Salem Lakes Skate Park Petition



Bring on Skate Park, Darin Bruski would beam from the sky 😇

Dawn Bruski (Trevor, 2022-09-13)


There is a park in paddock lake, it’s a pretty unkempt park and there needs to be a safe park, and it would be a safe environment for everyone

Keyon Tenner (Kenosha , 2022-09-13)


It would be great for the kids!

Carly Dukes (Twin lakes, 2022-09-13)


Give people more stuff to do and create new hobbies, resulting in people making better decisions.

Jacob du Chemin (Twin lakes, 2022-09-13)


Jon Harvey is a good friend of mine. I appreciate the fact that he is trying to get something done so kids can have a safe place to skate and so kids don't do damage to public property. In my little town the only places to skate was the schools and we got kicked out regularly, so to have a skatepark for these kids is a very superb idea. Thanks.

Luz Arambula (Arvin, 2022-09-13)


I believe the skate park would be a great place for kids to get the exercise they need in a fun way.

Andrea Hovey (Middleton , 2022-09-14)


I think it’s a great outlet for our youth to try something different also is good for the kids that are already skateboarding, bmxing, scootering.

Ricardo Hernandez (Salem, 2022-09-14)


We need a good park locally

Tyler Ostrander (Twin lakes, 2022-09-14)


I'm signing because I ride a skate board and a scooter and it would be awesome for a park to open in my home town

Jared Daoust (Silverlake , 2022-09-14)


I live in Silver Lake Wisconsin myself, and have been skateboarding for years. I would love to see this project come to light, and believe it could help bring the community together better as well.

Blake Ramig (Silver lake, 2022-09-14)


Sk8ting is sick, everyone needs a sk8 park

Nate Auberger (Elkhorn, 2022-09-14)


We need a skate park and have needed one for much to long.

Jacob Paulson (Silver lake, 2022-09-14)


The skate community is growing and this would help to get kids active and have a fun, enjoyable new hobby.

Joey Kidd (Elkhorn, 2022-09-14)



Iain Shaff (Silver lake , 2022-09-14)


My kid will love this I grew up with one

Tyler Smith (Salem, 2022-09-14)


Im signing because i and soooo many orhers would love a skatepark in silver lake. Its a center area for people of all ages to gather and enjoy around. A skatepark near the lake would absolutely be the coolest thing.

Troy Jones (Silver lake, 2022-09-14)


i want a skatepark closer to me

brenden david (salem , 2022-09-14)


because skateparks get kids active and keep them healthy

cole fraley (trevor, 2022-09-15)


May son rides BMX and it is a far ride to other towns to ride there skate parks.

mike gough (Salem, 2022-09-15)


We need something new and safe fun in town for entertaining kids of all ages. There is not many things or places in the area for entertainment thats kid and teen age appropriate. It would be a great safe and healthy addition for our little town and people of our community. Im all for this!!

Brittany Felleti Cooper (Salem Lakes, 2022-09-15)


This is what kids need.

Phillip David (Salem, 2022-09-15)


I have to drive all the way to lake Geneva just to go to a decent skate park

Anthony Hudson (Salem, 2022-09-15)


Skateparks are beneficial because they promote health and healthy lifestyles, skateboarding is an activity for all ages and genders, they promote less crime as people in the community have a place to go with something to do. Skateparks are also great for the community as many people who don’t skate like to come watch the activity.

Greg Roberts (Chicago , 2022-09-15)


My son is an up and coming boarder who does not have anywhere to go near us without driving 20+ mins to get there one way. He would love and benefit from this greatly!!

Rebecca Sharrard (Salem, 2022-09-16)



Michael Strobach (Salem, 2022-09-16)


Want a new park

Ty Tkadletz (Antioch, 2022-09-16)


I’ve been going to skateparks my whole life it shaped me to be the man I am. It’s a great way for kids to be active and meet. Please please build one for the kids!

Anthony Napoli (Trevor , 2022-09-16)


As a resident of Salem Lakes for the last 12 years, I know there is a large skate community, most residing in Silver Lake itself. This would make it easier for kids without transportation to be active throughout the warm months rather then having to travel to the nearest skate park in Paddock Lake that is small and out dated.

Taylor Hover (Silver Lake, 2022-09-16)


Kenosha county needs more skateparks

Tyler Schell (Twin lakes, 2022-09-16)


Skate or die
Skate every day
Skate life

Hunter Benser (Paddock lake, 2022-09-16)


My fiancé loves to skate

Katelyn Mangold (Salem, 2022-09-16)


A good way for athletes to express them selves. And we don’t have enough skate parks. Growing up as a kid that was the best times of my life.

Howard Odle (Milwaukee , 2022-09-16)


Kids need something to do in salem lakes.

Dawn Maritch (Silver lake, 2022-09-17)


I think it’s a great idea. And it will keep the kids unplugged and outside!

Cynthia Ann (Silver Lake, 2022-09-17)


Kids need activities and places like this to go

Derrick Buxton (Twin lakes, 2022-09-17)


This is a good community idea for kids

Nicki Kusters (Silver lake, 2022-09-17)


A skate park would be great for the communities kids

Chasity Vroman (Silver Lake , 2022-09-17)


I'm signing this because I believe there should be more outdoor activities for kids. Skating would be a great addition to the community. Anything to keep more kids outside and less on electronics.

Scott Beth (Salem, 2022-09-18)


I wanna skate this new park:)

Gabriel Haston (Santa Rosa beach, 2022-09-18)


I think this idea is great

Skyler Butler (Twin lakes, 2022-09-18)


I think this idea is great

Skyler Butler (Twin lakes, 2022-09-18)


Teens need a place to go other than the streets

Sean Devries (Kenosha, 2022-09-18)


I'm signing because I feel it's good to have safe spaces for kids to get together and get fresh air and exercise.

Dawn Jurkiewicz (Silver Lake , 2022-09-19)


Skating is a good outlet for kids.
A skate park helps keep them off the streets and away from business.

Greg Miller (Mount Pleasant, 2022-09-19)


I love skating and everyone should have a nice safe spot to skate.

Owen Goebel (Lake Geneva, 2022-09-20)


Signing because I grew skating and riding BMX. i helped fund the skatepark in my hometown of spring grove IL and it have us a safe place to hangout and skate legally without causing trouble.

Andrew Reza (TREVOR, 2022-09-20)


Would be a nice thing for the kids and would get them outside more

Wyatt Debell (Burlington , 2022-09-20)


Who wouldn’t want a skate park

Isaac Brodsko (Silver lake, 2022-09-20)


I wanna skate a different park

Christopher Sparks (Round lake, 2022-09-20)


I think there should be a skate park to allow kids to enjoy their hobbies close to home

Morgan Korus (Salem, 2022-09-20)


It will give kids something to do and have fun. It's productive and will keep them out of trouble. We need more stuff for our kids in the community.

Connie Balding (Silver lake, 2022-09-20)


I’m having a boy and I’ve always been into skateboards longboards as a kid and I would love to see him enjoy this one day.

Lexi Voss (Silver Lake, 2022-09-20)


I feel like it

Jordan Just (Eustis , 2022-09-20)


This place really needs a decent skatepark. It would help the community come together and bond over a sport. Healthy and keeps kids out of trouble.

Dante Simrow (Lake Geneva , 2022-09-20)


Kids that skate stay out of trouble and have a place to go.

Jayson Lucas (Sycamore, 2022-09-20)


I love skateparks and riding and we need better skateparks in the area

Everett Tkadletz (Antioch, 2022-09-20)


I'm signing because me and the boys would love a new spot to skate. It would be awesome to skate a closer park then to get kicked out of every street spot I know.

Alex Otero (Kenosha, 2022-09-20)


I've been very good friends with Jon for many years and support his vision. Great for the community!

Robert Luxem (Racine, 2022-09-20)


I’m signing this because I have friends that live in the area of this park, and I want to support them and see them get an awesome park built.

Taylor Carr (Burlington, 2022-09-23)


So we need a skatepark in Salem lakes, to give the kids something to do.

Nancy Tedesco (Salem Lakes, 2022-09-23)


I lived in silverlake from age 5 to 20 and I grew up skating the streets in silverlake. Getting kicked out of every single spot cops constantly harassing me this would be an amazing thing for silverlake.

Jonathan Taylor (Somers, 2022-09-25)

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