-27)


Stand with Safoora...Stand with Human rights.

Prabhat Kumar (Patna, 2022-08-27)


Education is a fundamental right

Ahmed Azaan Khan (Lucknow , 2022-08-27)


The Department of Sociology at the Jamia Millia University is denying Safoora’s rightful asks as a MPhil/PhD candidate.
During the COVID-19 pandemic crisis through 2020 and 2021, university campuses and facilities were shut down, causing immense difficulties for the student and research communities. As compensation, research scholars were granted multiple extensions en masse. But not Safoora. She was deemed ineligible for more than one extension without
adequate justifications and was asked to apply for extensions under other clauses, but was denied even that. Despite being pregnant, fighting court cases, and dealing with the pandemic restrictions, Safoora managed to complete her fieldwork and received three satisfactory reviews of her thesis progress.

I am signing this petition because the university is openly discriminating against Safoora Zargar, which is her right, she is an honest and noble student, Jamia Millia University should be proud to her.

Mohtaram Ansari (Saharanpur , 2022-08-27)


Honesty,Raised voice of people who can’t raise their voice lack of afraid of govt

Rayees Tad (Darbhanga , 2022-08-27)


जामिया मिल्लिया इस्लामिया को सफूरा जरगर को एड्मिसन देना चाहिए

Sajid Ali (JODHPUR, 2022-08-27)


I support her

Mohammed Aehtesham (Gulbarga , 2022-08-27)


Right to education for everyone one

Mohammad Afroj Chaudhari (Mumbai, 2022-08-27)


I'm signing bcoz she is on a correct path,

Faiyaz Mallik (Kolkata, 2022-08-27)


Seems like the right thing

Shaheen Shah (Kerala, 2022-08-27)


Brave person...India needs tough ladies like her.

Roshan Ali (Patna, 2022-08-27)


It's my choice

Arif Tyagi (Muzaffarnagar , 2022-08-27)


We want she deserve this

Salman Saleem (Noida, 2022-08-27)


I Stand with safoora to complete her M.Phil

Md Zaid (Bijapur, 2022-08-27)


Political pressure on students & professors to accept bjps agenda & ideology

Zahid Bashir (Baramulla, 2022-08-27)


I am also a jamia millia islamia student currently pursuing Btech in civil engineering. I as a jamian stand with you in your good time then it is my duty to stand with in your tough time. Sister your tears are my tears, your struggle is my struggle. I'm always with you. May Allah swt bless you and help from gaib.

Md Anwar (Darbhanga, 2022-08-27)


Because education is a fundamental right of every Indian.
And PM Modi also statement
Beti bachao, beti padhao.

Abdul Gufran Barkati (Bareilly, 2022-08-27)


I signed it because I support safoora

Syed Mufthi (Hyderabad , 2022-08-27)


I m signing because, it's cruel and unjust to stop someone from their study.

Azam Khan (Pune, 2022-08-27)


This is pure injustice. Because Safoora is a Muslim lady, so they are doing this rubbish with her.

Mushtaq Khan (Kolkata, West Bengal , 2022-08-27)


Agr desh me zara bhi bhaichara izzat garima bachi h to meri behen ko insad den or meri behen se me ye kehna chahunga k Allah har cheez par qadir hen sabar krie in sha Allah sab acha hoga

Usaid Khan (Bhopal, 2022-08-27)


Degree is her right. No one can snatch it from her.

Krishan Pal (RAE BARELI , 2022-08-27)


I belive in Safoora Zargar

Rizwan S (Mumbai , 2022-08-27)


Politics is parts of education she has not done any wrong act. Harassment should be stopped

Akhthar Chuko (Delhi , 2022-08-27)


Safoora Zargar needs support to complete her higher education. Her struggle against CAA-NRC was a democratic campaign, and punishing her for exercising her fundamental rights is condemnable

MD Jibran Ansari (ARARIA, 2022-08-27)


She stood against dictatorship of BJP.
She is with truth.
She will get justice

Aaqib Bin Shabir (Tangmarg, 2022-08-27)


Everyone has a equal right for education and need support and opportunity

Mohamme Farooque (Riyadh, 2022-08-27)


Because I am Indian

Shariq Sidiqui (Lucknow, 2022-08-27)


I am signing this because these actions to deny her the certificates are absolutely unjust. It's on each one of us to fight against injustice, every time , on all days. If injustice goes unchallenged, there'll be no stopping. And it has to stop.

Shruti Lokre (Bombay, 2022-08-27)


I stand against injustices.
I stand with Safoora

Sayyed Niyaz Ahmed (Thane , 2022-08-27)


Complete injustice is happening in this nation by the fascist govt.

Anuhar Kaur (Amritsar, 2022-08-27)


I m standing with safoora zargar

Kamaldeep Kaur (Sangrur, 2022-08-27)


She deserves it

Tulika Sinha (Delhi , 2022-08-27)


In solidarity with someone who stood in solidarity with the oppressed

Shirish Raut (Mumbai, 2022-08-27)


Stand with truth

Azaruddin Hasanabba (Bangalore , 2022-08-27)


I strongly feels that Jamia is quite unfair to this young girl who is courageous enough for what she believes in & that too on a great personal risk. In this time when institutions are betraying citizens, India badly needs individuals to fight injustice & ongoing onslaught on our fundamental freedoms & personal liberty.

Ejaz Mustafa (Aligarh , 2022-08-27)

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