To support the funding from the Mauritian Government to build a tunnel underneath the racecourse for vehicle and removing the crossing at the 500m mark avoiding danger.

As with all riders that have ridden on the racecourse in Mauritius, the crossing at the 500m mark has always been dangerous and an accident waiting to happen. Horses can see it oncoming and because of its width they size it up to attempt to leap over it therefore creating an extremely dangerous situation as we saw recently with the tragic event that occurred with Noreesh Jugllal. The crossing is their for vehicles to get access to the middle of the track so to prevent further incidents, building an underground tunnel to gain access to the middle of the track would be the safest and most logical option therefore removing that crossing altogether. As a collective group whom all understand the dangers of this crossing in races we urge the support from the Mauritian Government to fund the Turf Club to enable this to happen and prevent any further incidents and lives of riders or horses being taken. Please take this seriously for the betterment of racing on the island and for the racing community to feel safer. 

Yours Sincerely. 

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