Save Josh’s Farmers Market



Josh's farmers market is such a great place. A Mooresville staple.

Jasmine Rodriguez (Mooresville , 2022-10-31)


The Town of Mooresville is splitting hairs and saying our farmers market does not fit into the use “farmers market” and in the same breath putting Josh’s Farmers Market under the use “retail” with other businesses like pharmacies, beauty salons and barbershops. The town has the capability to make this right and they are choosing not to. Now more than ever we need to come together as a community and fight back. Countless local businesses and families are depending on us!

Sarah West (China Grove, 2022-10-31)


JFM is a staple in this town. You should be ashamed trying to cut them off at the knees. They have served this community for years and not once have they ever done anything illegal. What gives??? 🤬Why them? There has got to be other more pressing matters that could use your attention.

Lorena McHugh-Puglise (Mooresville, 2022-10-31)


It is a farmers market!!!!!!!

Kim Schultz (Mooresville, 2022-10-31)


Our family, along with so many others, have considered Josh’s Farmers market to be one of the best local small businesses to get amazing fresh products. We just bought our pumpkins from Josh’s for the 3rd year in a row. Our 4 year old loved running through this market and finally being the best pumpkins ever.
This place provides so many wonderful things and events to our local community.

Ashley Foxx (Mooresville, 2022-10-31)


Joshs is the heart of Mooresville!! It is the best part of Mooresville and he does so much for the community.

Avery Strickland (Mooresville, 2022-10-31)


I love the local items that Josh's carrys.carry.. this is great for the community and supports more small businesses.

Angie Sherrill (Catawba , 2022-10-31)


We want joshs farmers market to stay. It is essential and we shop there weekly in the summer and spring for our family. There is no other outdoor market or even super market that can offer the same local produce they do. They are awesome and deserve to continue on

Daniella Penzi (Mooresville, 2022-10-31)


My family like to support small businesses. Even though I’m now a resident of China Grove, I grew up in Mooresville. My family are Mooresville natives. Josh’s has been a local staple for years and years, and a great place to go, we love going there. I can’t believe the Town is bullying this local business for the 2nd time! There needs to be some kind of compromise, or let this family continue to do what they’ve done for years. The community will rally to support Josh’s, no matter what. I’m still wondering where the money went to fund the widening of 150, that put multiple businesses out of business or forced them to relocate.🤷🏼‍♀️Mooresville residents, y’all need to start demanding answers and vote these people out of office, starting with the Mayor. The greed is real…

Brandy Helms (China Grove, 2022-10-31)


They should be allowed to operate as they have been as a seasonal vendor. It’s not fair to suddenly fine them all of a sudden for something that has been happening in the past. They are an asset to Mooresville residents.

Susan Petrillo (Mooresville , 2022-10-31)


Save Josh's Farmers Market

Jennifer Temple (Mooresville, 2022-10-31)


Josh’s is a Mooresville treasure and we should t
Do all we can to protect it.

Jessica Gable (Mooresville, 2022-10-31)


I support local businesses

Svetlana Lysak (135 webbed foot rd , 2022-10-31)


I support Josh's Farmers Market! They do a lot for the community and I personally enjoy shopping there as do many other families.

Kristin Atwell (Mooresville , 2022-10-31)


My wife and I have been supplying Josh's market with fresh cut bouquets for 10 years now. This market is a big part of my business Littles flower farm.

Rick Little (Statesville , 2022-10-31)


Josh's Farmer's Market is a vital resource to the community! There are many who wouldn't even think of braving Mooresville's traffic conditions if Josh's wasn't there. Many of us travel from other towns specifically to shop there, so while there, make other stops as well.
It's hard to find the kind of honest, friendly and personal service like what's offered at Josh's. Let them finish out their season and give them the time they need to get this resolved!

Carolyn Coxson (Hiddenite , 2022-10-31)


JFM is a staple for the Mooresville community. Stop building apartments everywhere and let us keep a small town feel with family owned and southern businesses like JFM!!!

Caitlin Clark (Mooresville, 2022-10-31)


Josh’s has become a staple for our home. We rely on his local food offerings because our family relies on healthier options while supporting local sustainability. We do not have a health foods store in Mooresville like other LKN towns do. Many items at Josh’s are also cheaper than grocery store. During a time of heavy inflation and supply shortages, we have never gone without being able fill our needs with Josh’s and other local food suppliers. This business is also a staple to our town. Seems almost personal that a town would try to destroy or pigeon hole his business to something it’s not. This business is beloved by the town and creates community. It's a huge positive and Mooresville should be bending over backwards to help them. Especially during a time of growth where we are rapidly losing our charm and history to industrialized corporations. We actually need to do more to support our strong local businesses that create a sense of community and offer staples some families cannot live without.

Stacey Gorham (Mooresville, 2022-10-31)


I want Josh’s farmers market to remain in Mooresville community and centrally located. Please change the definitions if you have to. 1000+ unit apartment buildings that are horrible for the community and traffick are allowed but a liacally owned and operated farmer stand isn’t. Please change your beurocratic legalities if you want to stand by them.

Zlata Modeen (Mooresville , 2022-10-31)


It’s a great outdoors farmers market offering healthy and fresh food. It’s very family friendly.

Robin Strickland (Mooresville, 2022-10-31)


I love Josh’s!

Janet Moore (Chapel Hill, 2022-10-31)


The town has zero problem approving an apartment complex on every piece of vacant land, even though our infrastructure cannot support them. Josh provides healthy food options to our community, so I am completely dumbfounded by the choice to favor corporate greed over businesses that truly support health and a sustainable future for this community.

Anne Marie Pry (Mooresville, 2022-10-31)


Josh's Farmers Market has been an integral part of the Mooresville community for a very long time. It's important that they remain a part and not pushed out by greedy local government.

Christine Walls (Mooresville , 2022-10-31)


We need more small family businesses in Mooresville and less huge apartment buildings and housing developments crowded everywhere!!!

Pam Brewer (Mooresville, 2022-10-31)


Josh is a much needed Business. He is providing what the public wants and needs….the Mooresville mafia does not care about the people!

Joy Mauney (Mooresville, 2022-10-31)


I regularly shop at Josh's farmers market. It is within walking distance of my home and I want it to continue to be a part of my neighborhood.

Anita Kurn (Mooresville, 2022-10-31)


This has been handled inappropriately
They should at the least be allowed to finish out this year and make a move in the 3 months they are closed January thru March

Jill Booth (Statesville , 2022-10-31)


Josh’s is amazing and shame on you for trying to shut them down

Megan Branche (Troutman, 2022-10-31)


Dedicated patron

Bethany Moore (Mooresville, 2022-10-31)


Josh Graham has been a friend for over 30 yrs. I know this man’s character and heart. What the town is doing unjust and quite frankly shady.

Adam Selvey (Statesville, 2022-10-31)


Josh's is and will always be an outdoor, seasonal market, and one of the reasons Mooresville is Mooresville. Stop targeting this business and allow them to operate as they always have!

Mari Decker (Mooresville , 2022-10-31)


I drive there for their awesome homegrown vegetables, their home baked cakes, the homemade jellies and jams and fruits.

Paula Starr (Sherrills Ford, 2022-10-31)


Support our farmers.

Kaitlin Floyd (MOORESVILLE , 2022-10-31)


Josh’s is a staple of this community and supporting his family business is a privilege that should not be taken away because of interpretation. The community- our town- has the capability to follow our own written ordinances, and should. That is “COMMUNITY

Christine Simrell (Mooresville , 2022-10-31)


It's not right!

Lorie Skinner (Statesville, 2022-10-31)


Save joshs!

Clay Heafner (Lincolnton, 2022-10-31)


I stand with Josh. I have shopped at his market for years! And I don't believe the town of Mooresville is playing fair.

Susan Kennedy (Troutman, 2022-10-31)


Josh’s Farmers Market is a family favorite for fresh produce, flowers, unique gifts, and Christmas Trees.

Jayme Walker (Mooresville, 2022-10-31)


I think it's very important that Mooresville hold on to what shred of what makes this town great.

Kelly Harris-Lawson (Mooresville , 2022-10-31)


Josh is being treated unfairly.

Sandra Brown (Statesville, 2022-10-31)


Josh’s is part of our culture in Mooresville. Don’t let town shut down his business.

Brenda Mottern (Mooresville, nc, 2022-10-31)


JFM should remain open as a farmers market. Josh has done so many things for our community.

Carol Parrish (Mooresville, 2022-10-31)


Josh’s deserves to be able to continue his business.

Leigh Ann Scruggs (Cleveland , 2022-10-31)


I support Josh’s Farmers Market

Leah Varnell (Mooresville, 2022-10-31)


We love Josh’s Farmers Market. It is one of the only reason we grace to that side of Mooresville. It is a great place, and the people there are amazing.

Lesley Barber (Mount Ulla, 2022-10-31)


Bc Mooresville elite has over stepped there power and something needs to be done.

Hannah Overcash (Mount Ulla, 2022-10-31)


This town needs a large scale farmers market with the amount of growth that has and continues for our area!

Jennifer Younts (Mooresville, 2022-10-31)


Josh provides an invaluable service to the community. Fines and forced closure for a commodity the citizens enjoy and need is beyond comprehension. If this is due to a bad ordinance, then change it.

Elizabeth Morrison (Statesville, 2022-10-31)


I’m furious about the bullying techniques the town have been using on Josh’s Farmer’s Market just because they don’t want competition with the new town farmers market coming soon.

Pat Westmoreland (Davidson , 2022-10-31)


Josh’s market is a very important retail for many people even from surroundings counties ….Josh fulfill needs for many of us …..
His market is not interfering with any parking difficulties ….road work ….what is truly going on with Mooresville

Annick Nurisso (Salisbury, 2022-10-31)


Because Josh has always gone out of his way to make his Customers Happy!
Unlike the Town of Mooresville, don’t understand why they want to put him out of Business or maybe it’s because they are opening up a Farmer’s Market in a Park and they don’t like Competition!

Barbara Harris (Mooresville, 2022-10-31)


I’m signing because he should be able to continue as a farmers market. He does provide local options and is a staple in the community and IS NOT the same as Walmart etc.

Brittany Chester (Mount Ulla, 2022-10-31)


We enjoy going there for all our fruits and vegetables Xmas tree and fall decorations all top quality and freshest around

Kevin Joyce (Troutman, 2022-10-31)


I support Josh’s farmers market

Lindsey Denoncourt (Mooresville , 2022-10-31)


I am signing this because I believe this is a legitimate farmers market with a season off. The officials are pushing out a business that has been there for over 20 years and gives back to this community. I support local businesses and I know that this markets supports small business owners as well and that makes me proud to sign a petition to KEEP this amazing business open!!

Jennifer Barton (Cleveland, 2022-10-31)


Leave josh alone we love his farmers market

Sharon Goad (Troutman, 2022-10-31)


Government should refrain from blocking access to private small business!

David Jones (Mount Ulla, 2022-10-31)


Save Josh’s farmers market

Cory Joyce (Statesville, 2022-10-31)


I support local businesses!

Kayla Joyce (Statesville, 2022-10-31)


Farmer’s Markets are great and having this one in the town Mooresville is a positive impact on the community. Fresh local grown produce is always a plus for us all. I prefer to shop my produce outdoors especially with Covid still going around. It’s nice to feel like your not in a grocery store- the way out foods are grown.
Let this business continue to operate outdoors and let us continue appreciating the farmer’s.

Saundra Davis (Mooresville , 2022-11-01)


We love Josh's Farm Market and his beautiful family.

Jaime Frederick (Huntersville , 2022-11-01)


Josh is a hard working Christian.
His market has always been first class.
He deserves to be allowed to stay open
So many people depend on Josh’s market

Shayne Rutherford (Mooresville , 2022-11-01)


Josh’s farmers market has been an incredible staple to Mooresville. It’s extremely disappointing to see how the town has treated the market and him personally. Please allow Josh’s to operate as this is the best and only market in town that is enjoyable!!!

Amber Bowles (Mooresville, 2022-11-01)


I’m signing because I know first hand how difficult it is to run a small business successfully especially after all the covid shutdowns our town needs to embrace businesses like Josh’s that bring so much unique character and charm to our community

Marie Severance (Mooresville, 2022-11-01)


Because small local businesses matter!

Stephanie Currie (Statesville , 2022-11-01)


He serves the community with fresh food. We love Josh's.

Sharon Owens (Mooresville , 2022-11-01)


Ordinances put in place are wrong and benefit no one except politicians who apparently do not care about the PEOPLE of Mooresville.

Shirlwy Rankin (Troutman, 2022-11-01)


I’m signing because that’s my hometown and he deserves better than what he’s getting. Someone making an honest living and serving our town. It’s a great place to buy fresh products.

Elaine Smith (Little River, 2022-11-01)


This is a true farm to table market supporting local farmers. I am disappointed in a local government that drives a market like this out of business. Shame on you.

Al Graham (Mooresville, 2022-11-01)


Local small businesses, like Josh's, are exactly what we need to be preserving. I own a small business making products that Josh's resales. We rely on his connection with our community to help keep our products in the hands of locals and to help keep our families fed as well. It is so important and helps to keep our money local.

Brooke Widener (Troutman , 2022-11-01)


I'm signing because Town of Mooresville NC policy should build a community up, not tear down a healthy, reasonable goods small business in a free market. A building is only shelter. A roof and 4 walls does not define all business models. Examples: trash pick up companies, food trucks, boutiques on wheels, and on-line sales (ebay, letgo, & offer up) are encouraged to meet at the police station for safety year round, holiday light decoration companies, landscaping companies and most importantly a farmers market sponsored by our town at public parks.

Brandy Donaldson (Mooresville, 2022-11-01)


The government makes up rules & never follows their rules once made!!!

Denny Turk (Statesville , 2022-11-01)


I support Josh’s Farmers Market who in turn is supporting our local farmers, bakers, cooks, beekeepers, etc.

Teresa Stevenson (Statesville, 2022-11-01)


This is a fantastic local market for the community. There is no reason why he should be forced to close. This is his livelihood and it's a shame what is being done to This business.

Gail Johnson (Charlotte, 2022-11-01)


Save small businesses!!! Protect our Constitution

Nicole Terry (Mooresville , 2022-11-01)


This is ridiculous. Save the market

Richard Lloyd-Roberts (Huntersville , 2022-11-01)


Josh needs to keep his Farmers Market on the land he has purchased.

Lynm Anthony (Mooresville , 2022-11-01)


We have enjoyed Josh's Farmers market since we moved here in 93. He always has the freshest produce, the best jams and jellies and honey. The staff is incredible and always so helpful. Josh's farmers market is a staple in Mooresville. We go there for all the seasonal things, and we love the food trucks that he brings in. The baked goods are amazing, and my daughter's favorite part!!!!!! My sweet tea would not be the same without Josh's lemons. No other lemons will do those are the freshest!!! Please keep Josh's farmers market in Mooresville and quit giving him a hard time about well virtually everything..... Mooresville loves this farmer's market and we are already sad that he had to close down yesterday.

Sarah McCraven (Mooresville, NC, 2022-11-01)


I see great local products plus positive customer oriented training for kids in need of summer employment. I cannot see the need to dispose of this asset to the community.

Richard Wishlinski (Mooresville , 2022-11-01)


Josh’s Produce is a staple in Mooresville and has been for many years!

Danny O’Grady (Mooresville , 2022-11-01)


I support Josh’s Farmers Market and the value that his business adds to our town. The town is wrong for not working with JFM as they have continuously tried to adhere to the rules being set for them as well as run the business. The town is wrong for not classifying JFM as a crane market as they qualify as defined by the STATE of NC.

Lindsay Hatley (Mooresville, 2022-11-01)


I’m signing because I love this place

April Swyers (Mocksville , 2022-11-01)


Because we need local places like Josh’s

Carey Buffington (Huntersville , 2022-11-01)

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