Support the KhoiSan Peoples at Union Building

They have walked for more than 1300km from Port Elizabeth to Pretoria after government has broken their promise to the KhoiSan People where they said they will come back to them after staying at the Union Building in 2017. Their demands are clear

1)They fighting for recognition of the KhoiSan People as First Nation of South Africa.

2) They fighting for the language of the KhoiSan People to be official.

3) They fighting for landsrights as Aboriginal Peoples

4) They fighting for the word coloured to be removed from government documents and to       referred to as Aboriginal People.

They have been at the Union Building from 30 November 2018 and are seeking for the president to come and see them. They have pledge to stay there until the president come. 

We need your help by signing the petition in support of them in order to get the attention of the president. Your support will be gratefully appreciated.