PETITION requesting URGENT assistance with ELGIN BRIDGE



SI combrinck

Susan Combrinck (Kempton Park, 2022-10-03)


Trucks constantly get stuck under this bridge. The road are already horrendous then we are stuck with this nonsense

Ciska Brits (Kempton Park , 2022-10-03)


It causes chaos everytime a truck get stuck under the bridge. Its causes very bad traffic congestion going into Birchleigh and going out of Birchleigh when a truck is stuck.

Ria Pieters (Birchleigh , 2022-10-03)


I use that road at lease once a day

Wendy de Rooij (Kempton Park, 2022-10-03)


The lack of signage is a hazard

Nathalie Greenfield (Kempton park, 2022-10-03)


I am a resident of Kempton park. Trucks getting stuck under this bridge far too often

Ansie Bates (Kempton park, 2022-10-03)


With current fuel prices one cannot afford extra time sitting and waiting wasting fuel or driving alternative longer routes.

Antonie JJ De Kock (Kempton Park, 2022-10-03)


This is a hazard that had been ongoing for years and nothing constructive has been done about it.

Marie Zul h (Kempton Park, 2022-10-03)


its a VERY busy road and the trucks causes absolute havoc when they get stuck there

Karien Theunissen (Kempton Park, 2022-10-03)


I am tired of Tru k drivers that don't adhere to road rules and cause havoc when they get stuck. This can help for future truck drivers to know that the bride is off limits

NATANYA GERBER (Kempton Park, 2022-10-03)


I would like to see a solution for this on going problem.

Johann Nell (Kemtonpark , 2022-10-03)


There always was a structure that warned truck drivers but it was removed long ago and since then endless trouble

Annamarie Nicholson (Kempton park, 2022-10-03)


I use the Elgin road under the bridge daily and its truly a hassle and utterni convenience with the number of trucks that get stuck under that bridge. Also, the bridge infrastructure is being damage with each stuck truck.

Dale Fox (Van Riebeeckpark, Ekurhuleni, 2022-10-03)


I am signing this petition because I am gatvol.

Amélia Van der Merwe (Kempton Park, 2022-10-03)


I am FED UP with the overall performance of COE. If they can start AND finish this project, there just might be hope for us yet

Jeremy Smit (Kempton Park , 2022-10-03)


This infrastructure rectification is long overdue. This bridge should have been replaced before the City gave the OK for all the additional units that were built close to the bridge.

Anne Engelbrecht (Kempton Park, 2022-10-03)


I travel that road every day, and 2 to 3 times a week there is a truck stuck. Why dont they give the drivers heavy penalties or fines? It is just ignorance on the drivers side.

Berdine Rademeyer (Kempton Park, 2022-10-03)


For better traffic flow and less to none crime area

Petro Rheeder (Kempton Park , 2022-10-03)


It is a structural hazard to the bridge and a great time loss for recidents using Elgin Rd. Can't the municipality build a road from Pretoria Rd to Soutpansberg Rd in the vicinity of the Pitch and Pay.

Marius Wessels (Norkem Park, 2022-10-03)


The drivers blatantly ignore the current signs. They have no clue on the size and hight of the trucks they drive. For the drivers who does realise they wont fit block traffic trying to either reverse or turn around

Hannes Engelbrecht (Kempton Park, 2022-10-03)


Am a concern resident

Willy Mahlangu (Kempton Park, 2022-10-03)


High vehicles disrupt traffic causing unnecessary disruptiobs. Heavy vehicle drivers do not see the existing signage, suggest a height barrier be placed on Pretoria Road both N and S lanes before the circle anfd on Elgin Road before the traffic lights to allow high body vehicles to divert and use alternative routes.

Johannes Fyfer (Kempton Park, 2022-10-03)


It's about time something was done so that stupid truck drivers won't get stuck all the time causing havoc.

Elspeth Meumann (Kempton Park, 2022-10-03)


This can not go on.

Laetitia-Mari Botha (Kemptonpark, 2022-10-03)


The total disruption of traffic... only 3 points to cross the railway line from Norkem Park

Leo Kleyn (Kempton Park , 2022-10-03)


I'm because there is no control over access to Elgin road, this is a suburban road! Why are trucks on it anyway

George Mok (Kempton Park , 2022-10-03)


It is a nightmare when a truck gets struck under the bridge and I end up taking the kids late to school and I am late for work

Cassandra Manickum (Gauteng , 2022-10-03)


This bridge has been a problem for as long as I have been in Kempton Park. Put barriers up sothat the truck driver is aware that if he/she hits the barrier they will hit the bridge.

Manlio Molino (Kempton Park, 2022-10-03)


We are continually inconvenienced by truck drivers who do not understand the height signage and block the traffic by either getting stuck or needing to do dangerous backing up movements to avoid the bridge.

Caroline Brink (Kempton park , 2022-10-03)


The situation with the bridge is out of control.

Marnus Olivier (Kempton Park, 2022-10-03)


The bridge needs sign

Mpho Serekego (Kempton park , 2022-10-03)


It is so frustrating and a waste of valuable time to be caught up in the build up of traffic while waiting for the bridge to be cleared.

Maynard Kumm (Kempton Park , 2022-10-03)


Over the years that bridge keep on taking knocks and it is a main entrance to Birchleigh. Something needs to be done.

Kobus Nortje (Kempton Park , 2022-10-03)


Causes damage to property and obstruction to traffic flow

John van Aswegen (HARMELIA, 2022-10-03)


I'm signing because the traffic affects us all

Candice Eaton (Kempton Park, 2022-10-03)


20 years ago there use to be height warning poles with chains and weights before trucks approached the subway' s bridge they should be considered again

STELLA DU PREEZ (Kempton Park, 2022-10-03)


This Bridge has been a problem for more than 40 years and NOTHING is done about it. TEAR IT DOWN and build a new one!!

Richard Brits (Kempton Park, 2022-10-03)


This road affects my daily commute between work and home

Sophia Schoeman (Kempton Park , 2022-10-04)


I totally agree with the above grievances with regards Elgin Bridge

Marguerite Brown (Kempton Park, 2022-10-04)


This is a frustration to all commuters making use of this road. These vehicles getting stuck under the bridge happens almost on a daily basis and is causing havoc during peak-time traffic. We need a solution to this issue and we need it fast.

Jan Grobler (Kempton Park, 2022-10-04)


This problem is constantly causing major disruption, financial & physical, to all users of the subway bridge

Neill Mitchell (Kempton Park , 2022-10-04)


I get stuck in the traffic when trucks/buses get stuck. The bridge is getting damaged and worried of the safety of the bridge collapsing.

Anja Bam (Kempton Park, 2022-10-04)


This bridge situation is exhausting and we need potholes to be fixed as well

Yoliswa Sodwele (Kempton park , 2022-10-04)


I support this reqest and demand service delivery

Windson Hillocks (Kempton park, 2022-10-04)


The traffic is mad at all times

Wesley Coomer (Johannesburg, 2022-10-04)


I live in Kempton Park and frequently pass underneath Elgin Bridge. Been late and frustrated plenty times due to trucks stuck under the bridge.

Paul van der Walt (Kempton Park, 2022-10-04)


Im driving there every single day

Anle De Villiers (Kempton Park, 2022-10-04)


There is always and for ever problems at the bridge, cause it is not high enough for trucks to get through, and get stuck, and that cause endless tragic jams and frustrations of the public.
So please do something about it plse.

Helen Oosthuizen (Kempton Park, 2022-10-04)


I am always late because al that bridge

Johan Mostert (Kempton Park, 2022-10-04)


I'm signing this petition becoz there are too many promises from the gov and nothing is being done, as the residents of this area is tired of this shit going on for too long .

Valene Boodhoo (Kempton park, 2022-10-05)


It's an absolute disgrace what Kemptonpark has become. There js no proud in our town. Roads are a utter disgrace. And not to complain about the trucks getting stuck underneath the Elgin Bridge and continue doing so

Van Tonder Lindie (Kemptonpark , 2022-10-05)


I am tired of struggling to get to work because of drivers that can't read and doesn't understand road signs.

Annelize Botha (Kempton , 2022-10-05)


It is such an inconvenience, and it's every single day that you hear a truck is stuck underneath the bridge

Angela Dugtig (Kempton park , 2022-10-05)


Our municpality is poor and cannot apply basic things .
No proper signs or visibility of officers
Proper lack of upgrades to old infrastructures.

Willie Mynhardt (Kempton park, 2022-10-05)


I feel the situation needs to be rectified to allow for smooth traffic flow

Martin Gray (Birchleigh North , 2022-10-06)


This bridge is a hazard to all, and causes endless frustration when there is something stuck under it

Glenda Coxen (Kempton Park, 2022-10-06)


Sick and tired of incompetence

Renette Swart (Birchleigh, 2022-10-09)


Tired of trucks getting stuck under Elgin bridge

Phillip Froneman (Kempton Park, 2022-10-12)


It is such a problem for the traffic I. The area and I am worried about the structure of the bridge taking such a battery

Michelle Grobler (Kempton park, 2022-10-12)


It is fustrating if the trucks use the road and get stuck under the bridge for they are to high.

Marie Kruger (kempton park, 2022-10-12)


I agree 💯 with this

Cholofelo Patrick Rankoko (Please select..., 2022-10-19)


Tired of the struggle with traffic when a truck is stuck under the bridge. And it cause damage to the bridge.

Nellie Van Der Walt (Kempton Park , 2022-10-19)


It's a problem with trucks getting stuck all the time and holding up trafic

Anne-Marie Bosch (Kempton Park, 2022-10-25)


I am also a resident that is affected by this.

Melissa Olivier (Kempton Park, 2022-10-25)


One day this bridge, which has stood the test of time in being sturdy, solid and dependable will have taken one too many knocks and come crushing down. In turn this wil cause a multitude of damages and loss of life from the railway line etc. It is also a frustration when you are on time and all of a sudden get caught in traffic due to the bridge being blocked by yet another truck being stuck.

Corinne Joubert (Kempton Park, 2022-10-25)


Elgin Bridge is permanently a MESS, There are always truck that are stuck under the bridge.

Roxanne Mars (Kempton Park, 2022-10-25)


A matter of urgency

Makgabo Jane Kubjana (Kempton Park, 2022-10-25)


I am signing because. Petrol is expensive. When ever there is a stuck truck.. It means i must reroute

Mbulelo Beya (Kempton Park, 2022-10-25)


That bridge is at risk all trucks get stuck

Sherley Smith (Van Riebeeckpark, 2022-10-25)