Sony; Older tape cases back!

Sony has made some new crappy desing for the tape cases that are on sale at least here in Finland. The new shape sucks!!!
1. The shape is odd, and so the usual tape covers doesn't fit in the case, it is too small in way or another, and so the covers get crumpled and screwed up.
2. The cases get broken quite easily.
3. There is an odd line because of the new shape that shows up on the place of the tape's front cover while you put the tape cover art in the case.
4. As said before, the case in too small for the covers. When you put the covers and the tape in the case, it is hard to open. And with "good" luck by opening the case, the covers get ripped.
I could continue the list for quite a long time.

However, since there still exist a format called tape, let's keep it in the way it's used to be. No one is interested to do any new shapes for the covers now! Soon there will be no tapes anymore, everything will be on the internet any physical music will probably be quite rare.
I don't like downloading the music from internet, I do not like CD-r either that much. Tapes, Vinyls and real CDs are great, let's keep them as they are!

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