The Effectiveness of Promotional Preloaded USBs

As an overview, USB, flash drive, or flash memory drive preloading is a process wherein files are directly loaded in USBs or flash drives before the products are even shipped or delivered to the customers or clients. Meaning, the USB devices already contain certain files before they are even distributed. Thus, the term preloaded flash drives. Data preloading of USBs are more popular to business owners. That is due to the fact that such is being used for promoting their products and/or services. Through such, the businesses are able to share their missions, visions, and goals to their potential clients without too much hassle.

















The good thing is that the preloaded data are usually non-erasable. Also, the whole memory capacity of the USB will not be used. Taking such into consideration, the receivers, who are the customers, can still use the device for them to store and transfer their own files. Thus, preloaded USBs are considered as very effective marketing tools. However, the device will be more effective if the business owners will ensure that they have strategically preloaded the USB. According to some experts, the most important thing that business owners should take note of is how the preloaded data can have an impact to the receiver or potential client. Marketing professionals who have learn more about such approach say that the best way for clients to remember the company is to amuse them. Meaning, they should load the USBs with data that are not too boring. They can create a Power Point presentation or a video about their business using funny but professional graphics.


Likewise, business owners should also make sure that the clients will not just be entertained and amused. They should also ensure that the videos and/or presentations preloaded can make the receiver remember the business' brand, product, or service. Promotional USB devices should also be preloaded with clear product images. Such is very important if businesses are launching a new or additional line of product. However, the images should not just be simply images. They should also contain short, detailed, and eye-catching descriptions or captions. The best way to incorporate images is to include them in a PDF presentation. The advantage of using a PDF is that it can run using free software. Thus, almost all receivers will be able to view it.


In addition to ensuring that the USB contains preloaded data that are effective and engaging, it will also be more effective if the USB itself is customized. Meaning, the USB used also has a very special design that will make the receiver remember the business name, product, and/or service. The good thing is that there already companies or developers specializing in customizing USBs. What they do is that they can design USBs that have colors, shapes, sizes, and memory capacities that meet the business owners' wants, needs, and goals. A recommended company or website that provides both USB customization and USB data preloading services is CF Gear. It is a company that has been established more than a decade ago in South Dakota, USA. For a better understanding, interested business owners can read more at

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