Give the Tachs Exam In Person



End this Remote Nonsense. Kids need to take the test in School.

R Keiley (Rockaway , 2023-05-02)


These young man and women need an environment where they’re comfortable and can achieve their very best . There are too many distractions at home . This is causing anxiety for both the parents and mostly the children . Bring back paper based exams and let these young men and women have the opportunity to do their best . #ITSALLABOUTTHEKIDS

Marybeth McManus (Rockaway Park , 2023-05-02)


This is ridiculous that this test is remote. These students are in school everyday and a test as important as the TACHS test should be in school also. I went through it with my older daughter and it was a nightmare!

Jacqueline Duffy (Rockaway, 2023-05-02)


It is best for our children to take the test in the same environment that they are accustomed too learning, which is a school setting, which won’t have the distractions that they would experience at home.

Brian Duffy (Queens , 2023-05-02)


There is no reason for kids to have to take this test online. They are back in school full time and completely disengaged from online test taking at this point.

Terence Moriarty (Belle Harbor, 2023-05-02)


TACHS should be in person! Less issues to encounter and better for all of our students. Online does not make the test equal for all.

Vyta Longhitano (Sunnyside, 2023-05-02)


Children should take this exam in person. They should not have to worry about all of the background logistics that go into when taking at home. Not everyone has a quiet space at home!

Meghan Anderson (Rockaway Park, 2023-05-02)


This exam should be given in person

Zaneta Mondello (Belle harbor, 2023-05-02)


There is no reason whatsoever that the TACHS exam can’t be held in person. It absolutely 100% effects the children’s scores. It is not fair to them

Chrissy Mullin (Belle harboe, 2023-05-02)


Because enough is enough. If state testing, SATs, and all other tests can be done in person under a controlled environment why should children trying to do well on the TACHS exam not being given the same courtesy?

Ana Monteverdi (Bayside, 2023-05-02)


COVID is over. Get back to normal.

Mike Courtney (Queens, 2023-05-02)


We are done with the pandemic. There is no reason to make kids even more nervous by stressing them out with an online test. We need to get back to NORMAL.

Mariangela Allen (Belle harbor, 2023-05-02)


These tests should be administered in person.

Meghan Hayden (Belle Harbor , 2023-05-02)


Students struggle taking tests remotely.

Joann McIntyre (Breezy Point, 2023-05-02)


This test should absolutely be in person in a classroom environment and not electronically at the student house!

Susan Enright (Breezy Point, 2023-05-02)


Tests should be in person

Kristine Greene (Breezy Point , 2023-05-02)


Everyone should be able to take this test in a quiet safe and comfortable environment. I have heard of many problems with doing this online.

suellen foti (Belle Harbor , 2023-05-02)


I am a catholic school parent of a child going into 7th grade next year and friend of a lot of parents of incoming 8th graders.

Alex Rossi (Middle village , 2023-05-02)


They need to be in person to make it fair and equitable

Katie Reid (Breezy Point , 2023-05-02)


They should be given exam in person.

Catherine Johnskn (Rockaway park, 2023-05-02)


Kids are used to taking tests in person so for such an important test to be online is unfair to these children

Regina Erhard Carey (Belle Harbir, 2023-05-02)


Tachs test should be in person

Jeanne Marie Corvi (Belle Harbor , 2023-05-02)


I strongly agree with this petition

Regina Murphy (Belle harbor, 2023-05-02)


This is unfair and puts students at a disadvantage.

Marie Carvalhido (Breezy Point, 2023-05-02)


Test should be administered in person

Maria Mazzaferro (Belle Harbor, 2023-05-02)


I’m signing because the TACHS exam should be given in person. There is no reason for a virtual exam anymore.

Christina Tammaro (Rockaway Park, 2023-05-02)


I’m signing because our children have suffered enough. They need and deserve fully in person learning- especially when taking a test that determines their high school career.

Kristin Papadopoulos (Neponsit , 2023-05-02)


Testing should be in person to alleviate technical difficulties and for various other reasons!

Brynn Heegan (Belle Harbor , 2023-05-02)


I had a son take it at home and it is not an appropriate testing place. I have another son taking it in Nov and it is a disgrace that it is even still being considered that they take it at home.

Susan Buonanno (Queens, NY, 2023-05-02)


It’s time to get back to normal and have the kids take the tests in person!

MaryEllen DiGiulio (Staten Island, 2023-05-02)


This is an important test and should be held in person. There is too much that can go wrong while taking a test remotely and it is not fair and equitable.

Erin Amplo (Rockaway, 2023-05-02)


The undo stress of taking at home is too much.

Amy Mathis (Brooklyn, 2023-05-02)


The test needs to be given in person, there are too many distractions not in a school building and kids are more used to taking paper tests not electronic tests.

Katrina Visco (Rockaway park , 2023-05-02)


Tachs test should be administered in a school so all students have a fair chance at success. Parents are not exam proctors.

Lisa Hayden (Rockaway, 2023-05-02)


Enough is enough, all tests should be in person.
Kids do better on inperson exams.


Linda Lomanto (Breezy Point, 2023-05-02)


My son took in 2021...we experienced te hnucal difficulties and could not trouble shoot in the phone. He became frustrated and ultimately wasn't able to complete the test because it was glitching the entire time and he couldn't read. There is no reason for this to be done remotely at this time.

Sandra Vallario (Dix Hills, 2023-05-02)


I disagree with having children complete the exam in their house. The children need to take the exam in a school building to be able to perform their best.

Christina Arasin (Rockaway Point, 2023-05-02)


My son took the tachs test online in 2022. We had an awful experience. It locked him out of the test several times. We didn’t know if the work we had completed had saved or if we would have to start over. It was incredibly distracting and he lost momentum each time he got kicked off.

High stakes testing is a lot of pressure for a 13 year old.. Add computer complications and it becomes impossible. It was so hard for him to regain focus after being kicked offline so many times.

Maryellen Tolfree (Brooklyn, 2023-05-02)


They need the take the test in person

Siobhan Morris (Breezy point, 2023-05-02)


The TACHS exams are stressful enough, thus, students do not need the additional stress of online at home component. I have heard too many stories of students crying and stressed due to internet issues. Also, then to have the student continue a section the following weekend is RIDICULOUS!

Ann Coughlin (Belle Harbor, 2023-05-02)


I believe children should take the test in a school environment, this changed with Covid and should go back to in school testing.

Amber Ronayne (Rockaway Beach, 2023-05-02)


Students do better when the exam is in person.

Josephine Dato (Brooklyn , 2023-05-02)


I need my child to take this exam in a testing environment., not in his bedroom with distractions, and spotty wifi.
This is unacceptable at this point.

Michelle McDonald (Breezy point , 2023-05-02)


I want testing equity for all students.

Katie Smith (Breezy Point , 2023-05-02)


Children should be taking these tests in schools where they typically test and where the distractions from home are taken out of the equation.

Katie Green (Belle Harbor, 2023-05-02)


I want my child to take the tachs exam In person. Taking it at home last year gave my son major anxiety when the test froze. This is not good conditions for a student to take a test that is weighted so heavily. They should be in a stress free environment and at home is not stress free.

Marisa Kehley (Staten Island , 2023-05-02)


Testing at home should not be a thing any longer!

Kelli Tota (Staten Island, 2023-05-02)


It is time for students to be able to take this exam in person. It was very stressful having my son take this at home AND costly. We needed to buy a new laptop to support the program and a wire that hooked into the modem.

Danielle Dale (Forest Hills, 2023-05-02)


These kids need to be back in the classroom to take this test!!!!!

Jennifer Gugliucci (Staten Island , 2023-05-03)


In person testing is the best option

Donna Connelly (NYC, 2023-05-03)


Children need to be in a school environment while taking tests. Homeschooling does not work

Courtney DePascale (Staten Island , 2023-05-03)


My oldest took the tachs exam online-most likely costed her a scholarship. High 90’s average in school for years and when taking the exam virtually it kept glitching which caused her to loose critical time and have unanswered questions which were marked incorrect. I have another daughter taking this test next year. I do not wish for her to go through the same sad situation

Victoria Parubi (Yorktown Heights , 2023-05-03)


Because my son had poor wifi service and we were off server 3 times while taking this exam

Ela Miluso (Port Washington , 2023-05-03)


Taking this exam virtually was stressful.. the system glitched and my daughter was a nervous wreck last year when she took it , I don’t want the same for my son !

Lauren Sanders (Staten Island , 2023-05-03)


Tests should not be given remotely

Christine Lyons (Farmingdale , 2023-05-03)


All children should be able to take this test under the same controlled circumstances in school.

Marianne Aalbue (Brooklyn, 2023-05-03)


I realize that not every student has the ability to be in a distraction free environment at home while taking this important test. They deserve to have that situation in a controlled environment like a school.

Erin Mastronardi (Port Washington, 2023-05-03)


I believe the tachs test should be in person at a school.

penelope adams (Rockaway point, 2023-05-03)


The test should be in person.

Lisa Errigo (Staten Island , 2023-05-03)


I have yet to be given a good enough reason by the diocese as to why this is still being done. I think parents were more than accommodating during the pandemic. This an unnecessary stress to put on families and students. A home is be no means conducive testing environment.

Megan K (Rockaway , 2023-05-03)


My daughter deserves an equal opportunity environment when taking the tachs exam. Taking it at home causes extra stresses she wouldn’t have if she were taking it in a quiet classroom. This is where she is used to taking exams and most comfortable.

Danielle Kosmogiannis (Staten Island, 2023-05-03)


This test should be in person and there is no reason to continue remotely.

George Kosmogiannis (Staten Island, 2023-05-03)


This should be given in person

carolin penrose (Staten Island, 2023-05-03)


I am signing because this is ridiculous it is a thing.

Denise Murphy (Pearl River, 2023-05-03)


I believe it should be in person

Liz Shannon-Tortorella (East Rockaway , 2023-05-03)


There is absolutely no reason for the TACHS exam to be given remote. The children are stressed enough the day of this exam without the worry of lost wifi connection. Given in person learning and sports have resumed this test should be in person as well

Donna Yaroshyk (Staten Island, 2023-05-03)


Needs to be in person

Lynn Hansen Puca (Staten island, 2023-05-03)


This test should be taken in person. Anything lees at this point is unacceptable!

Jennifer Farber (Pleasant valley , 2023-05-03)


This test should be given in person not remotely.

Nicole Ruggiero (Staten Island, 2023-05-03)


I have administered numerous exams as teacher and assistant principal. Kids are taught to work Thru a test by annotating, underlining, chunking, showing their work etc. an online assessment creates an additional barrier to an already stressful situation.

Deirdre Connolly (Yonkers, 2023-05-03)


Please help get this test in person. Too much pressure on the kids as is!!!

Loretta Courtney (Rockaway Park, 2023-05-03)


The Tach exam should be given to children at school not in their homes on a computer.

Kristie O'Sullivan (rockaway park, 2023-05-03)


Remote testing is completely unnecessary

Elise Heeran (Rockaway Beach, 2023-05-03)


My son is taking the TACHS exam.

Kierwn O’Sullivan (Rockaway Park, 2023-05-03)


I’m signing this because it’s ridiculous that every other single test is being given in person. There is no reason this exam can’t be in person as well. Children should be able to go to their parish school or wherever they attend religious education and do the exam there. It was done that way for decades. We had to change it, out of necessity during COVID however that pandemic is over.

Athina Fascianella (Brooklyn , 2023-05-03)


Children need to be in the classroom. Deacon McCormick....shame on should know better.

Raymond Aalbue (Brooklyn, New York, 2023-05-04)


If the Diocese truly cares about the children they would want the children to be taking this in school. There is no reason for this to be remote. This adds additional stress to the child and the parent.

Jackie Montagna (Staten Island, 2023-05-04)


I believe it is important for students to be in a quiet space with no Wi-Fi issues.

Margaret McLoughlin (Rockaway Park , 2023-05-04)


The test should be in person. Remote testing adds so much stress to the test taker and family.

Katherine Allison (Belle Harbor , 2023-05-04)


This is for the children and it’s the right thing to do.

Wendy Quezada (Syosset, 2023-05-04)


I am signing this petition because our kids had enough in the past when they had to be remote learners!! If they have been in school in person. And I do see a reason not to take the TAChS exam in person!!

Marie Barakat (Staten Island, 2023-05-04)


I have a daughter who is taking the upcoming TACHS exam. Every test she has taken in the past 3 years since the pandemic have been in person. Why are we going backpedaling? Will the exams they take in high school be remote? No
Set our students up for success and give them the traditional atmosphere they’re used to.

Christie Spadaro (Brooklyn, 2023-05-04)


The world is open and children are in school so the test should be in school. Kids applying to college take the SAT and ACt at a school site, yet we want adolescents to take it in their house.

Genevieve Shaw (ROCKAWAY Park, 2023-05-04)


I’m signing because I do not agree with taking the tach test online.

Carina Amendolara (Brooklyn, 2023-05-04)


I do not believe it is fair to have students take such an important exam at home. Each home environment is different and this does not allow for equal opportunity to succeed. Both of my children attend catholic school and pay tuition. Parents should not have to proctor an exam.

Sheerin Oconnor (Rockaway park, 2023-05-04)


I am signing this petition because children should have a quiet not distracting place to perform their very best on this test.

Catherine Sewell (Farmingdale , 2023-05-04)


My son had technical difficulties in 2021 and it affected his score in the section. I find it absurd and downright disrespectful to these students that you have not made this back in person. Not everyone has a home environment suitable for this testing,

Sandra Colantuono (Brooklyn, 2023-05-04)


Children do better with in person testing where there are less distractions. Spotty WiFi service make children nervous and they cannot concentrate.

Victoria Iocolano (Rockaway park, 2023-05-04)


I have heard of multiple children having technical issues during the test and it hurt their grades significantly. I do not want this for my children. The test needs to be given where there is technical support available to help immediately.

Georgina Carnazza (Brooklyn , 2023-05-04)


Children need to be a classroom setting with other kids! It’s so much stress for the child and parents when they are taking it at home!

Steven Goldenberg (Nyc, 2023-05-04)


I’m concerned with the well-being of All children. Children should be in school, in a familiar setting, taking these exams with other kids. They should not be home, locked in a room by themselves for hours. There is a lot of stress on these children already ! Why are we making it worse.

Dino Ferraro (New york, 2023-05-04)


I believe kids learn more in a classroom. Enough we sheltering our Children from indoor learning facilities especially Schools. Kids need to be in School. No zoom the pandemic is over and zoom should be to.

Dawn Chiarantano (Rockaway Beach , 2023-05-04)


The test should be given in person.

Maryann Torre (Brooklyn , 2023-05-04)


I'm signing because I've experienced first hand the negative effects remote testing has on a person. I can not imagine with a student. Every student deserves to test in school.

Rosanna Candela (Brooklyn, 2023-05-05)


I care

Carol Prinzivalli (Brooklyn , 2023-05-05)


Kids need to be monitored and given the proper surroundings to focus on the test.

Rose Ruesing (Williston Park, 2023-05-05)


Do what’s right

Pasquale DeAngelis (Brooklyn, 2023-05-05)


Taking it remotely is not fair to any child. There are too many things that can go wrong. The children already feel enough pressure just taking the test. Taking it remotely at home adds so much more unnecessary stress to the children and their families.

Thomas Fascianella (Brooklyn, 2023-05-05)


My oldest son took the exam at home and it was stressful hearing about the different issues the children had the year before, we prayed we did not encounter any of those problems. It is an unnecessary stress on a child who is just trying to do well on their exam. I would like my youngest son to be able to take it in person when the time comes.

Kelly Ficorelli (Brooklyn, 2023-05-05)


I teach in the DOB and believe that in order to keep the full integrity of this test, it must be taken in person!

Kim Furfaro (Brick, 2023-05-05)


The TACTS test should be done in person. Children have been struggling. My son did remote 2 years ago and struggled. I don’t want the same for my daughter.

Benedetta Filogamo (Brooklyn, 2023-05-05)


After all the covid zooming we need in person testing

Joanne McKeefrey (Breezy Point, 2023-05-05)


Children have the right to take this test with paper and pencils in a controlled environment with responsible adults.

Tara Karalis (ROCKAWAY park, 2023-05-05)


It is important for students to be able to take their tests using paper and pencil. Using a computer makes the test more challenging.

Sabrina DiGiampietro (Brooklyn , 2023-05-05)


The accuracy of the results are more true when the test is completed in person. I am aware of many cheating situation that occurred in the remote setting. Parents tutors are sitting with kids while they test.

Shirlee Tremont (Brooklyn , 2023-05-06)


It should be given in person for all the reasons mentioned. Everyone’s test taking experience needs to be equal in our to have a fair representation of test scores.

Ann Marie Dillon (Yorktown Heights, 2023-05-06)


My daughter took the tachs last year and found it very difficult to concentrate and adjust to the online exam. Especially when they ONLY prepared in person. Now my son will take it in 2023 and he will have to take a very important exam in a manner he is not prepared for and given his character will make him anxious and cause an unnecessary stress. This sets them up for failure when they have worked so hard.

Kamini Naterpaul (Montrose , 2023-05-07)

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