Fight for Election Integrity in Lauderdale County



I believe the voters should choose our representatives.

Norma Patterson (Florence , 2022-09-07)


Fair rights

Regina Parrish (Florence , 2022-09-07)


We deserve the right of fair and accurate elections. Our vote does matter.

Jennifer Butler (Killen, 2022-09-07)


I want election integrity and for the people's vote to count!

Walter Patterson (Florence , 2022-09-07)


I demand my vote to count and represented.

Joel Hall (Florence, 2022-09-07)


I demand my vote and all the others who voted for her.

Debbie Hall (Florence , 2022-09-07)


I believe voters should decide who represents us.

Rebecca Peck (Florence , 2022-09-08)


Fair elections are important

Erika Rosenberg (Florence, 2022-09-08)


I’m signing because I respect Kimberly standing firm for what’s right and not cowering under pressure. For that reason alone she would be the quality of Representative needed.

Judith Grady (Florence , 2022-09-08)


Richard Underwood

Richard Underwood (Lexington , Al, 2022-09-08)


I believe in doing the right thing and being fair!!!!!

Diane Gifford (Killen, Alabama , 2022-09-08)


I believe all Americans should have their vote counted and only their vote counted for only the individuals they voted for and only counted once.

Chris James (Killen, AL, 2022-09-08)


I am signing because I demand election integrity be upheld. There is no excuse for Rinos being located in the great state of Alabama!!

Robert Howard (Florence , 2022-09-09)


I want justice in election integrity and the opportunity to vote for the rightful person.

Kayla Darby (Florence, 2022-09-09)


I believe in the voice of every registered American voter. I also believe in fair transparency of all elections…..local, state and federal.

William Glover (Florence , 2022-09-10)


The electorate should decide in a fair and just election. By signing this petition I am saying I want the people of Lauderdale County to fairly make the election decisions.

James Griffin (Florence , 2022-09-11)


I am singing this petition because I feel that I have been disenfranchised in my ability to vote for a candidate that I support. Kimberly is being criminalized trying to right a wrong that is not of her doing. I will simply say "shame on this Board for trying to deny the opinion of Lauderdale County voters who have supported Kimberly."

karen sanders (Florence, 2022-09-11)


I believe in her ability and desire to represent us.

Lisa Balentine (Kilken, 2022-09-12)


I’m signing because the GOP is supposedly the party of fair elections and needs to stand by that in action and not just words.

Steven Elkins (Florence , 2022-09-12)


I'm signing because I voted for Kimberly Butler for the executive committee. The "Sore Loser" clause is "Crap" in this situation because she is only following legal course of action for wronged election ballots. Whomever brought up this "Sore Loser" crap needs to join the other party which seems to be more in-line with their political beliefs.

David Mullins (Florence, 2022-09-12)


I believe in election integrity

Pamela Peck (Florence, 2022-09-12)


We need our voice heard

Lisa Poss (Elkmont, 2022-09-13)


I believe every single vote should count.

Gina Lewis (Lexington , 2022-09-13)


Isn't this the very thing that the Republican Party is trying to eradicate? Poorly run elections? I am stunned.

Catherine Scott (Killen, 2022-09-13)


It's the right thing to do. We talk about how the Democrats don't hold the election right and here you are as Republicans trying to do the same thing.

Margaret McDougal (Tuscumbia, 2022-09-13)


Kimberly Butler is one of the most honest people I know. We need more people like her and if this offends you then maybe it’s time for you to leave office.

Marcus Butler (Florence , 2022-09-13)


I am signing this petition because Alabama citizens are having their voting rights disenfranchised upon by their elected officials.

Dusty Smith (Sheffield, 2022-09-13)


It's not right the way she was done are the voters she should be able to stay on the committee

Sheila Waldrep (Lexington, 2022-09-13)


I have witnessed cheating first hand

Carol Hartung (Sheffield , 2022-09-13)


Election integrity is vital. When a mistake has been made and validated, it should be rectified.

Neysa Brown (Florence, 2022-09-13)


The board has divided our county in a very ridiculous attempt to divide us. Now our integrity in the voting is comprosed

Linda Minor (Florence, 2022-09-13)


Voter integrity is something that we, as Republicans have been fight for my entire life. I am very saddened to find out I must now speak out for voter integrity in my own district. I am very proud of Kimberly Butler for recognizing and following a legal path to prove that the election in my district 2 in the great state of Alabama had irregularities that changed the outcome of the election. She proposed a reasonable path forward, in my opinion, to right the mistake of giving voters the wrong ballet. She also took the time to follow established protocol to get signed affidavits to prove her case. I am saddened that the state Republican Committee chose to use the Democrat tactic of "let's just move on." Now my local Lauderdale County Republican Executive Board, which I have financially supported, wants to invoke a "sore loser," clause and disenfranchise 8000 voters who chose Kimberly Butler to be on the board? A sore loser has no evidence of voter irregularities and insists they won. That is not what Kimberly Butler has done. I am proud I voted for her and will be showing up next Thursday to voice my concerns in person.

Renee Mullins (Florence , 2022-09-13)



Heather Haraway (Rogersville , 2022-09-13)


Because we need better leadership

William Gallagher (Killen , 2022-09-13)


We need someone trustworthy to stand for our rights. Someone that is morally upstanding, someone that can't be bought!!! That person is KIMBERLY BUTLER!!!

Patricia Balentine (Florence , 2022-09-13)


This mistake cost a candidate the campaign after endless time and money spent to ensure qualifications. The ballet situation is in jeopardy of losing all voters confidence as is and should have been addressed before hand. And selfishly I hate to see Lauderdale Co. lose the home representative advantage to Limestone Co. which now is easily manipulated by the committee instead of the voters.

Hazel Cochran (Killen , 2022-09-13)


I think that we all deserve the right to a fair election.

Kala James (Killen, 2022-09-13)


Kimberly earned the right to be in the runoff and she should not be punished for her efforts. This is not election integrity it’s dishonesty.

Michael Lane (Florence , 2022-09-13)


I’m signing because elections should be fair and honest. When I vote I want my vote to count.

Teresa Darby (Florence, 2022-09-14)


I believe this petition helps support voters right to choose elected officials and I protest any political move to undermine the power of the voting public



The Sore Loser clause clearly does not apply to this issue.

Bobby Dolan (Florence, 2022-09-14)


Republican ballots were incorrect .

Reece Hibbett (Florence, 2022-09-14)


I am tired of the way politics is running in Alabama!

Bobby Balentine (Florence , 2022-09-15)


I am signing because Kimberly Butler was done wrong. She should have won that seat and election.

Shalico Pickering (Sheffiled, 2022-09-15)


Let the people's voice be heard!!

Daveen Stanford (Elkmont, 2022-09-16)

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