Take The Mascot Patch on The UC Bearcats New Red Uniforms Off

As you may have seen the University of Cincinnati just revealed their New Red Series uniforms for this year. The design of the overall uniform is actually really spot on and they look great. I have only one issue with the new jerseys and that is the Cartoon Bearcat Mascot patch on the shoulders. Jerseys are supposed to be sharp and clean and make you look intimidating. This patch looks cheesy and just makes us look like we have the chucky cheese mascot on our shoulders. Simplicity is key when designing a uniform. I have seen many people with the same dislike for the patch of the mascot so that is why I am writing this petition to remove the patch and move the numbers of the player down to the shoulders in its place. If this change is made I feel like these jerseys will be the best jersey we have had in a really long time. Please join me in signing this petition to help persuade The University of Cincinnati and Under Armour to reconsider putting the Bearcat Mascot Patch on the jerseys.