Change the testing methods of Physics at DUT



Because this is not fair what is he is doing and absolutely delusional

Christopher Graham (Durban, 2022-11-01)


I’m not dumb, but I’m failing physics because Mr Masondo teaches level 1 examples and asks level 5 questions

Brandon Jung (Durban, 2022-11-01)


Bullshit, just absolute Bullshit.

Asif Mohammed (Durban, 2022-11-01)


The method of marking for physics is unfair, I think that all our scripts should be marked regardless of whether we passed or not and those who did not pass should be eligible to write the retest and those who need to as it is undue stress on those who did pass and don't have to write again.

Sybella Kali (Durban , 2022-11-01)


My daughter keeps asling for help and the Lecturer keeps telling the students to watch YouTube for help.

Michelle Lombard (Vryheid , 2022-11-01)


Teaches Level 1 but asks level 4 questions

Cameron Lotter (Durban, 2022-11-01)


The way the lecturers teach physics is was different to how they test us this is affecting us because we are failing.

Andiswa Nondumo (Durban , 2022-11-01)


I’m signing because I need the tests to be multiple choice only

Senamile Mpanza (Durban , 2022-11-01)


I agree with the above notion presented

Dewval Pillay (Durban , 2022-11-01)


Students including myself continue to fail even though we have studied using the resources provided. Although, these resources may contain necessary information that appear in tests I still seem to find the test content incomparable to examples covered in class. I feel like the reason majority of us students are failing to pass are due to lectures being rushed with one topic being covered in a span of two hours which is not sufficient to our learning. If students continue to fail tests, the issue to why should be tackled rather than the implementation of re-tests that are of the same difficulty level of previous tests.

T Govender (Durban, 2022-11-01)


The lecturers are not being fair and not teaching well. How can only 16 out of 300 students pass physics? Who do you think the problem is, us or the lecturers. I'm sure it's not us

Mr. Masondo is being unfair with regards to reretest 1. If he marks our scripts for retest 1 and we fail. He doesn't want us to rewrite. He's lazy and can't do he's job properly as a lecturer. He doesn't wanna mark, that's why he's doing this. Then why not make the tests easier so everyone could just pass in the first place. It doesn't make sense. If he doesn't want lot marking he should just make it only mcqs or make it online where moodle can mark it instead of him

Anonymous 69 (Durban, 2022-11-01)


If everyone is failing, clearly something is wrong.

Mike Oxlong (Durban, 2022-11-01)


I would like to pass this subject and plead a multiple choice questions
I’m an A aggregate student and this subject is brining my grades down.

Anonymous Anonymous (Durban , 2022-11-01)


Our lecturer teaches us level 1 questions in class and test us on much difficult stuff on the test. Attending the tutorials does not give any help, instead we get traumatized by being reminded that we know nothing. I am not dumb, but this is too much to digest.

Concerned Learner (Durban, 2022-11-01)


I want the methods to change.

Sanjana Rajpaul (Queensburgh, 2022-11-01)


The physics lecturers are being very unfair to us students in every way possible. Something needs to be done about this.

The highest mark for test 1 was 62. I think each student's mark for that should be increased by 30 percent

Raul Diplall (Stanger, 2022-11-01)


I agree with the statement

Mbali Mabaleka (Durban , 2022-11-01)


Brayden Chetty

Brayden Chetty (Kwadukuza , 2022-11-01)


We students are having difficulties understanding physics due to many reasons including the teaching and testing method. I agree that testing should be done online.

Naledi Khuzwayo (Durban , 2022-11-01)


I have a serious concern regarding physics module, we are down bad

Anonymous 77 (Durban, 2022-11-02)


I have many friends at DUT

Yurika Singh (Stanger, 2022-11-02)


The system is absolutely terrible the way these professors lecture they should know the difference between a first student and a 5 year student your professors needs to go back and study this stupid idiots from DUT

Ricolyn Naidoo (Durban, 2022-11-02)


The standard of the physics papers are not the same standard of the the academic lessons that are taught at the university. Roughly 95% of the students have failed these papers, and the other 5% have basically passed by a fine line. It's quite obvious that something doesn't add up and only a fool will not realize/acknowledge this. No matter how educated/intelligent people can be, not everyone is blessed with common sense. I hope this message reaches the authorities who do have common sense to see that there is definitely something irregular going on.

Denise Govindsamy (Durban, 2022-11-02)


Physics is the only subject that is preventing us from moving forward. If sir sets the test according the worked examples we did in class and in the tutorials maybe majority of us will pass. We can't be failing and keep rewriting if the level of test is just going to be getting more difficult each time.

7 8 (Durban, 2022-11-02)


I'm signing this because I believe that something should be done to help the students to pass their physics exams. The lecturers and HOD need to take a stand to help their institute pass rate. Students can't be battling like this throughout their degree. Please help them, they are explaining their side of their story and they all agree together that the HOD needs to change their teaching methods or try to make the paper easier. The upcoming years, try to teach them with understanding and not for the sake of it. The students parents are paying so much fees and textbooks for their child's education so it's the university duty to complete their job by helping these physics students. This is absolutely insane, I heard that only 16/300 passed and some physics lecturer only goes through level 1 questions when they are being tested level 5 questions. I understand this is not a secondary sector but a tertiary sector so it's upto the students to form Study groups and study together. But let me remind you, these are 1ST YEARS AND THERE IS A PANDEMIC. So students are hardly attending lectures because of the rules instructed to them of which days to attend and if I'm not mistaken, there was a violent protest that took place beginning of this year. So there was alot going on in terms of teaching time lost and stress for many students. So this is my input, make the papers easier this year and then next year and the following years, make a change in your teaching methods so that all the students can pass and graduate with their degree. This can't go on, it would have been a different case if there was just a few failing then they would have to go for help by their friends that know their work but this involves more than half of them. So something needs to be done. If this goes on, then it's going bring a loss to your university. Make a change early so it ends of in the best way for everyone.

Anonymous Here to give my input in this situation (KZN, 2022-11-02)


my friend sent this too me so I signed up for him ^^

Janvi Sing (Durban, 2022-11-02)


I’ve never failed physics as much as I’m failing now😭and I’m not dumb!!! I have distinctions in most of my modules to show that I’m not dumb

Nomathuli Mthethwa (Ladysmith , 2022-11-02)


Scela i multiple choice bandla tuuh💔🥲
In class they teach level 1 questions and in tests they set level 6 questions and I don't know how they expect us to know how to answer them. Firstly in our physics lectures there's like 300 of us there and we can't really hear the lecturer and he doesn't even care so the only time we get to learn something in physics is during the tutorial lecture where we do tutorials that are nothing compared to the tests. And I don't understand how health sciences students can fail a physics test twice. Mele noyfakele ibuko indaba yalana lecturers ngeke🧐

Concerned Student (Durban, 2022-11-02)


Gwa nyiwa jo. Nkare nka Loma Mr Masondo le Mr Kgasi, ba rota nonsense,

Retsheheditsoe Moeti (Durban, 2022-11-02)


Horrible situation

Ben Dover (Durban , 2022-11-03)


This system has me dead

Ana Bortion (Durban , 2022-11-03)


This has me stretched really thin

Racoo Nanus (Durban, 2022-11-03)


Current situation is very childish

Moe Lester (Durban , 2022-11-03)


I feel like I'm drowning

Barry McCokinner (Durban , 2022-11-03)


I really need a hand with this.

Anita Hanjaab (Durban , 2022-11-03)

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