Stop unauthorised destruction of private property!

60-year-old heritage structures are being demolished in mere minutes without any intimation or legal papers. MTdC along with MCGM is conducting this unlawful act at our private property in Erangal beach, which is in Malad, Mumbai.WhatsApp_Image_2021-01-28_at_3.50_.56_PM_.jpeg


They are undoubtedly doing this with the help of Maharastra Police and certainly without any official orders. This is goon behaviour and unfit for the civil standards set in our society. Law and order need to protect citizens and not threaten them. 



I clearly asked for orders by the officials for this illegal demolition and they predictably dodged the question. Injustice needs to stop. This is our property and they clearly want to take over it. 




Today they have demolished our structure, tomorrow it will be yours. Please sign this petition so that we can take your voice and silence this injustice. Please help save our property. 

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