Justice for Anton Ossipchuk



We, as the family of the homicide victim, demand justice for our loved son. The reckless and negligent actions of the RCMP IHIT team and New Westminster Crown Counsel have denied us our fundamental right to seek justice.

Victor Ossipchuk (Coquitlam, 2023-04-06)


Dear Prosecutor ,I am writing to express my profound disappointment and anger at your decision to allow my son’s murderes to walk free on self-defence grounds. As a mother, I have been left heartbroken and shattered by the loss of my precious son. Your decision to allow the perpetrators to go free has only added insult to the deepest injury.

Guya Ossipchuk (Coquitlam, 2023-04-06)


Our neighbourhood isn’t safe when you kill someone and face no consequences. There is a killer out there who murdered on school grounds and his identity is protected and his atrocities diminished with no criminal charges. Justice will prevail for the tragic murder Anton.

Milad Torabi (Coquitlam , 2023-04-06)


I want the crown to review the case and consider the consequences of not getting a murderer off the street. Anton was unarmed and stabbed 6 times by 3 men, how does one simply claim self defence and get off all charges ?

Shahem Sarsam (Port coquitlam, 2023-04-06)


I want the murderer to be held accountable for a decision he made to take a life that night.
I want justice and closure for a family who lost their only son.
This person has a history with police, what's going to stop him next time knowing he's already been let off multiple times.

Noor Sarsam (New Westminster, 2023-04-06)


I miss my friend - I spent majority of my life with him. He was taken from all of us, and his killer still roams the streets free. Our justice system has to right the wrong - bring Anton’s killer to justice give us all some sort of closure and peace. #justiceforanton

Danny Escobar (Coquitlam, 2023-04-06)


How was a person murdered in our community by 3 people with a knife and it called self-defense?
Its not safe in our community. Mother and father lost their only child. We ask for the justice.

Tanya Gendalf (Port Coquitlam, 2023-04-06)


There is a murderer roaming free amongst our community

Khalil Ibrahim (Coquitlam, 2023-04-06)


Crime has to be stopped

Evgeni Goutor (Vancouver, 2023-04-06)


I want a justice for the murder and safety in my neighbourhood

Olga Cuttell (Port Coquitlam , 2023-04-06)


I would like to see those responsible for Anton's death face the consequences of their actions.

Andrew Fraser (Campbell River, 2023-04-06)


Anton was brutally murdered and our justice system completely failed to give him or his family any piece

Matthew Fulford (Langley, 2023-04-06)


I want justice

Cholpon Kyialbekova (Coquitlam , 2023-04-06)


I want justice for Anton!

Jillian Ma (Coquitlam, 2023-04-06)


Anton was a good friend to all of us, he didn't deserve this. The person who did this needs to face the consequences of his actions.

Andrea Fulford (Langley, 2023-04-06)


He was one of my best friends

Michael Pop (Port Coquitlam , 2023-04-06)


People shouldn’t be able to murder others and walk free

Reginald Bann (Langley , 2023-04-06)


Anton and his family deserve justice. The community doesn’t deserve to feel on edge knowing a murderer is walking the streets and parks that we want to consider safe.

Melissa Wilkinson (Coquitlam, 2023-04-06)


So that the guilty person will be punished

Galina Fedorova (Coquitlam , 2023-04-06)


I feel that justice should be done in this case.
If we walk away from this than there would be more lives lost and more grief for more families...

Victoria Prendergast (North Vancouver, 2023-04-06)


He deserves JUSTICE

Jeff Francis (Maple Ridge, 2023-04-06)


Justice should be served accordingly.

Matt Roan (Port Coquitlam, 2023-04-06)


I believe Anton was murdered in cold blood, and the perpetrator did not face justice in any capacity whatsoever. Citing self defense is not logical by any means. A blade is a purely offensive weapon, it is impossible to use it for self defense

Vladislav Vetoshkin (Surrey, 2023-04-06)


The investigation should be reopened and made public. People that live in the area still take their dogs to that park and it's just a matter of time before that person attacks again. I would like to see the official documentation on why the attackers got released made public, as lack of awareness and transparency breeds distrust.

Deena Thomson (COQUITLAM, 2023-04-06)


He was my best friend, brother, and he deserves justice for this heinous attack.

John Sobhani (Coquitlam, 2023-04-06)


For justice.

Yelena Pelentsov (Burnaby, 2023-04-06)


The murders need to be held accountable for their actions. Justice needs to be found for Anton & his family.

Britnee Brow (Pitt Meadows, 2023-04-06)


I want to show support for the family and I believe dangerous offenders shouldn’t be permitted to walk free.

Rosalee Brodie (Campbell River, 2023-04-06)


Because his family deserve justice

Ryan Quick (Coquitlam, 2023-04-06)


It's a terrific injustice! It destroys people's belief in Canada's Constitution, laws, jurisdiction and community values. The murders have to be in a prison!

Natalia Gaisenok (Coquitlam , 2023-04-06)


I don’t agree with the criminal justice system and lenient penalties.

Eliza Abmiotka (Langley, 2023-04-06)


I want the system to be change and improved for the citizens not criminals. It looks like our law protecting only criminals not us. CHANGE THE SYSTEM! Protect citizens!

Olga Kaspieva (Coquitlam, 2023-04-06)


I wanna the truth

Alex Rotari (Delta, 2023-04-06)


Justice must be served

Dmitri Pavlov (Coquitlam, 2023-04-06)


I don't want this to happen to my loved ones and I don't want to be afraid to walk with a child near the school

Марина Потехина (Coquitlam , 2023-04-06)


Anton and his family deserve justice for what have happened.

Candace Clowe (Langley , 2023-04-06)


BC Prosecution Service is not transparent and accountable with surprise decisions like the one about not prosecuting Anton's murderer.

Ilia Boutoma (Coquitlam, 2023-04-06)


I want justice for this family. I understand and support their grief. Also, I am concerned about our security. How can we live here without safety for us and our children?

Liliya Isaeva (Port Coquitlam, 2023-04-06)


There should be a proper investigation and prosecution for killers. Canada can do better with it's justice system.

Molchanova Natalia (Delta, 2023-04-06)


Anton and his family deserve justice.

Garner Miller (Port Coquitlam, 2023-04-06)


I believe this case should be in court. I cannot believe it’s not.

Martha Taylor (Campbell river, 2023-04-06)


Justice for the victim and his family! Protect others!

Tetyana Singh (Edmonton , 2023-04-06)


Justice for my cousin Anton. Murder must be punished!

Nik M (Edmonton, 2023-04-06)


I want justice and the criminal should be punished who killed my nephew Anton.

Garik M (Edmonton, 2023-04-06)


the justice system is unfair. people get arrested and charged for petty crimes, but taking someone’s life is not only a legal crime but a moral one too. anton deserves justice. i don’t feel safe living in a country with a justice system that doesn’t do it’s job.

liza pavlova (Coquitlam, 2023-04-06)


Murder must be punished !We love our Anton . We (his family) always remember him.We want justice and fair punishment for the killer.no one has the right to take the life of another and live without punishment for it.

Alena Melik-Adamyan (Edmonton, 2023-04-06)


I'm also victim of the gang crime as well as a victim of injustice( gang members were relisted under the bail from court room in Edmonton).
As a law abiding Canadian I'm upset with injustice that is happening right now in Canada.

Марина Kozlova (Calgary, 2023-04-06)


It's very dangerous that such violent people are not punished and could continue what they did.

Yulia Nikonova (Burnaby, 2023-04-06)


Anton was murdered and justice system isn’t doing anything about it

Paul Ross (Port Coquitlam, 2023-04-06)


Justice to the victim. More attention to a case.

Vipin Singh (Edmonton , 2023-04-06)


I am signing because I feel someone who stabbed a person 7 times where they grouped 3 on one person had anything to do with elf defense. Criminal actions should have serious consequences.
Justice needs to be served!!!

Gurminder Pannu (Surrey, 2023-04-06)


Justice needs to be served.

Alison Mullock (Burnaby, 2023-04-06)


Justice needs to be served for this young man and his grieving family.

Paula Grabowski (Vernon, 2023-04-06)


A terrible, atrocious crime that demands justice! I agree that we cannot allow the murderers to go unpunished. We must hold those who commit crimes accountable for their actions. We will not tolerate such injustice!

Olga Divakova (Oslo, 2023-04-06)


I'm signing because murderers should not roam free.

Igor Kuksov (Coquitlam, 2023-04-06)


I worked with Anton a few years ago. He was a soft spoken, always respectful, fine young man. There was a bright future in front of him. I am lucky to know his family well. They are caring, devoting, and active members of the community. I was so sad to learn his passing away.
It was not only a loss for his family and friends, but also for the bigger community in the same neighbourhood that Anton once lived and worked. He could be anyone who is walking a dog, laughing with friends, saying hi to neighbours. He could be anyone who is hiking on the trails in Coquitlam, working on your cars in a garage. He could be you and me. He could be one of many law biding citizens we know.
Anton left us unexpectedly. It is a tragedy for all of us. Let's do something together. Let's do something to prevent it happening again. The justice we demand here is not only for Anton and his family. It is a petition to bring safety and peace to our parks, streets and cities.

Galen Ren (Burnaby , 2023-04-06)


Anton’s killers deserve justice

Kelsey Epp (Vancouver, 2023-04-06)


I agree and standby the family and friends in need of justice for Anton’s death.

Jovana Dejanov (Burnaby , 2023-04-06)


I care

Anton Poseshchennyy (Vancouver , 2023-04-06)


I'm signing because this is the neighborhood I live in.

Katrina Guyduy (Port Coquitlam, 2023-04-06)


For the interest of public safety

Ali Yekta (Vancoucer, 2023-04-07)

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