Field & Study / Urban Park Proposal - Support



Valuable enhancement of and addition to community area that will enhance the utility of the park, improve safety and create a more active fulcrum for community connectivity and participation.

Wesley Smith (Sandton, 2023-03-13)


I support the proposal to improve the park for residents

Carey Barke (Johannesburg, 2023-03-13)


I support the upgrade to the park and believe these upgrades will bring value to the community.

Michelle Pool (Riverclub, 2023-03-13)


I believe this park got lots of good opportunities

Ruth Panis (Parkmore , 2023-03-13)


I am in favour of the development

Nicola Hulett (Parkmore, 2023-03-13)


I think this is a great idea and oroposal

Jeannine Pearse (Sandton, 2023-03-13)


I live in the area, and believe the concept is great. The park needs protecting and cleaning up.

Jonathan Bolleurs (Johannesburg , 2023-03-13)


I support this initiative and I am excited for this to happen in our community.

Margie Gander (Johannesburg , 2023-03-13)


It will benefit the community

Derek Hill (Johannesburg , 2023-03-13)


I am in favour of the park being adopted and a private company being responsible for the maintenance and safety of the space.

Jamie Yaldwyn (River Club, 2023-03-13)


I want to see this area developed for the benefit of the surrounding community, while still being able to use the land for running.

Sarah Harrison (Johannesburg, 2023-03-13)


Im totally in support of the Padel and Restaurant Proposal (the Urban Park Proposal) as it will clean up the park, be a great place for the residents of Parkmore to visit, secure the area and in general will be a great asset to the community and the area. I dont think the Council have the resources to take care of the park and this is a way of turning this beautiful space back into its former glory.

Bridget Aspinall (Sandton, 2023-03-13)


Fully in favor of uplifting & enlarging the useable space of the park by removing & rehabilitateing the 14 acres currently being used for illegal housing.
Adding another entrance on that side of the river (Peter Place) would make this beautiful central park more accessable to all surrounding suburbs

Craigan Millar (SANDTON, 2023-03-13)


I believe this will ensure the safety and sustainability of the Field and Study Park.

Angus Robinson (Sandton, 2023-03-13)


Great initiative and will add value to the neighbourhood. Park is not safe as it is and need rejuvenation. Can’t wait

Kerry Macfarlane (Sandton, 2023-03-13)


I am in favour of the upgrading and development at field and study park in this proposal. Not only will it create jobs and clean up the area, it will make it a lot safer for residents using the surrounding areas.

Bronwynn Lewis (Parkmore, 2023-03-13)


The place need new investment.
It can be so much more!

Karl Basson (Johannesburg, 2023-03-13)


I’m in favour of the development and the eradication of the squatter camp

Angela Millat (Sandton, 2023-03-13)


I am a resident of Parkmore and think that the adoption would greatly assist in the security of the area

Kayla Raley (Sandton, 2023-03-13)


The adoption of the park will support the sustained ability of the park to be maintained, supported by a commercial enterprise that can deliver the funds and surpluses required for the continued upkeep and security which has been sorely lacking over the past few years, in particular since the end of COVID.

Sheldon Friedericksen (Johannesburg, 2023-03-13)


Signing for safety and park upkeep

HENK STEYN (Parkmore, 2023-03-13)


Security is critical and the park is under utilized with only people who let their dogs off the leach using it.
Waste of a scarce public asset

H Wilson (Sandton , 2023-03-13)


I support Bradley Godfrey's proposal

Peta Wales (JHB, 2023-03-13)


I support this proposal and any ideas to improve the safety and usability of our communal areas for our residents to enjoy.

Michela Rae (Sandton, 2023-03-13)


I am in support of Urban Parks proposal

Susan Niehaus (Johannesburg, 2023-03-13)


I live in the area and it would mean a positive change to the park and the security for visitors

Catherine Biggs (Sandton , 2023-03-13)


I support the cause.

Charles Sawe (Johannesburg , 2023-03-13)


I support the proposal because it will be great to be able to use the park more often for sport as well as meet people at the restaurant. I feel the development is a good balance of keeping the natural feel and making an attractive and safe space .

K Greve (Sandton, 2023-03-13)


I live in Riverclub

Natasha Otten (Johannesburg , 2023-03-13)


I'm in favour of the proposal. Will bring much needed life and safety to the park.

Shaun Brookes (Johannesburg, 2023-03-13)


I believe that the investment in the park will be beneficial to the community in the long term and that the developers have considered the impact on the green spaces and will do what is necessary to ensure it is preserved and benefits all.

Althea York (Sandton, 2023-03-14)


The park proposal is a very good idea

Wendy Savadier (Sandton , 2023-03-14)


This will be great for parkmore!

Candice Sutherland (Parkmore, 2023-03-14)


I would like to see the park used and to feel safe when walking

Nola Hogan (Sandton, 2023-03-14)


I'm in favour of the upliftment of the park

Jennifer Fieldgate (Johannesburg , 2023-03-14)


I think the proposal is a great step forward

John Pearse (Sandton, 2023-03-14)


I believe it's the best chance we have of avoiding the complete collapse of the park and like the brilliant reinvention of George Lea Park, this development will bring the same much-needed revival.

Justin Pearse (Johannesburg, 2023-03-14)


I do support the proposal

christopher Laschinger (Sandton, 2023-03-14)


Care about the future sustainability of the park

Doreen Fick (Jhb, 2023-03-14)


I’m signing because I am a resident in Parkmore and would like to see the proposal implemented to ensure the continued safe use of the park

Emma Roberts (johannesburg, 2023-03-14)


I agree with the adoption

Cayley Bolleurs (Sandton , 2023-03-14)


I believe the park needs this improvement plus the safety and security

Bridgit Hill (Johannesburg , 2023-03-14)


I think this is an exciting project that will provide great value to the Parkmore community

Gary Whitaker (Johannesburg, 2023-03-14)


I'designing because I want the park to get investment.

Richard Evans (Parkmore, 2023-03-15)


I think the proposal will uplift the area and positively transform our slowly deteriorating park.

Grant Field (Sandton, 2023-03-15)


I believe we need to invest in our parks and communal spaces for the benefit of community building, fitness, health and well being.

Nina Pearse (Johannesburg , 2023-03-15)


I support the initiative.

Mike Pithey (Johannesburg, 2023-03-15)


I believe in the cause, it would be a great initiative to a beloved park that is currently quite "tired" for lack of a better word.

Mitchell Fieldgate (Johannesburg, 2023-03-16)


Agree that parks be used for intended purpose for community and not left to decay

Charlene Sawtelle (Johannesburg, 2023-03-17)


I believe that this development is a massive benefit for the entire Parkmore community

Thomas Stewart (Johannesburg, 2023-03-17)


I support the upgrade and income streams to the park

Sue Ludolph (Sandton, 2023-03-17)


I am in favour of the plan to improve the field and study park

Lavash Chetty (Sandton, 2023-03-17)


I support the development of the Field and Study park

Dylan Hill (Parkmore, 2023-03-20)


I support the development 100%

Marlize Feinstein (Johannesburg , 2023-03-24)


It’s a great idea

Neal Sundstrom (Jhb, 2023-03-27)


It’s a great idea.

Peter Nasser (Benmore Gardens , 2023-04-01)


I want it yo happen

Anton Fouche (Johannesburg, 2023-06-26)

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