Stand with Safoora! Support her MPhil completion!



I'm signing this petition because I know Safoora is innocent

Swapnil Kharat (Pune, 2022-08-27)


I will support to each individual who is facing injustice in this society irrespective of any cast, creed or gender.

Firoz Ahmad (Riyadh, 2022-08-27)


I feel everyone has right to study.

Abdus Samad (Saharanpur, 2022-08-27)


I agree with contents

Rajesh Kumar (Mumbai , 2022-08-27)


Education are right to all india citizens

Md.rafiur rahman Ansari (Mumbai , 2022-08-27)



Shaikh Mubashshir (Khamgaon , 2022-08-27)


I am signing because she is good person and not a criminal

Himanshu Kumar Singh (Gurgaon , 2022-08-27)


Right cause

Midhat Khan (New Delhi , 2022-08-27)


I am signing because my conscience isn't dead.

Salahuddin Md Sharib (Gaya, 2022-08-27)



m s (haryana , 2022-08-27)


I want her to be from all allegations

Rubina Shaikh (Mumbai, 2022-08-27)


It is right

Naushadali Datari (Palitana, 2022-08-27)


This is injustice. She should be given the extension.

Reham Mallik (Kolkata , 2022-08-27)


This is against the right of an Indian citizen, she should get the admission.

Mehboob Khan (Bulandshahr , 2022-08-27)


stand with safoora

Niyaj Alam (Raipur , 2022-08-27)


Education should be basic right. Women empowerment can be achieved through education.

Kamaluddin Mohmmed (HYDERABAD, 2022-08-27)


Education is everyone's right. There should not be any discrimination whatsoever.

Shabana Begum (ASIFNAGAR, 2022-08-27)


We are in Solidarity SafooraZargar
This is nothing but using of the institution of education to repress the human rights of a woman student. We find the targeting and threats by JMI to be illegal.

Danish Shaikh (Delhi, 2022-08-27)


We Stand with Safoora

Moin S (Mumbai , 2022-08-27)


Because she's innocent

Roshan Pathade (Aurangabad , 2022-08-27)


I stand with safoora to support studies.

Anshuman Mishra (Delhi, 2022-08-27)


Abdul shafi

Shaik Shafi (Nellore , 2022-08-27)


I support safoora

Sameer shaikh (Latur, 2022-08-27)


I'm standing with true voice

Hande Ercelfp (Telangana , 2022-08-27)


She deserves her basic constitutional right EDUCATION” period.

Mayank Vatsa (Patna, 2022-08-27)


Release safoora

Shammas Merchant (Gulbarga , 2022-08-27)


Support outspoken scholars

Peter Lam (New delhi , 2022-08-27)


I’m signing this petition for the sake of all those who are fighting against injustice n for the cause of equality amongst the fellow countrymen and to safeguard the country from communalism n fascism.

Prabhjit Singh (New Delhi, 2022-08-27)


This government is anti Muslim and Safoora is their victim. This oppression should end.

Rukhsar Bhat (Mumbai, 2022-08-27)


I stand with you

Nazim Mansuri (Bharuch, 2022-08-27)


Fight to right .
More power to you!

Farzan Hassan (Delhi, 2022-08-27)


Because she is being treated wrong by govt just because she protested against ugly laws of ruling govt.

Samshad Khan (Taif, 2022-08-27)


I am against denial of rights on the basis of religion or right to protest.

Kurian Bose (Ernakulam, 2022-08-27)


Free voice is very important

Raj Siddiqui (Rehra Bazar, 2022-08-27)


We the people

Harman Preet Singh Cheema (Karnal , 2022-08-27)


To support her in his difficult times

Mohammed Afzal (Mumbai, 2022-08-27)


She is innocent yo be detained

Absar Ansari (GHAZIABAD, 2022-08-27)


She has the right to her education degree that she deserves. If it’s being blocked for her social & political views, then are we even serious about our nation’s consciousness.

Vikash Jha (Bengaluru , 2022-08-27)


Safoora deserves second chance....

Sunil Bhoria (Dubai, 2022-08-27)


She protested peacefully but her life was made hard by the system. Keep fighting!

Manpreet Singh (Houston, 2022-08-27)


This is a discrimination against her, she was jailed unjustly for standing against CAB due to which and other reasons she couldn't complete it. Looks like a conspiracy against her to intimidate her and others like her.

Obaid Ahmed (Hyderabad, 2022-08-28)


I support girl education no matter what

Nusrat Nabi (Noida, 2022-08-28)


I support safoora zargar

Irshad Khan (Gulbarga , 2022-08-28)


I'm with safura

Mohammed Rafeeq (Shorapur yadgir , 2022-08-28)


I stand with her right to get education

Talha Qureshi (Akola, 2022-08-28)


CAA is a block dot in Indian history

Shafi Ur Rahman (Bangalore , 2022-08-28)


No one should be prohibited from pursuing education, whatever may be the reason.

Wilfred DSouza (Mumbai, 2022-08-28)


I support her

Mohammad Sawad k (Mangalore, 2022-08-28)


I support her

Bunty Khan (Kolkata, 2022-08-28)


Government is being petty and vindictive

Vainateya Pinglay (Mumbai, 2022-08-28)


I am signing because this is targeted attempt.

Amjad Alam (London, 2022-08-28)


In full support of Safoora who is a bright scholar and deserves an extension to complete her PhD. She has faces several difficulties including jail because of her belief and struggle to fight for democratic and Constitutional rights in India. Please consider the extension and show compassion for this young Indian. We need more Indians like her to succeed.
Thank you

Samir Dubey (Irvine, 2022-08-28)


Support safoora

Rafeek Ahamed (Chnnai, 2022-08-28)


Valuable person doing valuable study so need to support without any doubt

Prem Kumar Thakur (Gaya, 2022-08-28)


I'm against oppression by system

Ahsan Khan (Mumbai , 2022-08-28)


Beti bachao beti padhao

Muhammad Dastagir (Salem, 2022-08-28)


I support Safoora zargar

Saiyad Mujawar (Rabigh, 2022-08-28)


Because begunah ko Saza nhi Milni chahiye 💯🥺

Md Yousuf (Bidar, 2022-08-28)


Beti padao beti bachao.

KhalidMohammed Benni (Bangalore, 2022-08-28)


It is not fair to first illegally imprison her and then scrap her degree on the pretext of too many extensions. This is 'mala-fide' and pure harrassment and discrimination.

Sanjay Chouhan (Mumbai, 2022-08-28)


I stand with safoora zargar

Md Sohail Siddique (Bettiah,west Champaran , 2022-08-28)

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