The Players of Double Down Casino

We the players of Double Down Casino are signing a petition against your neglect and ignorance in fixing the technical issues and missing coins we are all experiencing .Each of us will send in two or four screen shots of the issues in complaint to receive this compensation .These are the conditions we are asking for before we delete your game.

(1) Reimbursements of 10 million per person for the grievance to the years of technical problems.
(2) We all agree that you get rid of the three spins per day and give us at least 20 spins a day or all the request that were given. NO RESTRICTIONS
(3) Nothing less than 100k a spin on the daily wheel. At least we have a chance to play .
(4) On the friend request wheel also nothing under 50k.
(5) You must fix the leveling up and coins for entering to win.
(6) You are to get rid of the entire fake site that posses as your site that give face book uses a virus and hackers.