Save Josh’s Farmers Market



Josh's brings to Mooresville ehst this town wants and needs- and builds community in the process!

Patience West (Mooresville, 2022-11-01)


Josh's farmers market has been serving Mooresville for many years. He has provided fresh fruits, veggies and seafood for families, who travel to purchase from him. This is a family owned business who has been forced once to move and are now facing the same ordeal for a second time.

Oreal Turner (Stony Point, 2022-11-01)


This is mind-blowing! Josh' is Mooresvillle at it's finest and one of the core attractions of our town.

kathleen hoffman (MOORESVILLE, 2022-11-01)


I’m signing because this is just wrong. Have the town officials realized how many people they are putting out of work? Not to mention the local vendors there on Saturdays.

Kathy Overcash (Mooresville, 2022-11-01)


Such a sad situation. The Town of Mooresville is negatively effecting not only Josh, the families, the employees of Josh’s Farmers Market, & the customers, but the partnerships & suppliers as well. Several suppliers will have to completely close down their businesses due to the closing of the market. Josh’s Farmers Market was a lot of these vendors main source of income as they were providing the products that make up what Josh’s Farmers Market is all about; supporting small businesses & the community. So sad to see the Town can’t stand behind their community as Josh’s Market has for so many years.

Courtney Barnes (Statesville, 2022-11-01)


We love there fruit and vegetable options, and the staff of very friendly and helpful

Mary Love (Statesville, NC, 2022-11-01)


The town of Mooresville is treating Josh’s Farmers Market unfairly. It IS a seasonal business. It closes after Christmas and does not reopen until spring.

Tracy Turner (Statesville, 2022-11-01)


This is a loved business, there has to be a compromise!

Julie McQueeney (Mooresville, 2022-11-02)


bc josh’s farmers market is the only thing that stayed thru it all, especially covid, in the 6 years that i’ve lived here

Melody Taubman (mooresville, 2022-11-02)


I believe this market is an integral part of the hometown feeling of Mooresville

Robyn Hahn (Huntersville, 2022-11-02)


I love Josh’s Farmers market. I love going there each week and buying fruits and vegetables. The people are so nice and I love a small business.

Robin Bachnik (Huntersville , 2022-11-02)


I’m signing this because Josh’s farmers market is a staple in the town of Mooresville and surrounding towns. This establishment brings so much business and additional people to the town we love. They also employee some of the nicest, hardest working people. As a fellow business owner, I understand that is hard to find these days … by forcing this company to close you are negatively disrupting many peoples lives and putting them in nerve racking situations financially, emotionally, mentally. How the people who decided to make this decision sleep at night in there nice homes, steady jobs, food and health insurance baffles me. It’s disturbing and very unlike the Mooresville I fell in love with.

Jamie Pacelli (Troutman , 2022-11-02)


This seems to be now the 2nd time they have attempted to kill this small business.. I'm starting to think that MOORESVILLE doesn't really want you to get citizens to start their own businesses.......or is Josh just not in the CLUB?

Leon Turner (Mooresville , 2022-11-02)


My choice.

Katie McIntosh (Mooresville, 2022-11-02)


Joshs farmers market is a staple in our community. Please do not take it away!!

Karah Hoffman (Mooresville, 2022-11-02)


I’m a small business owner and enjoy the open air market.

Tiffani Ross (Mooresville, 2022-11-02)


Josh’s market is a great part of Mooresville. I love shopping there!

Jean Clark (Mooresville, 2022-11-02)


Josh’s is near and dear to my heart. It was the first place that we bought fresh produce from when we moved here. To see them leave would be a travesty.

Emily Geyer (Troutman, 2022-11-02)


I want to keep josh’s around for me and my family

Theresa James (Mooresville, 2022-11-02)


I am signing because we want to stand up for what is right JFM is a farmers market. The city cant make its own rules to push out JFM just because it wants to. JFM isn’t doing anything wrong. JFM is a Farmers Market and needs to be treated as such.

Stacey Rieckmann (Mooresville , 2022-11-02)


I shop and support our local Josh’s farmers market! There is and will be nothing like it around here and we need this! It’s an amazing small business who supplies jobs and great, fresh, local products to our community! Keep Josh’s Farmers market!! Shane in Mooresville if they don’t!!!

Danielle Showalter (Troutman, 2022-11-02)


This business is a legitimate staple of our town.

Josh Russ (Statesville , 2022-11-02)


I’ve never been to or even heard of an indoor farmers market. We have bought our Christmas tree from Josh for the past 3 years. Who buys a real Christmas tree from inside of a store. No one i know.

Meredith Kurfees (Mocksville, 2022-11-02)


Josh’s provides fresh produce and baked goods that bring people from other areas to Mooresville. I am pretty sure those people(myself included) spend money at Mooresville restaurants and Mooresville stores! The upcoming holiday season will not be the same without Josh’s. Please keep Josh’s open!

Lynn Jenkins (Troutman , 2022-11-02)


Joshes market is my absolute favorite stop for Veggies and I probably order fresh seafood at least twice a month….. btw I live in Cornelius and drive to Joshes please don’t take our spot!!

Kelly Kelly Mullins (Cornelius, 2022-11-02)


I want Josh’s Farmer’s Market to stay open!

Heather Smallwood (Huntersville , 2022-11-02)


What is happening in this town? It use to be where neighbors helped neighbors!! Shame on those that want to close down JFM!!! How about closing down some of the way too many apartment complexes being built. Shame on you! I am very disappointed!

Kathy Gatto (Mooresville, 2022-11-02)


Josh is a friend a member of this community.

Austin Hill (Mooresville , 2022-11-02)


I believe all small businesses should have a chance

Terry Goodman (Cleveland , 2022-11-02)


Fresh fruit and vegetables needed near us. We love this market.

Naomi Entwistle (Mooresville , 2022-11-02)


I’m signing because I’m tired of elected officials forgetting that they work for the people, and the people want Josh’s Farmers Market operating as it has for YEARS! Leave small businesses alone and focus on something that really matters…like the overcrowding & traffic issue because of all the new housing being built.

Kellie King (Mooresville, 2022-11-02)


We have only lived in Mooresville for two years now but have come to love and rely on the GREAT produce and other products that Josh’s sells. I am appalled that this is happening to such a great local business.

Virginia Whyte (Mooresville, 2022-11-02)


We need places like Josh’s and your ordinance is restrictive for no reason. Fix this or my money will go to other towns instead.

Joanna Shere (Maiden, 2022-11-03)


This market is great for our community and there’s MUCH bigger issues than trying to attack a small business just working hard to earn a living and provide for their community.

Allison Corbridge (Statesville, 2022-11-03)


The law matters

Chad Loflin (Kernersville, 2022-11-03)


I can’t stand when politicians get in the way of people making an honest living. Don’t hurt people and don’t take their stuff - you’ve done both, Mooresville. Josh and his family have been here forever, and the town of Mooresville is taking his livelihood away - a business Mooresville should be proud to have in its city. The business brings friends and family together and it offers local makers an avenue to sell their products. Josh tried to do it the right way, and you are standing in the way, making it impossible for him to continue. Shame on you, Mooresville!!

Catherine Davis (Mooresville, 2022-11-03)


I love Josh's!!

Yvonne Truan (Raeford , 2022-11-03)


Josh's market had served Mooresville with high-quality, standards, and service that supermarkets do not provide. The city should stop asserting their interpretations and instead, recognize the value that the area's residents and visitors have grown to appreciate.

Randy Hasnas (Mooresville , 2022-11-03)


I support small local businesses

Jennifer Turner (Statesville , 2022-11-03)


This is a ridiculous regulation that goes against what the citizens of Mooresville wants and favors chain grocery stores.

Cathy Hill (Mooresville , 2022-11-04)


Josh's Market is a great local Farmer's Market and has grown in the best way with this community. Instead of working with Josh and taking notice of the excellent work he is doing and how grateful the community is for him, town managers are attempting to make him fit their definitions instead of learning about his unique circumstances and how he has managed to grow inspite of challenges and adversity. This is a business the community wants, go any Saturday morning and common sense and your own eyes will tell you that. I personally dont prefer a rigid set of government rules and regulations as it pertains to selling goods that local farmers grow. Josh has a great relationship with the Y and the community and there is no reason the town managers cant create a working solution. Josh has been working toward a solution and when people get a chance to hear his side of the story they'll know it.

Kelli Harris (Mooresville, 2022-11-04)


Interpretation is not fact. This is wrong!

Sara Eckford (Statesville , 2022-11-04)


We want to keep the market. Leave them alone.

Margie Beaver (Mt Ulla, 2022-11-04)


I go to Josh’s a lot, it is a highlight of Iredell County, not just Mooresville. They are keeping us healthy and it’s a small local business that has a lot of local small food trucks and little businesses that sell their goods there. Why is this even an issue?! Come on Mooresville, we need to vote you all out! We need to go Back to it being about and for the people and not so much about big government getting in the way of our daily lives! They are a Farmers Market, period.

Jen Zima (Cleveland, 2022-11-05)


This business is really important to the community and they have been bullied into closing by the City of Mooresville

Stuart Modeen (Mooresville , 2022-11-05)


Josh’s farmers market is a staple in Mooresville and is our first choice for farmers market. This is showing true colors of our town reps. Trying to run a local family organization out of business when the entire town is backing them.

Megan Brooks (Sherrills Ford, 2022-11-05)


Wonderful produce and everything

Catherine E Johnson (Mooresville, 2022-11-05)


Mooresville is so wrong to do this to Josh!

Marsha Chester (Cleveland, 2022-11-05)


Josh's market serves a wonderful purpose here in Mooresville. The town is being short sighted trying to force them out.

Belinda Berry (Mooresville, 2022-11-05)


I wholeheartedly support local business and believe the city is being very unreasonable. Josh’s is wonderful, listening to the needs of their customer base & has been serving the community well for many years,

Pam McCall (Statesville , 2022-11-05)


Josh is amazing and he brings healthy food to our community

Cynthia DeLay (Davidson, 2022-11-05)


Shame on the city for trying to force this man out of business . The people want this business to survive. The people vote to keep it alive

Brandon Chapman (Mooresville , 2022-11-05)


Josh’s is a special community gathering place and sets Mooresville apart from other nearby towns. It’s time to step up and work to support a long time local investing in his community in the right way!

Sarah Lugaric (Davidson, 2022-11-05)


I believe that Josh's is a vital part of Mooresville and small businesses should be encouraged rather than squashed as Josh's Farmer's Market has been. My children come up from Charlotte to go to Josh's.

Carolyn Hoffman (Mooresville, 2022-11-05)


I love Josh’s farmers market. It is a staple in our community.

chaille Bynum (Mooresville, 2022-11-05)


I love shopping there. It is an experience like no other. Friendly people and yummy fresh produce.

Eileen Frager (Mooresville, 2022-11-05)


I think the town of Mooresville has wronged Josh’s Market!

Mary Jo (Mooresville, 2022-11-05)


People have moved into the area and are trying to change things the way they want it ran. This is crazy!

Crystal Legg (Maiden, 2022-11-05)


I believe the town has the power to do the Right thing and that is allowing Josh’s Farmers Market to operate under the “farmers market “ category! He has done this for years and should be allowed to continue.

Cecilia Milks (Mooresville , 2022-11-12)


Mooresville has gotten ridiculous. What do they have against a farmers market? Fresh fruit and veggies should be a welcomed addition.

Danelle Legg (Maiden , 2022-11-18)

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