The signatures on this petition are to show public support for Nine Locks Brewing and reject the notion that their beer name "Dirty Blonde" is sexist, misogynistic or problematic.

We ask that you sign this petition to show support for Nine Locks Brewing and to reject the claim that their Dirty Blonde beer name and marketing campaign is misogynistic and/or problematic in any way.

By signing this petition you are saying that the product name and innuendo presented in their Dirty Blonde marketing campaign is harmless humor that does not influence or promote misogynistic behaviors.

We also believe that the recent petition presented to the Craft Brewers Association of Nova Scotia (CBANS) is a clear conflict of interest issued by industry competitors with the malicious intent of slandering the brand and reputation of Nine Locks Brewing in an attempt to decrease their market share and brand visibility for their own gain.

We believe the recent petition that has been presented to CBANS is disingenuous as it was presented solely by industry competitors under the guise of public outrage. The purpose of this petition is to give a true representation of the public perception of the Brand, beer name,a marketing campaign as nothing more than tongue in cheek humor.


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