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Increasing Building Safety with Smoke Control Systems: House bill 2701 Amendments

What is House bill 2701? House Bill 2701, now enacted in Washington State as law, was created to raise awareness about the dangers to occupants of buildings with poorly maintained smoke control systems including fire/smoke dampers. The bill attempted to address the industry concerns with lack of qualified contractor requirements and lack of clear uniformity to guide for enforcement. It contains difficult to enforce and unnecessarily restrictive provisions and requirements that negatively impac

Created: 2021-11-05 Statistics

We seek ways to assure the continuation of the imperiled Summer Institute of Contemporary Performance Practice (SICPP)

To Andrea Kalyn, President, NEC: We – the undersigned – have recently heard about the New England Conservatory’s decision to withdraw support from the essential Summer Institute of Contemporary Performance Practice (SICPP). This decision strikes us as most unfortunate for this moment in time, for your esteemed institution, for Boston and its environs. Indeed, it would bring about a devastating loss for the global and inclusive community of new music makers of all kinds.  SICPP has been the place

Created: 2021-11-05 Statistics

Teachers! Please protect children by opposing the introduction of masks in primary schools.

In an e-newsletter circulated to INTO members on 19/10/21, the top article claimed that "The INTO is calling for..." the upscaling of a number of public-health measures, including: "An urgent review of the age restriction on the use of face coverings" and "The commencement of the school's pilot scheme for antigen testing, recommended in April 2021." We are a group of teachers who believe that the above claim is untrue and that it was made without any meaningful consultation of INTO members who p

Created: 2021-11-04 Statistics

Keep Chloe Safe

In a little over 2 weeks the same man who did all this could possibly get his rights and visitation to this sweet innocent girl . The same man who hasn't even asked or tried to see this child since July 1, 2018... How is this even possible  ??? I just don't know 😥 Pray for our family and pray that we can keep Chloe safe . No father would do this ! & If he were innocent he would of attempted to come see her in the hospital or tried to convince me he didn't do this abuse. If you agree that Chl

Created: 2021-10-29 Statistics

The removal of Seth Sumner as Athens TN City Manager

This petition is to show the Athens City Council that the citizens of Athens demand the removal of Seth Sumner as City manager for the following reasons. 1) Stopping the investigation into city owned cameras that he himself had posession of before they disappeared. (Theft) 2) Firing our beloved Police Chief Couch without cause and without speaking with the City Council in attempt to obfuscate his theft investigation. (Corruption) 3) Using his position as City Manager to make a charge of attempti

Created: 2021-10-28 Statistics

Rename Old Chapel (UMass) after Edwin D. Driver

Edwin D. Driver was the first African American on the faculty of UMass Amherst in 1948. His office was in the basement of Old Chapel and he couldn't get an apartment in Amherst to live because of his race. He was not universally welcomed and endured discrimination, racial injustice, humiliation and hurt. We want to acknowledge him by renaming Old Chapel, or another building on campus, after him. 

Created: 2021-10-15 Statistics

Release of the album "Cheddar for the Soul" by Gordon

We "demand" is too much....we would like to kindly ask Micah & Gordon to finally release the album "Cheddar for the Soul" We would also not complain if said album would include another song like Cheddar Weather except this time it includes the whole (main) cast of Dake and Tyke. Thank you kindly.

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Hello Family,  I have started a petition to get Leonard Peltier, out of prison ASAP. Leonard Peltier was wrongfully convicted,  and is proof once again how disgraceful our government can be. I have spent time looking over Leonard Peltier's case file, and there is no evidence proving he should have been convicted.   He has been in prison for 29 years,  for something he NEVER DID.  I have been guided to him Leonard  Peltier,  to help release him for something he never did in the first place. With

Created: 2021-10-13 Statistics

Petition to End the LCA Lawsuit

We undersigned Leilani Community Association (LCA) members respectfully request that the LCA Board of Directors (BoD) immediately end the lawsuit against six former board members.Some BoD members have taken their once-private lawsuit [1] and handed their plaintiff responsibilities to our entire LCA membership [2-4]. The BoD made this decision in April of 2021 [5 (see pages 4-5)] without community knowledge or consent, and it remained unannounced until the President's Report on August 22 [6]. Th

Created: 2021-10-04 Statistics

Petition Against Mandatory Vaccinations At Stellenbosch University

Stellenbosch University Council, We stand against Stellenbosch University Council's decision to create new university regulations, to make COVID-19 vaccinations mandatory. Signing this petition does not mean that we are anti-vaccine, It means that we believe that people should make their own decisions regarding medical procedures. Hence follows reasons for and against taking the vaccine, as well as constitutional arguments against a mandate from a government institution. Whether people choose to

Created: 2021-10-02 Statistics