Stand with Safoora! Support her MPhil completion!



I stand with safoora

S MD Zuheb Hussain Hussain (Kurnool, 2022-08-27)


System doing wrong with her

Gufran Khan (Rampur, 2022-08-27)


It's all about democracy

Nurul Shaikh (Jajpur Town , 2022-08-27)


Safoora needs support of public opinion

Manisha Gorowala (Secunderabad , 2022-08-27)


This demand is right, correct and moral

Roop Rekha Verma (Lucknow, 2022-08-27)


I stand with saffora because she didn't do any crime she Stand for Truth

Mohammed saif (Karnataka, 2022-08-27)


It's for a just cause

Palakkal Zaheer (Bangalore , 2022-08-27)


Education is the fundamental right

Rumman Khan (Budaun , 2022-08-27)


I feel it's wrong for the university to deny a student the opportunity to even present her case. It's totally arbitrary and reeks of foul motive in order to punish.

Javed Hassan (New Delhi , 2022-08-27)


Education is everyone's right.

mahtab khan (Mirzapur, 2022-08-27)


Shilpi Sagar

Shilpi Sagar (Saharsa, 2022-08-27)



Sanket Shahare (Raipur , 2022-08-27)


I stand with Safoora.

Farha Khan (Amravati , 2022-08-27)


It matters to support, and show solidarity

Lina Pegu (Thane, 2022-08-27)



Sagar Bachhaliya (Bhopal, 2022-08-27)



Surshottam Kumar (Bokaro , 2022-08-27)


I am disgusted at this sort of discrimination that is now pervading our country.

George Taylor (Mumbai, 2022-08-27)


Educational right is fundamental right and should not be taken away on any grounds

Nadeem Azad (Bokaro, 2022-08-27)


I am singing because safoora is innocent.. She is in a Jail Due to Urdu Name it's a fact ..

Mohammad Khan (Ghazipur, 2022-08-27)


What University is doing is wrong.

Asif Eqbal (Delhi , 2022-08-27)


I want justice for Safoora, Let her complete her MPhil..

Lavanya Gattupalli (Kavali , 2022-08-27)


I stand with sister

Mohmd Hameed (Ahmedabad, 2022-08-27)


I want justice for her

Parminder Kaur (Chandigarh , 2022-08-27)


We Stand with Safoora

Nafeel Ahmad (Bangalore, 2022-08-27)


She is a genuine person and deserves an extension

Mushtaq Ahmed (Hubli, 2022-08-27)


Against hate of any kind

Ganesh Kudke (Beed, 2022-08-27)


Because she raised the voice for the Rights of our Democracy & Society & against to them who are spoiling our nation.

Sarfaraz Saqibi (Mumbai , 2022-08-27)


I stand with Safura as she is the loud voice against oppressor and fascists government and fascists system.

Mohammad Asim (Delhi, 2022-08-27)


I support her

AAJAM KHAN (Ghaziabad, 2022-08-27)


University must consider and reinstall her Admission.

Masroor Nishay (Lucknow, 2022-08-27)


I Support activists like @SafooraZargar who are the bravest among us who dared to question the Fascist policies.

Syed Aleem (Gulbarga, 2022-08-27)


I thing she was right .padne ka adhikar sabko hai

Julfan Khan (Kaithal , 2022-08-27)


Want to stand for free voice..

Vinod Dwivedi (Mumbai, 2022-08-27)


She is good by their behaviour study. And by their social impact

Mohammad Anwar Ali (Darbhanga , 2022-08-27)


I stand with Safoora Zargar

Mohammad Shahnawaz Hussain (Malerkotla, 2022-08-27)


Students should not be barred stopped or blocked from higher education…it should be treated as national loss which is actual , not presumptive!

Jagdish Magajan (Nagpur, 2022-08-27)


Education me politics nhi hona chaiye.
Aur ye politics ki wajah se hua h

Pawan Kumar (NEEMRANA , 2022-08-27)


Injustice to Safoora Jargar

Mizanur Rahman (Assam, 2022-08-27)


Full support to Safoora

M Arif (Gorakhpur , 2022-08-27)


She is a very brave woman

Noman Khan (Aligarh , 2022-08-27)


She is Poster girl in NRC andolan

Siddidue Shaikh (Amravati, 2022-08-27)


I support Safoora

Harpreet Jain (Mumbai, 2022-08-27)


I support her because he suffer lot of harassment of trollers and he was put in jail also when he was pregnant

Md Tahsin Hussain 5 (SIMDEGA, 2022-08-27)


I'm signing this petition because I can't see government exploiting those who raise their voice against government.

Niraj Sharma (Bentonville, 2022-08-27)


I'm signing because she has been harrased and is still being harrased. She wants to study but is being pushed aside because of ideological differences

Edgar Rebello (Goa, 2022-08-27)


I Stand with Safoora

Harun Miah (Agartala, 2022-08-27)


I'm proud of an Indian and proud of being a constitutional patriot which makes me feel to stand with Safoora.

Arindam Bhoumik (Tamuk, 2022-08-27)


सबको शिक्षा प्राप्त करने की स्वतंत्रता है

Salman Fahad (Varanasi, 2022-08-27)


I m signing this because Safroona is genius she is being harassed by system

Mohsin Dhantiya (Godhra, 2022-08-27)


I stand with zafura

Naseer Khan (Chimur, 2022-08-27)


As I am also student.

Aajaz Ahmad Bhat (Srinagar, 2022-08-27)


I support and stand with Safoora Zargar

Ankur Shankhwar (Kanpur, 2022-08-27)


I support free voice.

Atiquzzama Khan (New Delhi, 2022-08-27)


The Right to Protest is democracy.



She is social activist.

Sarfaraz Ahmad (Gopalganj, 2022-08-27)


Because this is an injustice

Arshad Khan (Mumbai, 2022-08-27)


Ajhar ali

اظہر علی (کٹیہار , 2022-08-27)


I support safoora zargar. Brave girl

Lee Abrox (Karnataka , 2022-08-27)


She is victim of state oppression.

MD TUFAIL SAFDAR (Nawada, 2022-08-27)


She is innocent and please release her

Taher Sheikh (Hyderabad , 2022-08-27)


She needs justice!

sadaf Quraishi (Kuala lumpur , 2022-08-27)


System should not snatch her Education Right

Danish Khan (Delhi, 2022-08-27)


In support of Safoora

Azeem Mak (Bangalore , 2022-08-27)


I'm human ☺️

Mashal Khan (Lucknow , 2022-08-27)


Safoora is targetted by Modi regime because of her convictions and beliefs. Thia tyrant govenment should understand it very well that we stand by Safoora and other activists no matter what!

Amit Aggarwal (Bengaluru, 2022-08-27)


I support safoora

Asikul Mollah (Dankuni, 2022-08-27)


This is harassment ... It should be stopped

Nadeem Manihar (Mumbai, 2022-08-27)


I always support the oppressed people.. keep fighting for your rights.. all the best

Venkata A (Toronto, 2022-08-27)

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