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The removal of Seth Sumner as Athens TN City Manager

This petition is to show the Athens City Council that the citizens of Athens demand the removal of Seth Sumner as City manager for the following reasons. 1) Stopping the investigation into city owned cameras that he himself had posession of before they disappeared. (Theft) 2) Firing our beloved Police Chief Couch without cause and without speaking with the City Council in attempt to obfuscate his theft investigation. (Corruption) 3) Using his position as City Manager to make a charge of attempti

Created: 2021-10-28 Statistics

New Principal for The St. Elmo junior High, High school in Illinois

I'm Starting this petition because The principal has failed to support and help my child threw things that happened at the school.  Ex) A student found a sucide note in a locker at school and the principal failed to mention it to the parents, The parents were notified of it from a sucide consuler. Ex) Bullying was reported to the high school 3 days after incident (happend on a friday at the school and was called in Monday morning), Nothing was done and the bullying continued to happen. Ex) Paren

Created: 2021-10-25 Statistics

Families Desiring Their Loved Ones Delivered From Mass Incarceration; Georgia Sentencing Reform Act.

It's time Georgia, to help bring our loved ones back home.                                                                                   Facts: The incarceration rates in every state are out of line with the entire world, and we find that this disparity is not explainable by differences in crime , or violent crime.   The U.S. has been engaged in a globally unprecedented experiment to make every part of it's criminal justice system more expansive and more punitive.  It's time Georgia, to repe

Created: 2021-10-24 Statistics

Stand up against mandatory vaccination

The government and others in power CANNOT force a vaccination on you that is in its trial faze.  You CANNOT lose your job and CANNOT be left out of festivals and shopping centres if you haven't had a vaccination.  The government are bullying everyone into this vaccination that has proven fatal and the fact with it you can still catch and pass covid 19 onto others. Absolute joke. Stand up. Do not take this bullying and pressure. Please sign this petition so we have enough people to start a class

Created: 2021-10-22 Statistics

Petition to change FW day from Sunday to Friday or Saturday, which can be voted on.

If this is changed Rebellion can become more active competitively and else where. It's because FW is on Sunday's that a majority of us can't attend because of work, school for some, and generally just busy schedules. Please please please consider Konati, this would bring some life back to DR ♥.   To sign it may require city and country, you're welcome to leave those blank or with random characters. Please sign to show Konati the change this could bring!

Created: 2021-10-19 Statistics

Lottery for non-residents

  We want a lottery system to be put in place for non-residents to hunt sika deer and waterfowl on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. In this lottery system a non-resident would have to purchase entries in hopes to draw a tag. The number of tags available should be the absolute minimum required to maintain healthy populations of the wildlife discussed. Also, another point to be considered when determining the amount of non-resident tags is overcrowding. Overcrowded hunting locations cause destructio

Created: 2021-10-18 Statistics

Call for a Referendum by the Citizens of South Africa

A petition by South Africans to call for a Referendum to reclaim our Independence and put a stop to Unconstitutional Vaccine Mandates and Medical discrimination against the citizens. We request our Government to test vaccine mandates against our Constitution before allowing Corporations and Entities to enforce it on the population. The majority of South Africans have not accepted the vaccines as sole solution to Covid-19 as per our constitutional rights and based on the fact that the vaccines ha

Created: 2021-10-18 Statistics


Hello Family,  I have started a petition to get Leonard Peltier, out of prison ASAP. Leonard Peltier was wrongfully convicted,  and is proof once again how disgraceful our government can be. I have spent time looking over Leonard Peltier's case file, and there is no evidence proving he should have been convicted.   He has been in prison for 29 years,  for something he NEVER DID.  I have been guided to him Leonard  Peltier,  to help release him for something he never did in the first place. With

Created: 2021-10-13 Statistics

Do not Rezone Berkeley and Timberland Schools

This petition is being created to gather support against rezoning Berkeley and Timberland schools. Students shouldn't be forced to change from the school system which they are established.  Parents and students shouldn't be forced to change their ways of life due to the lack of planning to accomodate residential development in the area. The study that was performed researched ways to relieve the schools being overpopulated, but no studies were done to research how this would affect our community

Created: 2021-10-13 Statistics

Forensic Audit of the 2020 election with a focus on rank choice voting

Stolen identities which happened twice in Alaska in the last year through the division of elections and the division of health and human services will predictably result in stolen elections  All across the country starting with Arizona forensic audits are resulting in reversing the initial results of elections  Audits are not the same thing as forensic audits The Lt Governor of Alaska was advised and warned to avoid purchasing Dominion machines by multiple informed Alaskans,  Kevin Myer ignored

Created: 2021-10-11 Statistics