Stranded UAE Indians wants to return to their families and Jobs

Respected Honourable Minister,
This petition request for your kind intervention and help the stranded Indian Citizen with UAE Residents Visa. Many Indian national came from UAE to meet their families, mourn on death of immediate family members, medical treatment and for vacation leave of their kids. Due to travel restrictions imposed by UAE, many of them are suffering for various reasons as listed below:
1/ Their spouse and children are separated and living in UAE
2/ Employment is at stake from those who contribute to India via foreign currency and investments
3/ Due for renewal of their residency
4/ Due for renewal of their trade licenses
5/ Due for admission to schools and colleges for children travelled with their parents

Moreover, there is lot of ambiguity on date of lifting restrictions, confusion from different statement released by UAE and money is struck as tickets were booked and rebooked and fear of getting struck with uncertainty.
We request your good selves to help lakhs of people who are stranded today in various cities of India to return to their family in UAE, resume education, work, business. Thanking you in anticipation and good faith.

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