Stand with Safoora! Support her MPhil completion!



Stand in solidarity with Safoora Zargar

Shubhendra Shukla (Lucknow, 2022-08-28)


She is brave and honest lady with spine
All the best safoora

Saqeeb Ahmed (Belagavi, 2022-08-28)


I stand with Zaroorat as she stand for the rights to upheld the constitution. She is victimized by one section of the political class.

Ajay Yadav (Jaunpur, 2022-08-28)


She is a brave woman

Sarf A (Hyderabad, 2022-08-28)


It is disheartening to find that everyday India is going back in its attitude towards education and rights of the citizens

Sunny Joon (Bahadurgarh , 2022-08-28)


Uphold the cause of justice, end to discriminative thinking and equal opportunity to all irrespective of religion , gender, language or political affiliations

Mina Kala (Lucknow , 2022-08-28)


I am signing this because she is right

Mohammed RiyaZ (Delhi, 2022-08-28)


शिक्षा हमारे देश का ये संवैधानिक अधिकार है ।
सफुरा जरगर भारत की नागरिक है इसलिए इन्हे अधिकार है ।
और मैं इनका पूरा समर्थन करता है

Mohammed Khalid (Bilaspur , 2022-08-28)


Every Indian has right to study

Gurdeep Singh (Faridabad, 2022-08-28)


Because it's truth.

Manish Roy (Mumbai, 2022-08-28)


Don't harras Safoora

Ameerul Hasan (Barabanki UP, 2022-08-28)


She should be provided her constiutional rights

Ravindra Tiwari (Hyderabad, 2022-08-28)


I am stand by the injustice being done to the safoora zarfar

Muntazir Ahmad (Muzaffarpur, 2022-08-28)


She deserves to complete her degree.

Azad Malik (Mathura, 2022-08-28)


Safoora support for further studies

Faruk Lingsugur (Lingsugur , 2022-08-28)


She Deserve

Mohd Rashid khan (CHILAWALI TAURU NUH, 2022-08-28)


Safoora ko jan galat tarike se fansaya gya hai

Manjur khan (AGRA, 2022-08-28)


Govt. Should let such vendetta & nature of taking unnecessary revenge from those who are critics to them.
Govt. Is failed on all fronts & to hide their incompetence they are targeting opposition & students.

Swapnil Sharma (Jaipur, 2022-08-28)


Kadir choudhary

Abdul Kadir (Gangoh, 2022-08-28)


I support safoora.

Adam Nuh (Yaffa, 2022-08-28)


Because she is being targeted by system.

Ejaz Ahmad (Delhi, 2022-08-28)


We love justice,

Mohammed Zahid Raza (Davanagere, 2022-08-28)


This is a clear case of discrimination and political agenda.

Abhimanyu Chakradhar (Kolkata , 2022-08-28)


Because it is a direct attack on their rights because of their identity.

Rizwan ahmad (Allahabad, 2022-08-28)


I'm signing she deserves her degree certificate

Syed Basha (Kurnool, 2022-08-28)


Government should stop targeting education of any individual

Habeeb Khan (Bangalore, 2022-08-28)


Education should not be denied.
Institutes and others should be empathic.
An educated citizen is pride of the country

Nitin Kukreja (Jalandhar, 2022-08-28)


Because it's her constitutional right

Ravishankar Maurya (Mumbai, 2022-08-28)


Because college admiration is biased against Safoora

Md Faisal Raza Khan (Asansol WB, 2022-08-28)


Do you really need a reason to sign this petition??

BasharatMahdi Rizvi (Mumbai, 2022-08-28)


Because she is innocent and victim of political vendetta by ruling party

Mazharul Hasan (Howrah, 2022-08-28)


She was fighting for justice,
She has the ability and deserve study,
Let her to study.

Aahfaq Ahmed (Gujarat, 2022-08-28)


I care for my country.

Abdulsalam Panambur (Mumbai , 2022-08-28)


It's oppression and we need to stand against it.

Md Mukaram Noorani (Hyderabad , 2022-08-28)


Syed khadeer

Syed Khadeer (Aland, 2022-08-28)


Voicing against the government's unjustified bills is not a crime.

Azad Hussain (Gopalganj, 2022-08-28)


I'm supporting her

Shafaisal Dodwad (Dharwad, 2022-08-28)


Yes it's against constitutional rights what the govt of India is doing a witchunt against Muslims

Ameenulla Shariff (Bangalore , 2022-08-28)


We stand with safoora

Mohammad Aamir (Shahjahanpur, 2022-08-28)


Safoora deserves her degree. It's her right.

Suresh Sharma (Noida , 2022-08-28)


सफुरा जरगर
I love you ma'am

Ms Shahnawaz Ali (ROHTAS, 2022-08-28)


Good cause

IBRAHIM Bilali (Chennai, 2022-08-28)



Umar Farooq (Gulbarga , 2022-08-28)


I stand with safoora ...

Khaliq Rizvi (Mumbai, 2022-08-28)


I know this govt policy and their tactics.

Sufiyan Khan (Dubai, 2022-08-28)


I support you in your education🎓

Aman singh (MALLAWAN, 2022-08-28)


there is bhagwa rule in all organisation.

mohammad haque (delhi, 2022-08-28)


One can never fight injustice, by staying silent.

Syed Arshad (Hyderabad , 2022-08-28)


I support education

Mohammed Bari (Hyderabad , 2022-08-28)


Right to education

Sued Sahban (Banglore, 2022-08-28)


I am with Safoora Zargar ✊❤️

Md IRSHAD (Delhi , 2022-08-28)


She has the right to complete her degree

Mohtasib Hasan (Lucknow , 2022-08-28)


Because law/ rule doesn't discriminate, it applies equally to all.

H Askari (Shillong , 2022-08-28)


Md zahid khan

Khan Md zahid (Dammam, 2022-08-28)


I stand with safoora

Mohammed yaseen Qureshi (Gulbarga, 2022-08-28)


We support safoora sister

Md jailani Peerjade (Belgaum, 2022-08-28)


I'm signing because I support

Vasim Akram (Banglore , 2022-08-28)


She has the right to complete her education without any prejudice.

Sayy Nooruddin (Hyderabad , 2022-08-28)


Noone should deny education. Education should be right of everyone

Akhilesh Patel (Raipur , 2022-08-28)


We stand with safoora zargar

Md Waseem Pasha (Bidar , 2022-08-28)


I want to support who are innocent and fighting with this dictator

Yogesh Dhanvate (Palghar , 2022-08-28)


I support Safoora, she should be able to pursue her studies at Jamia without the university undue attempts at cancelling her registration.

Ita Mehrotra (Delhi, 2022-08-28)


She is enocent

Shahid Shahid (Bidar, 2022-08-28)


I don't want religious barrier for education in our country.

Ishan Khurana (Gurugram, 2022-08-28)


We Stand With Safoora

MOHD. SUFIYAN (Ahmedabad, 2022-08-28)

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