Urgent: Speedbumps required in Dakota Street, Verster Street, Alberton and Aberdeen Street

Screenshot_20220511-161012_Maps.jpgThere is a critical requirement for speedbumps in Dakota Street as motorists are not keeping to the speed limit, endagering the lives of residents, their children, pets as well as pedestrians. Dakota Street used to be a quiet, residential street but nowadays people are speeding up and down the road on their way to or from the school.

Pets have been hit by cars, residents have difficulty getting out of their driveways and pedestrians often have to quickly get out of the way of speeding vehicles- we therefore urge the city to assist with the addition of at least 2 or 3 speedbumps in Dakota Street.

Dakota turns into Verster Street and crosses with Aberdeen Street. Speeding is also a big problem in these 2 streets and we therefore request for speedbumps here as well (and in Alberton street). These streets surround the primary school, and speedbumps would further assist in providing safety for the children.

Speeding and traffic has really become a big problem in these roads and we therefore wish to petition Tshwane Roads Dept to assist with the addition of these speedbumps.

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