The Friends Of Kūhiō Beach Surfboard Racks wants to work with the City and County of Honolulu to rebuild the surfboard rental lockers at Kūhiō Beach Park.



For keeping a surfing culture

Maki Mikami (Honoluk, 2022-10-30)


Support wave riding culture in Hawai'i.

Michael O (Honolulu, 2022-10-30)


Weʻve lost 6 surfboards in both fires and we want to continue surfing and meeting with friends at the gathering place that is “The Racks.” The tradition of surfing in Waikiki is “forever” and the surfboard racks have allowed that special tradition to continue. Rebuilding the surfboard racks is important. Let’s continue the surfing tradition in Waikiki.

Leonard Jenkins (Honolulu, 2022-10-31)


I support the local community and surf lockers

Joshua Yamada (Hilo, 2022-10-31)


I had a couple lockers there and have a child, I am an older parent so trying to get to the beach carrying my board and my child was exhausting. I stopped coming down to Waikiki after the fire took out our home away from home. Also, we were a thriving community of friends who became family, and now there is no where for us to connect to one another. I haven’t seen my family at Waikiki in ages. That along with the decrease in parking options for locals has been devastating!! Please bring back the racks!!!! We

Roxanne Young (Honolulu, 2022-10-31)


This is the right thing to do for the locals.

Jessie Cardoza (Sacramento, 2022-10-31)


I had a locker there for years and lost my SUP in the first fire. I moved away but would like to see the racks put back in so if I move back in the future I would have a place to put my board. It was always a great place to hang out and talk story and see friends.

Jimmy Lehr (Miami Beach , 2022-10-31)


I’m a frequent user of the boards there at the beach when I visit “home”.

Mike Mills (Imbler, 2022-10-31)


I surf there and miss these storage spots terribly and am on a budget.

Constance Saunders (HONOLULU, 2022-10-31)


I’m 62 years old. I’ve gained 20 pounds since the city tore down the lockers. I’ve rented a locker there for the past 30+ years. I took my children and even grandchildren for their first surfboard rides there. I lost boards in both fires. Big deal. Everyone that lost boards still want the lockers. Parking at Kapiolani parking and walking to the lockers was a pleasure. Doing the walk carrying a 12 foot long board is impossible at my age and condition.

Edward Brinkman (Honolulu, 2022-10-31)


I’m signing because of all the older folks and young kids that want to surf in Waikiki but unable to carry their boards to the beach. Leaving our boards at the beach locker in Waikiki eliminates the hassles and allows easy access like it always has. Bring back the racks so we and people after us can enjoy Waikiki surf again.

Jonathan Kealakai (Honolulu, 2022-10-31)


The Kuhio Beach Surfboard Racks provide a valuable service to its kupuna (elder) renters and to generations of surfers and their ohana’s mental and physical well-being, by alleviating the burdensome task of having to transport their surfboards to the beach in order to access Waikiki’s world-renowned surf breaks called “Canoes” and “Queens.”

Alexander Drum (Honolulu, 2022-10-31)


The surf racks belong in Waikiki. It is a part of the culture and values of the community of Waikiki.
At the very least, racks should be built to accommodate our kupuna who rely on surfing as their only form of exercise. You could make an age requirement to have a stall.

Aaron Rutledge (Honolulu , 2022-10-31)


Many of my older friends used the racks, and one day I may need to use the racks.

Don Hulen (Honolulu, 2022-10-31)


I really love there!!

Mariko Nishikawa (KYOTO, 2022-10-31)


The racks are an essential piece of infrastructure, history, and culture.

They rebuilt the World Trade Center, right?

Duncan James (NY, NY, 2022-10-31)


You sign it because, I lost my board in the fire the first time the second time and this is ridiculous. I’m 75 years old and I like surf in the morning before it gets crowded. I cannot carry my board to the beach. I like to just grab and go . I miss my friends, I miss the ocean, I miss surfing in the morning . Please rebuild the racks.

Jeanne Scott (Honolulu , 2022-10-31)


Because its wrong what the state is doing with police 2’ feet away!

Mokihana Iida (Waimanalo, 2022-10-31)


I've been a surfboard locker renter and would love to have them back.

Moses Murakami (Kailua, 2022-10-31)


I’m 77.5 years old. It is very difficult for me too haul my huge, old man boards to and from the beach.

Nathan Mau (Honolulu , 2022-10-31)


The Surfboard Lockers were an iconic landmark, something that made Waikiki so unique and special. The Lockers provided a true Hawaiian sense of place. For visitors, it was an extraordinary feature; they were awestruck at the sight of them. For us locals, it gave us a gathering place and a sense of community. Everything unique to Waikiki is disappearing (King's Village, International Market Place, Lewers Street, etc). Please don't let the Lockers become another casualty. Don't let the bad guys win!

Clare Kingsley (Honolulu, 2022-10-31)


I'm signing because I'm a Kupuna who loves our Oceans and we need to keep our Aloha on the Beach in Waikiki. The Racks have been put here for US to keep the Aloha on the Beach. Now to have taken Our Aina away from our Kapuna.

Michael CrushOur Kapuna (Mililani, 2022-10-31)


I am a former locker owner who used my board every day. I really wish the community could go back to having our very important lockers.

Kelly Jones (Honolulu, 2022-11-01)


I’m a kupuna with arthritis and I treasured the convenience of storing my eleven foot surfboard close to the beach.

Joseph Natividad (Honolulu , 2022-11-01)


I’m signing because the surf board rack is a community of people of all ages and abilities who meet and share the aloha spirit to its fullest. It has been severely missed especially by the eldest surfers who rely on people helping them get into the water and enjoy their last days out on the water. Please please please rebuild the lockers for all of us young and old f

Gail La Roque (Los Altos, 2022-11-01)


Stop messing with the things that make Waikiki, Waikiki, and what makes Hawaii, Hawaii!!!

Derek Hiapo (Honolulu , 2022-11-01)


It's the right thing to do!!!

Malia Marquez (Honolulu, 2022-11-01)


Preserve Waikiki beach.

Mikey Chun (Woodland Hills , 2022-11-01)


I had a 10 foot Wardy in those lockers in the mid 70's when I was a young surfer. I am now 57 and still surfing. This locker was certainly helpfull in my surfing evelution. This is one of many reasons to rebuild. Derk Mueller

Derk Mueller (edmonton, 2022-11-01)


The City should help hundreds of residents enjoy the sport of surfing, particularly the kapuna who are now unable to surf because they are unable to carry surfboards to the beach.

Joe McMillin (Honolulu HI, 2022-11-01)


The tradition and utility of the surfboard lockers must be allowed to remain and flourish as Waikiki is the cradle of the birth of surfing around the world.

Steve Holmes (Honolulu, 2022-11-01)


We need the surf racks for those who cannot carry their boards and for our Kupuna. This should have been discussed with the surf rack community prior to destroying the racks. There are multiple solutions to make this work in Waikiki.

Linda Kea (Honolulu, 2022-11-01)


I’m signing because those surfboards and crew are part of the community.

Haunani E Bautista (San Diego, 2022-11-01)


My wife and I have had two racks the the Kuhio Beach Racks. It is the heart of Waikiki's surfing community. Many people are no longer surfing there because of the inability to get there surfboards to the beach. We need new racks!

Greg Cochran (Santa Cruz, 2022-11-01)


My husband stored his board there until it burned in the second fire, but he still wants to store his board there again.

Michelle Clark (Honolulu, 2022-11-01)


I hope to rent a rack

Daniel Brown (El Granada , 2022-11-01)


I would like to see the racks rebuilt

Dave Welles (Santa Cruz, 2022-11-01)


We must take care of our Ohana always. I may not be at home in Hawaii, but she is ALWAYS in my heart and prayers. Mahalo for doing this, and it is a pleasure to sign and share. Aloha🤙🏻

Tina Jackson (York, 2022-11-01)


I am a kupuna that has surfed everyday and had my board in the racks for 30 years. My surfing has almost completely stopped because my board is just to heavy to carry to and from the park everyday. We are somewhat isolated where we live so the daily dose of Ohana at the beach is over and honestly I miss it. I know we can find a way to compromise and bring this iconic historical site back to Waikiki.

D’Lane McMillin (Honolulu, 2022-11-01)


I am signing this because I have surfed this part of Hawaii for over 40 years and rented space in lockers for many years. I haven’t had a space for several years, but the convenience accessibility to the racks is sorely missed by all. The racks were basically a historical landmark for the surfing community.

Max Werner (Vacaville , 2022-11-01)


I feel that this is a vital part of the community and culture of Hawai'i.

Alexis Kalmanson (Cooper city, 2022-11-01)


I have elderly friends who had their boards there and now have a harder time getting to surf

Leon Darley (Long Beach, 2022-11-01)


It is important for our senior surfers to have access to storage near the beach to promote ocean enjoyment and a healthy life. The Duke would have supported this petition.

Steven Businger (Honolulu, 2022-11-02)


I agree with the above statement and feel that the locker are a special part of the Waikiki surf community. As a former tenant of the lockers and as a singe mother to a young child the lockers provided me with an easy and safe place to store my surfboard. This easy access to the surf break made it possible to enjoy the waves with my young son. Now it is much more challenging to get my surfboard down to the beach so majority of the time decide not to go surfing there which is a very sad result of the locker fire. I grew up surfing at canoes and I would like to continue this surf tradition with my son.

Candide Krieger (Honolulu , 2022-11-02)


The surf lockers allowed my 77 year old father to surf almost daily. Without them, it is difficult for him to carry his surfboard to and from the beach. Please bring back for lockers!

Stacy Paek (San Marino, California, 2022-11-02)


I believe the surfers deserve to have the board storage back. prosecute the CRIMINAL who burned them down and punish him, NOT the long-time surfers doing the right thing!! This is backwards and needs to be corrected!! thanks!!

John Mair (Honolulu, 2022-11-02)


I had boards in racks because i live too far to carry boards to beach. I am 65 and appreciate not having to carry them

Karen StGermaine (Honolulu, 2022-11-02)


It’s part Of Waikiki’s histpryy

Carly Parker (Honolulu, 2022-11-02)


I have a dear friend who’s been using the locker racks at KBP for decades. Our kapuna need these racks.

Michelle McCulloch (Aiea, 2022-11-02)


A joy of my day was having a chance to enjoy the ocean either before work, or after work. Getting a long oard up to the beach now in an arduous challenge. In addition, the racks introduced me to a community of passionate surfers, creating deep friendships which still continue to this day!

Owen O'Callaghan (Honolulu , 2022-11-02)


Mu uncle Cowboy Rosa was one of the original beach boys. Those were the days.

Holly Neves (Kailua, 2022-11-02)


The users of these racks have been instrumental in helping me enjoy surfing at Waikiki and fulfill my many vacations to Oahu.

Robert Gladney (Riverview, 2022-11-02)


I support the building of the surf board racks

Nadine Kapalu (Honolulu , 2022-11-02)


I want the racks rebuilt

Melissa Kurpinski (Honolulu , 2022-11-02)


Please rebuild the surfboard racks! For the sake of the history of surfing and especially for our community. Too many of our kupuna have had to give up their surfing and its social aspect as they can no longer get a board to the beach. Please respect and support our heritage - rebuild the racks.

Karen Cochran (Santa Cruz, 2022-11-02)


I have been a user of the lockers in the past and enjoyed keeping our family boards there!

James Covell (Waialua , 2022-11-02)


It is a necessary amenity for our kupuna

Ryan Kimizuka (Honolulu , 2022-11-02)


I believe in the historical significance of the Waikiki Surfboard Racks.

Sean Kimizuka (Honolulu, 2022-11-02)


I have had a locker here since before Enterprise Services took over. I am now 73 years old. Finding parking and getting my longboard to the beach are becoming more and more difficult. The lockers helped me stay in the water and stay physically fit and emotionally well.

Ken Zima (Sandy , 2022-11-02)


This is where I first got on a surfboard in 1975.

Francie Aylward (Rockford, 2022-11-02)


Because it’s a piece of history!!! Plus a lot of the uncles and aunties have a hard time carrying it from their homes to the beach. With the lockers already at the beach it’s not a problem.

If you are so concerned about the fire maybe you should talk with HPD since their office is in front of the racks.

Creggie Takasane (Honolulu , 2022-11-03)


Please bring the racks bsck!

Joseph Gawzner (Honolulu , 2022-11-03)


I have several older friends who used the racks and now they have trouble getting to the beach with their surfboards. Please rebuild to help the locals go surfing at their local beach!

Lisa Ryner (PACIFICA, 2022-11-03)


I surfed Waikiki regularly since the mid 1970s, and have centered so much of my life around that beach and the surf community. The connections linking us from those days to these are certainly apparent in the social and cultural significance of the surf racks, a place where the beachboys and rack's regulars formed friendships bridging differences in age, ethnicity, gender, and social/political/religious beliefs. All because of the common denominator of surfing. I never did apply for a locker in all those years of surfing there, because I was young and strong and able to carry my board. Finally, though, after the first fire when the racks were rebuilt, I did get a locker, bought a new board, (put four locks on it 🤣), and lost it soon after anyway, in the second fire. I'll be 67 on my next birthday, and have been looking forward to spending these golden years with the many friends and memories from the surf racks. Now it's just another crowded beach with no heart and soul. Please reconsider how this affects our community. Mahalo

Virginia (ginny) Cabato (Honolulu , 2022-11-03)


I’m signing because I learned to surf in Waikiki & did not have access to transporting a board at that time. Parking in Waikiki is difficult for locals! I agree that transporting a board is especially hard for our kapuna who surf Waikiki!!

Jackie Hulen (Honolulu , 2022-11-03)


these racks are as iconic as the Royal Hawaiian and need to be restored.

stefanie phillips (Pacifica, 2022-11-03)


The Kupuna I grew up with don’t and can’t surf Waikiki anymore and should have the chance and right .

Micah Piedvache (Honolulu , 2022-11-03)


Surfing helped me make a life and later saved my life!

Carliss Kalika Abejon Akakeone (Burbank, 2022-11-03)


The lockers are an important part of the unique surfing culture in Waikiki.

John Wingard (honolulu, 2022-11-04)


I'm signing this petition in support of all the surfers who have come before me and all who will come long after me. The board racks are an important part of the community and have been for decades. So many positive benefits having them and its part of Waikiki's history. Not having them is also detrimental to so many Kapuna.

Chris Chiechi-Radich (Honolulu, 2022-11-04)


I’m signing because for the last 18 years I was living in Honolulu and spent countless days surfing Waikiki with friends & family. Our boards were in those lockers.

Jim Weisiger (San Diego, 2022-11-04)


These lockers are about equity. Those who might not be able to afford to live beachside are still able to store and use boards. Like the beaches, it should belong to everyone. They are the heart of Waikiki. Please bring them back.

Linda Acosta (Honolulu , 2022-11-04)


The racks were important to many locals, especially if they didn’t have the ability to move a board by car/truck to a surfing beach. This adversely affects residents’ ability to enjoy a healthy activity that feeds mind body and soul. Please reconsider.

Arlene Bishop (Lantzville , 2022-11-04)


We loved using the lockers !

Jeff Farquar (San Diego, 2022-11-04)


I’m signing because the hotel is not interested in the health friendship and community of all of our elders surfers that store their boards there, much less anyone it seems. Bring back the racks, even as said in a limited structure, they have been a part of our culture and history for a long time, and mean so much more then a $700 a night hotel room

Deb Walker (San Francisco, 2022-11-04)


This has been one of the many enemblematic spots for locals and visitors to spend time in. Its like ripping away of piece of history from Waikiki.

Lisbeth Dervisevic (Oahu, 2022-11-04)


I want to rent a rack

Jieun Jeon (Honolulu, 2022-11-04)


Waikiki is like my second home. I grew up plying the shores of Waikiki, swimming and surfing.
The racks were more than a place to store our boards but a gathering place to share our love for the ocean but also a place to share our Aloha with everyone.
Me ke aloha pumehana. Randy Mark

Randy Mark (Honolulu , 2022-11-04)


I am a previous tenant of the locker and it helped alleviate the hassles of storing by board in my condo, having a less than desirable board size to fit in my elevator and needing a rack on my car to transport it to the beach.

Derek Marabellas (Honolulu, 2022-11-04)


The racks are as iconic as diamond head..

Jay Pirotte (Katy, 2022-11-04)


Surfing is Hawaii's #1 pastime and Waikiki Beach is where Tourists learn about the sport. If there are no racks small-time vendors and private users will not be able to store their Surfboards. By not bringing back the racks the City is allowing the Arsonists and Big Surfboard vendors to win. Sam Mitchell Makiki NB-10

Samuel Mitchell (Honolulu, 2022-11-04)


We need a safe place to store our boards. Mahalo

Kurt Greenbaum (HONOLULU, 2022-11-04)


My Japanese Sister surfs there everyday! She has many friends who surf there as well. Having the racks will ensure that the surfers continue to enjoy surfing at that location and the racks make it convenient for them to lock up their boards.

LuAnn Hetherington (Harrisburg, 2022-11-04)


I need a place to store my board. I have a hard time transporting my longboard to and from Canoes surf break.

Jon Graham (Honolulu, 2022-11-05)


Even though I lost a surfboard on the first fire
And lost another board on the second fire I truly believe is a good place for us retired old guys that love to surf Waikiki most of us retired old guys get our work out just to get out so ever since the last fire my exercise
Have been down 75 percent so please consider and think about us old guys and help bring the surf board lockers back
Mahalo John G.

John Gerodias (Honolulu, Hawaii , 2022-11-05)


I have been able to keep my boards in the racks whenever I’m back in Waikiki surfing, several times a year, for the last 40 years due to the generosity of friends that I’ve made and now consider Ohana all because of hanging out before and after surf sessions at the racks. The racks were way more than a place to store a surfboard, they were a gathering place and a huge part of the surf culture in Waikiki and a place where kapuna and keiki alike could keep boards to be able to enjoy the sport and lifestyle they love and the ohana that comes with it. It’s really disheartening to see how many kapuna that I used to see out surfing every day don’t even come to the beach anymore. On my last trip in September, with the racks being totally gone, it didn’t even feel like the same place. It seems like Waikiki loses a little more of it’s Hawaiian soul every trip back and the racks were a big part of that soul. It’s time to stop letting big hotel money dictate what visitors, and more importantly, the local people are able to access and enjoy. There are a lot of people who don’t have a place to keep a longboard where they live or aren’t physically able to carry one to and from the beach. Bring back the racks and restore some of the soul back to Waikiki. Huge mahalo to everyone who is fighting for the racks!

Bob Gibbons (Bellingham, 2022-11-05)


I’m signing because this is such integral part of Hawaiis culture and identity. Without these board racks it would take away the spirit of surfing and Hawaii. Not to mention it’s a good source of income for Hawaii.

Reid Wicklund (Kaneohe, 2022-11-05)


I had two surfboards one in each fire that was caused by some one and my board’s were both brand new

Gordon Keaulana (Honolulu , 2022-11-05)


I am signing because I have friends that are Honolulu residence, and senior citizens, who serve. Losing the racks, has adversely affected their quality of life.

Antoinette Cresci de la Torre (Pacifica, 2022-11-05)


I grew up there and am a adaptive surfer I would like to leave my board there for accessible. I am the co founder of Accessurf Aloha

Richard Julian (Honolulu , 2022-11-05)


I’m signing this petition because I would never have been able to carry my board to the beach. I didn’t take up surfing/paddle boarding until I retired and the exercise has kept me really fit. The racks were a lifeline to me and my late wife. She was able to continue surfing whilst suffering from cancer. I haven’t been out since the fires and I miss it.

Brian Hawkins (Honolulu, 2022-11-05)


It's to hard to carry my board all the way to the beach so I can surf.

Roy Takabayashi (Honolulu , 2022-11-06)


Please rebuild the surf rack. It’s the little things that matter most.

Edward Fiel (Honolulu , 2022-11-06)


Racks belong there

Ana Benko (Kailua, 2022-11-06)


I believe the racks should be back

Gordie Benko (Kailua, 2022-11-06)


I agree the surfboard lockers are a valuable asset to the local surfing community and should be replaced.

I also agree that with input from all of the stakeholders and careful planning the risk of future fires and associated damage can be prevented or significant reduced.

Thomas Radich (Honolulu , 2022-11-06)


I need to have a board down there. I lost 4 boards in the fires but I’m willing to take another chance. My life has been awful not being able to surf

Karen Schmidt (Honolulu, 2022-11-07)


Our kupuna, people who can’t store. Transport or carry board to beach need a home for their boards. It’s all they knew. It’s like taking all the parking away or closing the streets so you got a walk. It’s something that’s always been there and should remain that way.

Jen Rust (Honolulu , 2022-11-08)


I am supporting this petition wholeheartedly. I’ve had a locker in Waikiki for 18 years. The convenience and access to the beach meant I could surf more often and easily. I’m now 70 years old, and the loss of the SurfLocker has been devastating to me. Finding an alternative solution has been impossible. I speak for all the surf locker owners, but particularly for those seniors- we need the city’s leadership for us to access our home surf break.

Linda Orozco (Honolulu, 2022-11-08)


My wife lost boards in both fires and I think the city owes it to the surfing community to rebuilt the racks.

Gary Strange (Honolulu, 2022-11-08)


These lockers have made it able for a lot of people that don’t live near the beach to afford access to one of Hawaii’ s greatest sports. The fact that you haven’t brought them back yet is utterly ridiculous. It’s like you support the tourist more then the kamaaina. Please,please bring back these lockers.

Dave Coffin (Honolulu, 2022-11-08)


It's a convenient for surfers to lock there boards there. Not all have vehicles. Security is needed. Physical and technical.

Kerry Mews (Honolulu , 2022-11-09)


The racks are utilized by many who are able to store their boards and surf at their leisure. There should be better security measures in place to deter crime. We need to solve the cause and not punish the ones who use the rack for their recreation purpose! For many, this has been a tradition for many years to to surf and any give time but not, they are not able to do so! Pleas reconsider rebuilding this for the surfers of Oahu and Waikiki!

Gary Sugihara (Honolulu, 2022-11-09)

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