To get Hypnotherapy services rebated by medicare

Hypnotherapy is a powerful alternative modality that enables people to make transformations in their lives. It can help people to quit smoking, alcohol, gambling and drugs, release anxiety, change unhealthy habits, lose weight, eliminate phobias, to mention just a few.

There are so many positive benefits to having a hypnotherapy session which will save the government money in the long run due to fewer sick days, fewer medications taken, fewer side effects from the medications, fewer hospital admissions and a healthier population.

Research and long-term studies indicate that up to two thirds of Australians use some form of complementary and alternative therapies. These utilisation levels are both significant and consistent and are further substantiation as to why Hypnotherapy should be rebated by Medicare.

Please sign this petition to show your support for the concept of Hypnotherapy being rebated by Medicare so that we can continue to change lives one session at a time.

Thanks for your help in getting this off the ground.

Much appreciated

Marcelle Maisel-Master Hypnotherapist