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Shepherd Park Plaza driveway parking restoration

For over 50 years Shepherd Park Plaza residents have not encountered any problems parking in their own driveways which are on a side street for corner lot homes.  However, recently the city is ticketing all vehicles in these driveways claiming the vehicles are over the sidewalks. How can this be suddenly an issue? How can this be an issue especially in light of the fact the city approved the plans for this neighborhood over 50 years ago and during the past half century not given out tickets to r

Created: 2021-08-29 Statistics

Join the Heartland Confederation of America

America as we know it is broken.  It is time for the Heartland to secede and return to the America we love.  Liberal lunacy has destroyed this amazing country, its time for the "Home of the Brave" to come together as the Heartland Confederation, a union of free states.   

Created: 2021-06-03 Statistics

Make the neighborhood safe again

We all agree that Wilcox is a danger to our neighborhood and society. He needs to have authoritative actions to be placed where he can be monitored and secured away from society. We need to come together as a community and make this neighborhood safe again. Wilcox needs to be seen as the hazardous person he is. We need to be comfortable as Parents Grandparent Aunts and Uncles to allow our children to play outside without the worry of Wilcox causing problems. My children have listened to him nume

Created: 2021-11-24 Statistics

To oppose the contamination of our waterways.

A newly formed group called the Eleven-Seventeen Watershed Association is challenging a proposed limestone and sandstone quarry near Mountain View Missouri. The mine property is located on the Eleven Point River near where it crosses Hwy. 17, several miles south of town.  It is well known by locals that ponds in this area rarely hold water. Our concern is that mine wastewater might easily escape from a retention pit or pond then flow underground, and potentially contaminate waterways in the area

Created: 2021-11-19 Statistics

Com2uS should credit banned users with items we cannot collect...

We, the following teams who Com2uS has effectively banned from using 9 Innings for a duration we have told will be at least seven days, request that they credit us with any and all items and progress during this period relating to: missed daily check-ins; offseason event turns; miscellaneous daily, periodic, or special one-time distributions to users We believe that despite claims by Com2uS that this ban is not punitive, we are effectively being punished for their mistakes. The above-mentioned r

Created: 2021-11-12 Statistics

Re-sign Freddie Freeman

Freddie Freeman is a class act and a true ATLANTA BRAVE.  He is a leader on and off the field.  He has the respect of not only his own teamates but, the entire MLB.   He is like having a extra coach on the field and in the clubhouse.   There is no better person you can have help lead an orginization.  

Created: 2021-11-06 Statistics

BMTA Petition to Remove Council Member

This petition pertains to the Bethany Marina Townhouse Association of Owners, hereto referred as "Community", the board of directors known as the Council, hereto referred as "Council". Whereas, Council has initiated and approved projects subject to Community approval prior to obtaining said approval (latest being Phase II trash area paving project and then the stone project before that); Council has not held official meetings and publish official minutes of said meeting made available to Communi

Created: 2021-11-05 Statistics

Increasing Building Safety with Smoke Control Systems: House bill 2701 Amendments

What is House bill 2701? House Bill 2701, now enacted in Washington State as law, was created to raise awareness about the dangers to occupants of buildings with poorly maintained smoke control systems including fire/smoke dampers. The bill attempted to address the industry concerns with lack of qualified contractor requirements and lack of clear uniformity to guide for enforcement. It contains difficult to enforce and unnecessarily restrictive provisions and requirements that negatively impac

Created: 2021-11-05 Statistics

Petition Against Rezoning Wetsel Property

Petition Against Proposed Zoning Change in Rio District Community:  Dunlora                                Date:  11/05/21 To DENY Proposed Zoning Change to Parcel ID IDs 06100-00-00-16700 & 06100-00-00-167C0 (Former Wetsel Farm Property) Note: Please do NOT sign this petition unless you are a Dunlora resident! Only your name and address will appear on the petition.

Created: 2021-11-05 Statistics

Make Ken Caryl Ranch North Plains Filing No. 1 a Cohesive Development with All Surrounding Communities

This petition is regarding the development of the Ken Caryl Ranch North Plains bowl area and land north of Mountain Gate III (MGIII) condominium complex. Specifically, this is referring to the proposed development known as: ·       Jefferson County Planning and Zoning Case Name “Ken Caryl Ranch North Plains Filing No 1” ·       Case Number 21-121001PF As residents of the affected area, we have concerns about the negative impact this new development will have on our area. We believe the density o

Created: 2021-10-28 Statistics