The Peoples Court against Political/Medical; Injustice/Coercion Natural Law does not require Political Order or Legislature we the people to take control.

Principals of Natural Law

Natural law is a philosophical theory that states that humans have certain rights, moral values, and responsibilities that are inherent in human nature. Natural law theory is based on the idea that natural laws are universal concepts and are not based on any culture or customs. It is a way society acts naturally and inherently as human beings.

  • Natural law is a philosophical theory.
  • It involves the idea that rights, values, responsibilities are inherent in human nature.
  • It doesn’t require political order or legislature. Natural law contrasts with positive law.

Natural law is not to be confused with positive law as it does not involve any kind of judicial decisions or legislative enactments.

Natural law highlights human behaviour involving ethical standards and ways of being inherent.

Natural law beholds that there are universal moral standards that are inherent in humankind throughout all time, and these standards should form the basis of a just society.

Natural law is a theory of ethics that says that human beings possess intrinsic values that govern our reasoning and behaviour.

Natural law is passed to humans via a divine presence, and this divine presence is discovered intime or instantly. Human beings are not taught natural law, but rather we discover it by consistently making choices for good instead of not good.

Parents and natural caregivers for a child is something that natural law theory would explain as natural law because it is inherent within human beings, and any human-made law would not be required for humans to feel as though they need to act as the caregiver of their child. 

Natural law affects businesses from an ethics standpoint, whereby they a firm should not defraud its customers or other stakeholders. For instance, the marketing of drugs should be made with full disclosure of potential harms and not be sold as ‘Kool aid.’

Natural law theorists believe that human laws are defined by morality, and not by an authority figure, like a king or a government. Therefore, we humans are guided by our human nature to figure out what the laws are, and to act in conformity with those laws.

Since natural law assumes universalising rules, it does not account for the fact that different people or different cultures may view the world differently. For instance, if people interpret differently what it means for something to be fair or just, the results will differ.

Principals of Positive Law

Positive law involves human-made law that incorporates rules that can be applied to specific actions at certain times or places.

Positive law is enacted and adopted for the appropriate government of society, to protect the rights of individuals, to resolve disputes, and to maintain order and safety of society overall.

Laws have a purpose too: to provide justice. From a natural law perspective, a law that doesn't provide justice (an unjust law) is considered 'not a law at all.' Therefore, a law that is flawed is one that no one should follow. In short, any law that is good is moral, and any moral law is good.

Legal positivism is a legal theory that is the opposite of the natural law theory. Legal positivists believe that a law can be deeply flawed, and yet still be considered a law.

The fundamental issue in Positive Law Human-made law require those making laws to be divinely subjective in the willingness to involve the Natural law as an inherent substantiative theory in the laws it proclaims. The majority of laws instigated are incorporated to serve the Positive law and are subjective to Consciousness Law.

Consciousness Law

The principle of the universal laws involves an energetic field of which is within the human body. This energetic field is interconnected to an infinite collective intelligence, some call God or Consciousness.

The Law of Divine Oneness is the foundational law, our universe is interconnected, and every choice, word, desire, and belief you have will also have an impact on the world, and on the people in your life. We are all one, and awareness of this makes us more powerful as well as more empathetic. The more general lesson here is that being positive, proactive, and loving attracts more of the same into your life. Meanwhile, pessimism, fear, and lethargy will lead you to generate more negative experiences in all aspects of life.

By working to live more positively even just today, you're already using the Law of Attraction to create a better existence for yourself.

Law of Vibration, every particle in the universe is in constant movement and constantly carries energy.

The Law of Cause and Effect One of the most straightforward laws of the universe, the Law of Cause and Effect tells us that all actions have a corresponding reaction, causing positive or negative reactions. Similarly, your physical environment can impact your spirituality, whether for good or for ill.


The natural law approach to solving ethical dilemmas begins with the basic belief that everyone has the right to live their life. From there, natural law theorists draw a line between an innocent life and the life of an 'unjust aggressor.'

The natural law theory recognizes the legal and moral concept of self-defence, which is often used to justify acts of war.

The idea that the definition of what is 'right' and what is 'wrong' is the same for 'every person' is sometimes difficult to apply to complex ethical dilemmas.

The term 'natural law' is derived from the belief that human morality comes from nature. Everything in nature has a purpose, including humans. Our purpose, according to natural law theorists, is to live a good, happy life. Therefore, actions that work against that purpose, that is, actions that would prevent a fellow human from living a good, happy life, are considered 'unnatural', or 'immoral'.

The concept of morality under the natural law theory is not subjective. This means that the definition of what is 'right' and what is 'wrong' is the same for everyone, everywhere.

Natural Law in Philosophy, Spiritual Consciousness and Religion

  • Aristotle (384–322 BCE) is considered by many to be the father of natural law—argued that what is “just by nature” is not always the same as what is “just by law.” Aristotle believed that there is a natural justice that is valid everywhere with the same force; that this natural justice is positive and does not exist by "people thinking this or that."
  • For St. Thomas Aquinas (1224/25–1274 CE), natural law and religion were inextricably connected. He believed that natural law "participates" in the divine "eternal" law. Aquinas thought eternal law to be that rational plan by which all creation is ordered, and natural law is the way that human beings participate in the eternal law. He further posited that the fundamental principle of natural law is that we should do good and avoid evil. 
  • The author C.S. Lewis (1898–1963) explained it this way: “According to the religious view, what is behind the universe is more like a mind than anything else we know… it is conscious and has purposes and prefers one thing to another. There is a 'something' which is directing the universe, and which appears to me as a law urging me to do right.” (Mere Christianity, pg. 16–33)


Nobody has the fundamental right to enact harm or injury onto or upon another Consciousness/God human being.

Nobody has the right to enact themselves as Consciousness/God and decree themselves over another Consciousness/God.

The Consciousness/God within is the forecaster of such justice.

Persons who relinquish ownership of Consciousness/God will in effect commit harm on oneself or another.

The Positive law judicial system has failed.

Natural Law system should be implemented, and the public become the judicial hearing under the Natural Laws, the people are the Natural Law and the Consciousness/God Law.

Religion is Positive Law and under the guise Natural Law.

Governments – Religion – Constitutions – Institutions - Judges - are laws enacted by Positive Law. Principally are not for health, wellness and the good for all, but only to suit their principals to control the Consciousness/God Natural Law and be subservient to those laws.

It is time we declare the Positive Law makers null and void and replace the court system with a peoples Natural Law system. These can be incorporated with Lawyers who work under Natural law and understand Natural Law, and there are many legal teams ready for change.  If you want to see change to this Positive Law system and replace it with the Natural Law system, please sign the petition.

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