Support Freeflying during the Applegate open 2021 and onwards

For years Freeflying was a welcome part of the thriving Paragliding competition formerly known as the Ratrace.  People would come from all over the continent to just fly one or two days of an exciting few hours in the air of the busiest race in America.  Free flyers would have the ability to launch before the race starts in order to get ahead of the race gaggle. Freeflyers help race pilots out by being extra wind dummies on the course, and it is in the spirit of "free flying" that it becomes an inclusive community affair. Some people either don't have the time to race a full week or they can't afford the most expensive paragliding comp in the world.

This year 2021 the organizers of the race have decided to exclude freeflyers from the comp and ban people from launching until later in the afternoon. This decision was made without a vote from the local community nor the many years long pilots who have supported and helped build the brand that is the Applegate open with their years of attendence. 

This does not support community, this creates an exlusive atmostphere where only people who can afford to spend the money are allowed to fly. This alienates many pilots from around the continent who would have come just to fly for a day or two, and this will also keep those future comp pilots from wanting to take the step up to compete in the following years.

Please sign this petition to show your support for free flight in our competition.
Feel free to add your own comments and please pass this on to other pilots.

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