Dear RGK/RKV 301 Students 

This letter is being written to bring attention to the unfairness of the format & assessment technique of the RGK 301 & RKV 301 exam on the 7th June 2018. 

Many students agree that the exam has cut us short of an opportunity to demonstrate the classes ability to successfully complete this module. Due to the fact that the standard of the exam was completely different to assignments, review questions & revision questions provided to prepare us for tests & exams. When comparing the RGK 301 & RKV 301 exams to past June examination question papers it is clearly evident that the standards are not equivalent.

It is acceptable to expect that the class was entitled to a fair chance at passing the examination, which was not the case as we were not sufficiently prepared to answer a examination at that level of testing . It should be taken into consideration that change cannot occur over one semester but should be implemented gradually.

It was difficult to understand what was being asked in the examination & requirements were rather unclear. The amount of time that was given to extract the needed information to answer the required was not enough & many students were left puzzled by the questions & unable to extract exactly what they had to do. Students believe that very few principles presented to us were examined. It was also very difficult to extract information with out being confused as to whether it was relevant or not.

We are requesting that a sufficient & appropriate mark adjustment be granted to all students, as many students would have to travel home/have made arrangements to go on holiday and would not be able to write the exam during the recess/re-exam period. This should be coupled with the option of allowing any student who is still unsatisfied with their marks after the adjustment to write a re-exam without their final mark being affected by the exam already written on the 7 June 2018, and without their re-exam being capped at 50% (I.E writing the re-exam and allowing it to count 67% towards our final mark as the original exam would have, thus disregarding the original exam entirely). We also ask that the new exam be set at an acceptable standard in comparison to prior years. Finally, it is further requested that the relevant parties also consider a solution for RGK 301 students who would need to write the conversion exam in order to move up to the R stream.

Thank-you for your attention to this matter.

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