Surprising Facts About Hair Loss That You Should Know

Hair loss is a common condition in both men and women. In fact, according to the American Academy of Dermatology, a normal person can shed 50 to 100 strands per day and can increase up to 150 strands per day; unless you are one of the lucky ones, it is odd that you will ever experience thinning of hair and probably baldness in a long run. To learn more about hair, here are some surprising facts about hair loss that you should know.sdsadsaf.png

Fact 1: Loss of hair can happen to anyone

Both men and women of any age can experience hair loss; which means, anyone can become bald anytime. Although 85 percent of men are experiencing pattern baldness by the time they reach 35 years old that does not mean women have exemptions. In fact, according to a research done by the North American Hair Research Society, 50 percent of women may experience female pattern hair loss (FPHL) by the time they reach the age of 50. Additionally, older people are not the only target for hair loss. According to a recent study, 25 percent of men notice first signs of hair loss as early as 21 years old. Lastly, children can also experience this condition. In a recent statistics, almost 3 percent of the entire pediatric visits made each year are related to hair loss.

Fact 2: Baldness is caused by your mother's genes

According to a 2005 study done at the University of Bonn in Germany, they had confirmed that baldness genes came from the X chromosomes, which means your baldness comes from your mother's genes. However, the study had also concluded that baldness genes together with the other with maternal genes may skip from one generation to the other. So, if you have an uncle from your mother's side who is bald, there are bigger chances that you will not inherit the same fate that your uncle did. In addition to baldness, did you know that there is a baldness gene? Scientists from Glaxosmith Kline have discovered that there is a specific gene that causes baldness in men.

Fact 3: All hairs do not grow at the same time

In a study done at the University of Utah, all hairs do not grow at the same time, where there is 10 percent of your strand are probably on the resting phase, while some are growing, and the others are in shedding phase. However, that can be solved if you would use some effective hair regrowth shampoo.

Fact 4: Hair loss can be caused by your current emotional status

According to a recent study, there is one out of 4 women who are experiencing temporary hair shedding caused by stress. Also, women who are experiencing this condition are shedding 70 percent of their hair. There are other facts about hair loss that you should know, but one thing is another fact. NISIM shampoo can help you with your hair problems. All you need to do is shop the whole line at

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