Stand with Safoora! Support her MPhil completion!



Because nothing is more important than standing up for others right.

Anurag Nigam (Itarsi, 2022-08-27)


She must be given her due right to complete her degree.

Dhiraj Vij (NEW DELHI, 2022-08-27)


We #standwithsafoora

Syed Numan (Humnabad Dist Bidar , 2022-08-27)


She is jst a victim of government goons

Nehal Ahmed (Bettiah, 2022-08-27)


Safoora deserves justice.

Anas Khan (Kanpur, 2022-08-27)


Nobel laureate Abhijit Banerjee too went to jail. Toxic moral policing promotes incompetency.

Mohd Kaif (BAREILLY, 2022-08-27)


I support safoora

Syed razvi (Srinagar, 2022-08-27)


Fight for truth

Zia Zia (Varanasi , 2022-08-27)


Because government is harrassing her

Shaik Asgar Ali (Vijayawada , 2022-08-27)


She is being targeted by the system.

Sahir Nomaan (Delhi, 2022-08-27)


People should support people coz governments are already too powerful

Majid Bazmi (Patna , 2022-08-27)


She has right to do

Jitu bhai (ભરૂચ, 2022-08-27)


Education is for everyone. It is fundamental human right.

Vivek singh (Balrampur, 2022-08-27)


I support

Fakeer Sahib (Nagapattinam, 2022-08-27)


Right to Education 🎓

Ayaz Baig (Bangalore , 2022-08-27)


You can't deny her the basic rights.

Aaqib Yatoo (Jammu and Kashmir , 2022-08-27)


I stand with safoora

Amaan Khan (Shivpuri , 2022-08-27)


It's her fundamental right.

Mehruddin Ali (Maharajganj, 2022-08-27)


It's a clear case of discrimination.

Mohammed Qasim (Bhopal, 2022-08-27)


Safoora is being tortured by BJP.

Vipin Saroha (Panipat , 2022-08-27)


Bcos there is a democracy in india not a traitorship, save oposition save india

Ikram Ali (Delhi , 2022-08-27)


I'm signing because of she has full right to get education

Kamaa Pasha (Dehli , 2022-08-27)



Bilal yadgir (Bijapur, 2022-08-27)


Safoora deserves justice and I am aainst discrimination

sharada Ramanathan (chennai, 2022-08-27)


She deserves the chance to complete her mphil after what she has gone thru in the past couple of yrs.

Ismail Shareef (Dammam, 2022-08-27)



Haseeb quarnain (Bangalore , 2022-08-27)



Salman Khan (Mumbai, 2022-08-27)


We stand with safoora

Mohammed Adnan (Shikaripur , 2022-08-27)


I support her against injustice

sanjay tawaniya (New Delhi, 2022-08-27)


I stand with Safoora.

Afzal Tahir (London, 2022-08-27)


Safoora ka haq.. aitha rakh

Kumar Ankush (Patna, 2022-08-27)


She deserve coz She earned it.

Anas Saiyed (Vadodara, 2022-08-27)


Innocent girl

Mohd Furkan (Sitapur, 2022-08-27)


Safoora Zargar, a student activist leader.

Irfan Bisti (Karnataka , 2022-08-27)


Shafoora bahut achhi student hai usko na roko

Tauseef Malik (Kichha, 2022-08-27)


She stood for us , now it's high time we stand for him. Despite being pregnant she was jailed, now the puppet jmi administration is also working against her.

Md Maaz Ahmad (Bhagalpur, 2022-08-27)


She is innocent

Amjad Mujawar (Roha, 2022-08-27)


I'm signing because Safoora Zargar is among the best citizens of this country, who will make our country's founding forbears proud in seeing their legacy carried on, in passionate students and citizens like her. She deserves to be treated with dignity, respect and facilitation rather than face harassment. JMI is only demeaning themselves if they harrass Safoora. They must be ashamed of placing further hurdles in her path, after all the injustice, misogyny that she has had to endure.

Mohamed Ajmal (Kasaragod, 2022-08-27)


Safoora zargar stood with the truth in caa matter and for that she had gone through a lot of trauma and she has been jailed for no reason.

Rafiquddin Siddiqui (Virar east, 2022-08-27)


Because she is wrongfully detained by a fascist force.

Ikram Ahmed (Hyderabad, 2022-08-27)


Every person have rights to education.

Zohoor Ashraf (Lucknow, 2022-08-27)


I stand with our sister safoora

M A SOFIYAN Ahmed (Humnabad , 2022-08-27)


Because she is a real fighter.She is fighting against fascism.✌️✌️✌️

Iron Budd (Patna, 2022-08-27)


i am Stand with safoora zargar

Shaik Jahangir (Hyderabad, 2022-08-27)


Ye padhegi tabi to aage badega INDIA

Amit Singh (Delhi, 2022-08-27)


We have to stand against fascist people, so I am signing this petition.

Javeed Hussain (Ras al khaimah, 2022-08-27)


Bcoz she wants to study and it's her right. No one should stop her #Istandwithsafoorazargar

Hakim Parwej (Bokaro Steel City , 2022-08-27)


She is ryt she want her justice she has not done any crime

Abdul rahman (Kalaburagi, 2022-08-27)


I'm signing this because brave people like Safoora deserves every bit of our support when she is being wrongly harrassed.

Abdullah Khan (Hyderabad, 2022-08-27)


It is the right thing

Urooj Moin (Delhi, 2022-08-27)


No one should be bullied or tortured for standing up for the truth. Unfortunately the same is being done to Safoora and we can’t just stay silent!

Nabeel Suharwardy (Doda, 2022-08-27)


Truth always wins.

Komal Prasad (Ghdchj, 2022-08-27)



Jay Prakash (BAGESHWAR, 2022-08-27)


She's innocent

Ali Momin (Karnataka , 2022-08-27)


i support safoora and i support all those people who are fighting for their rights.

shahabaz siddiqui (Dubai, 2022-08-27)


I m signing this pettetion and stand in support of safoora in this injustice done by University management..

Rajneesh Singh (BAREILLY , 2022-08-27)


थिस इस राइट

Pawan kunar (KULLU, 2022-08-27)


I support her and she is not wrong

Aamir Aehmad (Vadodara , 2022-08-27)


I support her views.

Shabbir Shaikh (Indore, 2022-08-27)


I stand with Safoora.

Rajnikant Kapadia (Ahmedabad , 2022-08-27)


She deserves her rights and justice

Abhishek Malviya (Indore, 2022-08-27)


Is there a rule remain in this country! Do we have to sign for student to complete her studies,
While terrorist pragya sadhvi will sit in Parliament ? With whose permission and consent?

Zahid Husain (Qassim, 2022-08-27)


Everyone has the right to get their degree, there can be no reason for denying one from their right.

Kaif Shakeel (Chennai, 2022-08-27)



Shaik Zeeshan (Humnabad, 2022-08-27)


It's a clear discrimination against Safoora Zargar!

Akram Raza (Siwan, 2022-08-27)


Bczz the System is Trying Supress the Vocal Voice ....

Chaudhary Alauddin (Lucknow, 2022-08-27)

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