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Natural Immunity Petition

This is a Petition for a Covid 19 NATURAL IMMUNITY Card that is being constructed For the people By the people of the United States of America. Our petition is based on SCIENCE and the fact that there is a huge populous of people in the US who have previously been in contact with the Covid 19  Virus, (or who had symptoms of the Covid 19 Virus) and they are presently carrying the Covid 19 Antibodies and therefore are NOT a threat to anyone in any public or private atmosphere in regards to transmi

Created: 2021-09-29 Statistics

SGCS for Optional Masks: Masks should be a parent choice, not a school choice

Members of the Saint Gabriel School Community request for Saint Gabriel School to implement a "mask optional" policy for the 2021-2022 school year.  The choice to mask children is a personal medical decision that should be made by parents, not school administrators. This optional masking allows those who wish to mask their children the freedom to do so and permits those who desire for their children to attend without masks to do the same.  We do not wish to develop a “no mask” policy and support

Created: 2021-08-25 Statistics

Fire Coach Lowe

We have not had a winning season since 2017-2018. We have had the same plays for over 5 years and we need a change.

Created: 2022-01-22 Statistics

Keep Booster Clubs for Botetourt sports. No Botetourt Rec Department “take over”

Parent, grandparents, guardians, coaches, and players can sign this to state that we want: 1. To keep Botetourt booster clubs and not allow for Botetourt County Parks and Recreation to "take over". We want a voice! We do not want one person in control of decisions for sports. We want a board of parents representing our Booster clubs that allow for a vote. 2. Allow kids and coaches to pick team names. Kids love to have input. Don't take this from them. 3. Allow kids to pick their numbers for thei

Created: 2021-08-06 Statistics

Ask the STCA to adhere to their own by laws

We are petitioning the STCA to start the steps necessary to right the numberous wrongs with the 2021 election. By signing this petition, you are agreeing that the STCA has broken several by laws and are asking them to call a special meeting where members can raise a point of order regarding the issues with the election. Should the points of order not be well taken, the membership can then appeal the decision and decide if the election was made in accordance to the by laws.  We know the positions

Created: 2021-10-07 Statistics

Cannabis dispensary

This is a petition to show the town board of Ticonderoga NY,  that there is an interest in haveing a recreational dispensary in town once the state allows licensing. At the moment they feel there is no interest and are debating passing a law to block legal cannabis sales in town. October 14th is the date they set to hear our opinions.  

Created: 2021-09-24 Statistics

Eliminate Acreage Requirement for Chickens in City of Grand Island

This is an informal petition to consider revising Grand Island's city code 5-18 regarding backyard chickens. As it stands, a person must have at least 1 full acre of property in order to possess a maximum of 4 chickens with no roosters. The requested revision would eliminate the 1-acre requirment. This petition will simply bring up the matter for consideration by the animal advisory board. Petitions will be turned in prior to Sept 1, 2021. 

Created: 2021-08-24 Statistics

For David Ring to curve scores

Hi everyone. This is a petition to show the Dean and physics department the desires and struggles of David Ring's physics 110s students. The goal of this petition is to get David Ring to curve all previous scores, and future scores of this class, in order to bring students back to passing. When one student gets below average, it's an indication of poor study habits. When the CLASS AVERAGE is usually a 50% , there's a flaw in teaching. When there's flaws in teaching, students shouldn't have to su

Created: 2021-10-14 Statistics

Starting a Smash local in BG

Getting a petition together to show potential venues how many people are interested in getting this started.

Created: 2021-09-15 Statistics

Justice for Paiden

I'm making this petition because justice needs to be served Paiden was a 16 year old girl who did not need to pass in such a harsh way an nothing is being done about her death so please help me spread awareness for Paiden Elaine Burton #LLP

Created: 2022-01-18 Statistics