To remove the mask mandate at Mack Trucks due do evidence of ineffectiveness and other health risks.

Masks packaging indicates that it does not provide the ability to prevent coronavirus. This should be enough for everyone to take pause and think. But there is a lot more.

14 CDC funded studies show no substantial difference in mask effectiveness.

Assuming masks are effective is unreasonable. “Evidence that masking as a source [of] control results in any material reduction in transmission was scant, anecdotal, and, in the overall, lacking… [and mandatory masking] is the exact opposite of being reasonable."

Masks are unsanitary. 50% decrease [in bacterial infection] has been reported after omitting face masks.” Based on this information, we are better off omitting face masks.

Masks offer no protection. 17 eligible studies were unable to conclude that masks were effective.

“Masks don’t work.” From a scientifically researched medical perspective, there is no proven effectiveness of masks."

Masks cause cavities.

Prolonged mask use forces children into “mouth breathing” which can lead to causing facial deformities.

Masks cause acne, dubbed “Maskne”

Masks increase risk of Covid through self contamination. This should be of extra concern regarding children, who are less fastidious about keeping a mask clean, out of their pockets and off the ground.

Masks increase the risk of acquiring bacterial pneumonia, which is far deadlier than SARS COV 2.

Masks promote mass hypochondriac hysteria and germophobia. Being made to feel there is a constant state of fear is psychologically and physically harmful, as psychological effects harm the immune system. Hypochondriacs are also impossible to reason with and refuse to look at evidence, as they are suffering from a delusion.

Masks are toxic and polluting.

Forcing people to wear masks is manipulative behavior and manipulative behavior should be resisted. Fear Mongering is a known propaganda tool.

Masks protect bad guys. By forcing everyone to wear a mask, criminals will always be able to find a quick escape if society has forced everyone to wear a mask. Mandatory masks make identifying criminals more difficult.

Masks rob us of our own identity and the identity of our friends and fellow citizens. Everyone is a stranger, now. Social lives are an integral part of child development and facial expressions are a fundamental part of human interaction. It is inherently irresponsible to make it so that children only see the facial expressions of people on their screens and not in real life.

Allowing pseudoscience to dictate policy on human behavior is an invitation to Totalitarianism. “If you look at the history of totalitarian regimes… they all do the same thing, which is they try to crush culture, and crush any evidence of self-expression…” explains Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

Forcing people to wear masks is political virtue signaling and a suppression of personal expression, personal identity and individual speech. “Masks are utterly useless,” testified Dr. Roger Hodkinson, a pathologist, certified with the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada, at a city council meeting. “…masks are simply virtue-signalling… It’s utterly ridiculous seeing these unfortunate, uneducated people — I’m not saying that in a pejorative sense — walking around like lemmings, obeying without any knowledge base, to put the mask on their face."

Antibody Tests look for the CR3022 protein, which the body produces to fight off all coronaviruses, not just SARS COV 2.

Antigen tests look for the S Spike protein, which all human affecting coronaviruses have.

PCR tests, on their packaging, specifically state that there are contraindications with other coronavirus strains because they only look at the first open reading frame of the genome sequence, which is common among all human affecting coronaviruses.

Testing numbers are not accurate because they cannot differentiate between any of the human affecting coronaviruses. These falsely reported numbers are the basis of forcing people to wear a mask.

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